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  1. Season pass is trash dont buy it.
  2. Its one of the best platinum games ever made We are in quarantine so might as well live it up while we can
  3. Dark souls toy story then? lol
  4. @MasterOfAwesomeness Can you please unban DarkSphere? I think he should get another chance
  5. It got banned because milling 20 cards for free (if you played 60 cards) and giving you a lot of advantage was too broken.
  6. Darksphere is playing animal crossing early
  7. Well it used to be incredibly easy with that grass is always greener but it got banned.
  8. If we are doing zombies why not the chad himself king of the skull servants
  9. People still take the razzies seriously in 2020? After they gave an award to the thing? lmao
  10. Been watching it on toonami lately and so far i really like it
  11. Dont play darklords but the artwork is nice Incredibly powerful? lmao Theres a good reason it got banned considering it was a near unkillable monster you could easily search with the true draco archetype unless you main decked kaijus.
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