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  1. LastRambo341

    To those boycotting and backstabbing Phil

    What happened exactly?
  2. LastRambo341

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    But it is my opinion that they each have only 2 games :) just like your outlandish opinion on the Switch and redundant assumptions such as "Oh it is a knee jerk reaction" XD People are entitled to like the Switch The Wii was an amazing system with good games
  3. LastRambo341

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Not according to the industry. Both PS4, X1 and PC each have only 2 games worth buying the system for, correct?
  4. LastRambo341

    possible metroid prime echos playtrhough?

    I was one of the people who voted for Phil to play this game, I definitely would like to see it.
  5. LastRambo341

    Your thoughts on the Halloween Horror Marathon

    Same here, I have a feeling that the self-entitled chat stream influence Phil's decisions when the majority of them probably did not even pay for the marathon. Judging a game as a whole based on the first 30 minutes is not enough and when I played the game, I faced no issues with the motion controls. Phil does not like motion controls, so that probably influenced his judgment prematurely. As for them not working, I would have to see Phil's Wii/Sensor bar setup
  6. LastRambo341

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    One can easily plug an Xbox One controller (wired or wireless)
  7. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Well, nothing wrong with being an a**hole :D and I take good care of my technology I know I am :P It is silly that the entire topic has been devoted to me instead of the subject at hand No, it is defined as quitting a game (single player or multiplayer) due to frustration. We all feel that, but it gets hypocritical when people criticise others of doing so
  8. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    I would not hesitate to do it again and again :)
  9. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Weakness? It is just videogames That is incredibly dumb. Not all playthroughs are the same or have the same fate. People quit due to frustration or lack of interest
  10. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Alright, what about games other than Persona 3? Or online multiplayer sessions?
  11. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Videogames is serious business, folks
  12. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    He said it from the very beginning so you cannot complain. Also who on Earth would be "offended"? "Waaah! You offended me becuase you got angry at my favourite game :( waaa!" Haha So before I gave you a money, you told me that you cannot guarantee finishing it, but I still complain XD that shows that you have purchasing problems. Yes it is his career but being irritated over such mundane little things shows how they cannot be taken seriously. What is next? Phil is not allowed to wear a grey T-shirt becuase some may feel offended by it? Well you are either lying or are just hardcore apologist
  13. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    It is just a videogame Even though Phil did not guarantee it to be a full playthrough from the very beginning?
  14. LastRambo341

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    People have been using this critism against many people, but I see nothing wrong with it. Discuss.