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  1. Shouldn't their be a poll about this to see what the community thinks?
  2. HIDDEN SECRET DRAGON POSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQiGtmPKh90 CLICK THE TAB FOR MORE
  3. Any1 seen phil trying to find the right pose for a gragon found the pose for it YOUR ALL WELCOME
  4. Post any games that phil may have missed or games etc he may not know about when nothing has released any suggestions post a trailer and platform
  5. if its coop it could work to his advantage playing with peeps that know the mechanics providing an coop crew that phil needs in order to play certain coop games etc
  6. if they could make improvements have you seen the trailer it has potential have you seen the trailers
  7. Any chance of Looking in both the ps store and xbox marketplace for games that may interest you just because some are free does not make them horrible games for ex(example) recently their were multiple games releasing this month that was released on pc Gungeon, day of the tentacle etc now their releasing on ps4 today it might have not been announced on a trailer but it may be a game to be interested in im just asking to take a look at the digital ps store and xbox store every now and again?
  8. we all have our opinion of certain thing some are ingenus some are ridiculous but its a thought not truth
  9. CaprioGaming


    Thoughts etc on what e316 has to offer for the future of gaming
  10. Maybe they already know where this is going or think phil missed something so obvious phil makes mistakes but when peeps comment or suggest something he goes on the defensive NOT TROLLING only saying from what i've seen him do for the past 4-6 years
  11. needs improvement with servers overall good game but needs more replay ability
  12. Polls and gameplay of overwatch these vids i post show off gameplay and storyline NOT to advertise other gamers im a gamer myself and im not the kind of person to advertise my own channel or any1 else's i earn my subs and support
  13. Straight Forward anyone has a interest of joining phil in coop games is their a way to join without requirements (invites) etc to interact and join this gamer because their are multiple games releasing with a coop aspect and this could be an opportunity for his fanbase to join the action
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