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  1. Lol nice cherrypicking considering some of them barely surpass justice league and some of them arent even in the same genre. PS I dont even like Justice League btw
  2. Its on Xbox 360 and BC on Xbox One.
  3. Swap PUBG and xenoblade 2 then its good
  4. Yeah and the full release runs like crap
  5. LOL PUBG shouldnt even be on there considering its early access.
  6. How much is the parts gonna be?
  7. MVCI only sold 8k copies in japan and lost to pokken lol Thats pathetic. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/09/27/week-sales-pokkn-tournament-dx-takes-marvel-vs-capcom-infinite-debut-battle/
  8. I'm buying it day one because at least it has lyn and celica in it (also because i ordered the special edition) but no GBA/GC or Wii characters guarantees i'm not buying the season pass. Maybe season pass 2 if they actually learn their lesson and put in the characters people want.
  9. Splatoon 2 is getting post support with new weapons and maps so the game is always kept fresh. Mario Karts gameplay is really fun and it lets you keep coming back with 150cc, mirror , and 200cc. The gameplay is whats really important.
  10. Why? Splatoon 2 and Mario kart are really huge games and sold well.
  11. I never said he was but Phil has made a few mistakes before and he could own up to them to show he's honest. What fred did is vile and inexcusable while Phil has a chance of redemption
  12. If i could make a suggestion maybe its time for Phil to make a move and show he's better than Fred that way he could make ammends. Own up to your mistakes and be honest then you'll gain the respect of lots of people and be 100X better than him
  13. Mario isn't even being close to being milked considering the last mainline mario game was 4 years ago, as long as they keep bringing fresh ideas and make good games then i'm fine with it. Sonic had a huge slump and decline in quality for the past decade and its barely starting to get better because of mania.
  14. It dropped down to 92 percent though that's still really impressive
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