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  1. Tbh Phil has survived everything that he could probably stream till the end of the world lol.
  2. Phil pulled klee for free and all i get is junk. Pain
  3. wheres master of awesomeness?
  4. Cubic basically became another otk deck that cant play first.
  5. That guy got ratioed for saying nintendo is predatory when he runs a fucking gacha account lol.
  6. Basically you need to either be extremely charismatic and unique to get a big audience or be infamous and capitalize on it like LTG and Phil.
  7. Use this for Metal foes fusion and you get an instant upstart goblin
  8. At the cost of 9 hours, man they need to get rid of forced walking sections.
  9. Well this didnt age well.
  10. I mean its a mario game
  11. They used it along with psuedo space because it basically copied its effects. So you got 6 chicken games.
  12. Oh this card was part of the magical explosion/Life equalizer FTK.
  13. He was a detractor and used to be part of the defunct group SOK (from what i hear no one liked him there either lmao), but yeah the guy is so desperate to save his sinking ship that he made like 3 twitlongers and everyone told him to fuck off. Good riddance id say.
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