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  1. The original point is that the reason Phil reacts in a certain way during online gameplay of fighting games is for fun and show, it is not always 100% real. From Software camera =/= Online fighting games
  2. I wish DSP plays VR games again :( , they are such a change of pace
  3. Well....some people hope that if he plays it, he can like it again
  4. Ok? That is the author's claim but I can just say the opposite. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/1470-best-switch-games-for-adults.html https://www.businessinsider.com/nintendo-switch-vs-ps4-xbox-one-2017-11 Debunked
  5. I did not buy it because it does not appeal to me. The Switch has games for children, teenagers and adults. Try again later.
  6. LOL! We have a badass over here (no, it is not for children) He WILL play SpongeBob. None of the fans complained. Because this game has tone of rage moments
  7. F-Zero GX and Street Fighter V! :D
  8. What, really? How would donating a controller make Phil suffer?
  9. They are good :) Youre just trolling The games are rated E for Everyone, not C for Children
  10. You said "most of them suck" , I responded to that and now you are changing your argument in regards to the interactions? It really does not matter because the sub goal was met
  11. Why not discuss this in the voting thread? You could have voted for Bloodstained. I voted for The Surge but my priority is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes because it is a good game , has a lot of downtime for interactions and he still has Part 3: Corruption and in the future, Part 4.
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