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  1. Luigi's Mansion 3 will be a playthrough but he wants to play it in the marathon because of the Halloween theme
  2. Time for a classic horror monster
  3. Did you ever learn Business Studies or Economics in school?
  4. He did not say, "no way they can improve" but he did say that he will never give them a chance, he has this mentality of "Fool me once, shame on you". This is a mentality of Phil that I am confused with, we should request playthroughs of the Surge 1 and 2
  5. That model did not work with Super Mario Run. I played MK Tour and it is fun, the microtransaction model is the only way you can sell in a mobile market. Doing MK Tour does not negate them doing MK 9
  6. Thank you for the lecture, grandpa <3
  7. Oh noes! You beat me XD I am sad now :( ! Want a cookie because you "beat me"? XD Here you go I mean, it was an argument about a Youtuber, not about academic subjects so if you are verrrryyy proud of that then good for you :O
  8. Then what are you doing here wasting your time?
  9. Wow XD so its personal now, seems to me you may be banned soon. You may be very young but I will make this point: Phil has a store/product that he sells. In order for us to buy and enjoy the product, we would have to contribute. Product / Price / Buy / Sell. Never learned these things from education? You keep on saying "37 year old asking kids to pay for him" 1000 times, I think we get your point XD Mr. Know It All
  10. Why are we talking about his family? How do you know that his wife always takes days off? What "proof" would you like? The financial situation is that he overdrafts his bank account, he pays for the bills and debt that he accumulated for the move and business, not to mention the condo in Conneticut. According to Phil, there are no better jobs around him , unless you can provide some? There are adults who contribute to his stream I find it a bit rude that you would accuse him of lying when yourself have no proof either. Why are we talking about divorce? XD Why do all these matter? We should care about the content he puts out, you are not obligated to contribute ;)
  11. I listened to the stream, there is no "secret" here. Phil is in a financial situation, by default, unfortunately. Streaming barely pays the bills but it is the best option available for him now. Basically, Phil gives a product and if he cannot sell it, he will go out of business. Is the majority of his audience "kids"?
  12. As Phil said it before, he is a streamer now and he relies on crowdfunding so that he can pays his bills and keep on streaming. It does not have to mean that there is a tax problem or any another problem he recently faced. Streamers do usually ask for bits, cheers and subscriptions, otherwise, they would not be able to do it full-time.
  13. Which video did you get your issue from?
  14. Blasphemous Daymare Ju-On: The Grudge for Wii Friday the 13th
  15. Phil already said that videos talking about his ex are not qualified
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