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  1. LastRambo341

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    One can easily plug an Xbox One controller (wired or wireless)
  2. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Well, nothing wrong with being an a**hole :D and I take good care of my technology I know I am :P It is silly that the entire topic has been devoted to me instead of the subject at hand No, it is defined as quitting a game (single player or multiplayer) due to frustration. We all feel that, but it gets hypocritical when people criticise others of doing so
  3. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    I would not hesitate to do it again and again :)
  4. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Weakness? It is just videogames That is incredibly dumb. Not all playthroughs are the same or have the same fate. People quit due to frustration or lack of interest
  5. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Alright, what about games other than Persona 3? Or online multiplayer sessions?
  6. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Videogames is serious business, folks
  7. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    He said it from the very beginning so you cannot complain. Also who on Earth would be "offended"? "Waaah! You offended me becuase you got angry at my favourite game :( waaa!" Haha So before I gave you a money, you told me that you cannot guarantee finishing it, but I still complain XD that shows that you have purchasing problems. Yes it is his career but being irritated over such mundane little things shows how they cannot be taken seriously. What is next? Phil is not allowed to wear a grey T-shirt becuase some may feel offended by it? Well you are either lying or are just hardcore apologist
  8. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    It is just a videogame Even though Phil did not guarantee it to be a full playthrough from the very beginning?
  9. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    People have been using this critism against many people, but I see nothing wrong with it. Discuss.
  10. LastRambo341

    DSP and depression

    Why are you lot speaking about such private matters? XD
  11. LastRambo341

    Google Gaming Console / Nintendo Slapfight

    Mario Odyssey is a system seller
  12. LastRambo341

    Google Gaming Console / Nintendo Slapfight

    This person is triggering everyone XD you should not fall into his traps
  13. LastRambo341

    E3 2018

    I actually agree. I mean, what did he expect? "The Xbox is the not the best place to play"?
  14. LastRambo341

    UPDATE: Ask the King Ep. 71 - NOW July 26, 2018

    Hello, Phil. I would like to say that I HATE LEAKS, especially before E3 or further announcements for a game! It feels great and exciting to watch a press conference , not knowing what to expect and get surprised with what is shown instead of saying, "Ah yes, there was a leak/rumour of that so I am not too surprised". Or watch a trailer for a game and a surprise character/feature is introduced. Now, entire rosters (of a game) are leaked as well as full E3 plans. People go to the extent of data-mining demos and patches to reveal the full information. You cannot escape these unless you disconnect from the Internet completely. If you intentionally ignore, you will get notifications from Twitter or see the news from the front page of YouTube or games news websites. What is your opinion on this?