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  1. LastRambo341

    E3 2018

    I actually agree. I mean, what did he expect? "The Xbox is the not the best place to play"?
  2. LastRambo341

    UPDATE: Ask the King Ep. 71 - NOW July 26, 2018

    Hello, Phil. I would like to say that I HATE LEAKS, especially before E3 or further announcements for a game! It feels great and exciting to watch a press conference , not knowing what to expect and get surprised with what is shown instead of saying, "Ah yes, there was a leak/rumour of that so I am not too surprised". Or watch a trailer for a game and a surprise character/feature is introduced. Now, entire rosters (of a game) are leaked as well as full E3 plans. People go to the extent of data-mining demos and patches to reveal the full information. You cannot escape these unless you disconnect from the Internet completely. If you intentionally ignore, you will get notifications from Twitter or see the news from the front page of YouTube or games news websites. What is your opinion on this?
  3. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    Come again? Yes, your facts that you make up, eh? Do not blame the raptor when it bites your hand after bothering it.
  4. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    You called that a debate? :P it was nonsense. Last time I checked, you do not attack nor go for personal insults on the other side in debates. I know haha
  5. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    Well people are entitled :D
  6. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    I know that 7th gen systems would run on SD TV but better on HD TV. Your point?
  7. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    Haha ya that picture is rubbish so who cares? :P and yes I like Nintendo and my measurement of fandom will not diminish because you are so desperate to harass and make me agree with you. Not happening lulz Why are you so angry that I want Phil to play a certain game? Now look who is sensitive :D as far as people caring about it, I do. If you do not like it then do not watch, no need to be so antagonistic loool
  8. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    Hmmm.... Nah, I am fine the way I am :P BTW I have a PC, PS and Xbox so you just made a fool out of yourself The Wii would have sold less if it was HD (as it would be more expensive), yes
  9. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    Or I can ignore your dumb advice and be entitled to what I believe :P haha! Maybe... Maybe not. I guess it would not have sold well and be defeated by Sony and Microsoft in sales.
  10. LastRambo341

    Ultra Street Fighter 2 :( ..... Goodbye

    So what is this? Self-torture? Especially when you had a great ranking
  11. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    Does not refute the games that were well-received with motion controls You cannot make something unless based on absolute certainity They sold 100m + and had great games. Nothing wrong with that
  12. LastRambo341

    Ultra Street Fighter 2 :( ..... Goodbye

    Could it be a guilty pleasure?
  13. LastRambo341

    Nintendo Switch Thoughts & Discussion

    WHAT ?! XD XD Nintendo did some market research when developing the Wii and found that the number of HD TVs (at least in the US) was extremely low so it did not make sense to make an HD system. Also, you would not say "cheap motion control gimmick" if you actually played the games that used it well.
  14. then I challenge you to oppose me as much as you like. *unsheathes a sword* En garde! XD XD
  15. You do not even know the context of what I said. Speaking of which, you have this unnatural obsession to oppose me whenever possible lol