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  1. So Nintendo is launching a completely new console and Sony say's, they might as well launch an upgraded PS4 too.... Weirdest console generation ever. You might as well just buy, build, and upgrade a PC. Aint like you're going to be missing out on many exclusive games....
  2. Im guilty for really looking forward to that element, but I know im not the only one who thinks Phil's content shines when he's having the hardest time.... And stream attendance validates my statements Yeah 720p is fine, WoW isn't that glamorous where you need top visuals. Its free till level 20 and you can't use certain aspects of the game. Just go ahead and buy it.
  3. What happened? I don't even know what games he's playing this week.
  4. Wish I could find that original post from KG just to get the entire context of this moment.
  5. Playing Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, finally on PC. Gotta say this game is boring... Like, really boring. And it doesn't help I can't figure out how the save system works... And what the fuck does the damn flying light orbs mean when they just hover around me, flash a couple of times, then fly the fuck off? No clue what that means...none.
  6. Hope Phil knows he reviewed an item twice and gave it different review scores. I think this is a prime example of why Phil should get rid of his decimal point review systems, especially using it with things that have so many variables like food. Edit: I don't want to seem like to only point out the negative so i'll offer a solution for not duplicating reviews, use excel or any spreadsheet program and create a spreadsheet for all the 120+ items so yo can just quickly look up what you've reviewed. Heres an example I made: 120 items sounds like alot and time consuming but im pretty sure you have a mobile device you can work on, and you could do this in bed or while watching a movie. If you want to be more business organized that is.
  7. Well how about for those who want to comment, but don't want to be spoiled. It would be respectful to hide your comments. But I can tell thats probably too much to ask from you and just scroll past your comments to avoid an argument from now on.
  8. Not sure about either, I could definitely see where Carl97 is coming from, but I can see Phil's perspective too. But honestly I don't know why we are even discussing this, I really doubt Phil would do anything like this. He'll make some reason he can't do it. He's really bad at self improvement and promotion. I remember he was suppose to go on WingsOfRedempion podcast around the launch of KO Gaming, and he blew them off the day of recording and said he would do it when he "felt better" and had time. Never heard about it again. So I think im just going to stop pushing this great idea, cause whats the point... I can't provide input and help to someone who thinks everyone else is wrong.
  9. Ok spoiler alerts gotta be used more often this thread. But is the Xbox One version really that bad compared to the others? Who else is playing on it in these forums besides Phil?
  10. the only thing i fault DSP on is when he doesn't follow through with the most voted poll on Twitter. not sure about these things.
  11. Finally gotten to see the Doctor Strange trailer and read this in an article Finally, the last shot of the trailer is a fully-formed Doctor Strange (with red cape and all) approaching the window that famously is in his Sanctum Sanctorum (like his Batcave). It’s the image the teaser poster is based on and serves mostly as a rallying cry for people who loved Doctor Strange comics. For the rest of us, it’s just another poster with Benedict Cumberbatch facing the other way: Just noticed that lol.
  12. Yeah I would think he would do one now when there's downtime and nothing really comes out till May.
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