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  1. 1:50 - 7:03 This is my third time posting it so I hope Phil will showcase it
  2. I hope for Metroid Prime 2, I have been requesting this game for a very long time
  3. Phil mostly plays PS4 games and chill games (such as Minecraft) so it is good to see a variety
  4. Metroid Prime 2!! I have been requesting this for ages
  5. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for Wii Star Fox Adventures {For Nintendo GameCube} Endless Ocean 2: Blue World for Wii Blood and Truth for PSVR Far Point for PSVR Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii No More Heroes 2 for Wii Madworld for Wii Punch Out for Wii Astral Chain
  6. Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360) (stopped playing due to boredom and because Just Cause 3 was close to release date) Just Cause 3 (Xbox One) (Stopped due to boredom) I laughed
  7. He would not play it because the game is from the developers of Lords of the Fallen, whom Phil will never forgive
  8. The video is just 1:14:52 long , how can you put 1:43:58?
  9. Never give up :) I nominated Banjo Kazooie and it won the nomination I also would like to see Phil play Ring Fit Adventure
  10. Does not mean that if there is a solution, we do not use it. Sure, let him fail 10 times, but after that, use the save state. It will save us all the trouble.
  11. I vote for that as well I understand but it gets to the point where the struggle becomes boring to watch, for example, the repeated fails in the same stage in Super Mario 64.
  12. I believe Phil would rather play a new game. He already played Driver and Motorstorm What is wrong with that?
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