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  1. ok here u go. found an ARMS vid. Phil might not be interested but figure some of u guys will like it i like the twintail chic ofc :3
  2. Nah, too difficult and hes indebt. He doesnt like splatoon and he hates nintendo. Only hope for him getting it is if he cared abt SF2 enough or mario odyssey or some big aaa games comes out. but if im going to encourage myself to buy switch, it will be splatoon2 (campaign looks awesome), i am setsuna, bayonetta2, fire emblem and future monster hunter. All those and being able to play on the go will keep me satisfied for awhile. Fire emblems the major highlight.
  3. Splatoon2 trailer looks nice. And the new chic in ARMS also looks great. Would play SP2 if i got switch, but only monster hunter can make me buy it :3
  4. He alrdy "borequit" nioh dlc so u can count that out. If he felt bored of injustice2 he might play it i guess. Dunno how long that will take tho. comparing it to lord of the fallen would be easier. Gearings and loots are different to ds and the combat has the same weighty feeling like lotf. From what i saw at least, and it looks good. Devs definitely learned from from lotf.
  5. I did not assume he couldnt do it. Its easy and ppl alrdy explained it for him. He just wont do it. But if u think i make baseless assumptions, go check out the thread. Take ur own advice. If u did any research u would know this and wouldnt need to argue with me or lash out to every criticism phil gets like a moron. My assumptions and criticism regarding nier automata was right, but all u ever did was parroting other ppl or lashing out at ppl. So pls, do some research.
  6. Ppl Told him discord is good dsp: dunno what that is Ppl told him 'insert various infos and benefits here' dsp: i dunno how to do it Ppl told him how to do it in detail dsp: i dont have the time to do research to do it myself. Maybe next yr during jan or feb or someone make it for me. thats the summerised version of it. But if u think i summerised wrong or misunderstand feel free to search for the old thread. Its during him having trouble with money streaming on youtube b4 moving to twitch. Might be in suggestion forums.
  7. Oh right discord, the suggestion that i and many other gave him since last year, full with infos and how tos. Completely ignored and forgotten. i have a feeling that he wont do it unless someone created it, teached him and managed it for him entirely.
  8. Lol But yea basicly ppl shouldnt talk abt wut they dont know. Unless u want to be made fun of.
  9. No politics. U cant half assed abt that stuff or u ll get backlash. Just talk abt what viewers ask and less WIP stuffs.
  10. So when will the dsp continue nioh dlc? Or is it in the back burner graveyard now? Didnt see any mention in his schedule.
  11. @HomerSimpson Then go make a twitter account dedicate to following drgnkiller or something then. This thread is getting annoying. If ur so interested in the guy u can do so all u want there just like him following phil. And ppl who have the same interest as u will follow u. Last i checked this is forums abt dsp, not drgnkiller. At the very least go post on OTHERS section, this is phils CHANNEL GENERAL discussion.
  12. I think he meant streaming dude lol, not running. Anyway 24hr streaming will damage ur health thats for sure. Just not dieing, unless ur health is alrdy in bad shape.
  13. I find it funny that he actually likes ride to hell and thinks its a better game compared to scarface.
  14. the appropriate exercise for him would be daily walks. Ppl in their 70s do this to keep them healthy. Having back issues doesnt mean u should never exercise ever. In fact, u need some minimum exercise to have the muscles help support it. Also, Seattle air dood.
  15. What is your SAT score when u apply for college? When will you play MOBAs? Its not hard to learn or too late. Kids learned it just fine.
  16. gratz, dont forget to get her a dog :3
  17. The software analogy is wrong. The better comparison would be the game engine. The purpose of software is to create something from it and thats what game engine does, just like the Horizon zero dawn game engine that kojima wants to use for his new game. The game however is already the finishing product intend for entertainment use. U can technically say that u create lets plays from it by recording ur gameplay but thats not what it was intended for even tho its beneficial as commercial to the game. The only thing game intended u to create is ur enjoyment and ur savefile. Simply put, it did not
  18. well thats disappointing. Meh, whatever. If he thinks a full playthru of p4 and "close to" full playthru of p3 is not enough for him to play p5 on normal... his choice.
  19. did he confirm what difficulty hes playing on yet? Only few days away now. Hopefully not easy. Its safe to say the majority of ppl will be playing on normal as well.
  20. Well the one in trouble definitely wont be youtube or google even if they got boycott. And if they did it means that the advertisers are demanding something from them. Depending on how much youtube view the importance and losses this is, they can ignore or renegotiate accordingly. Normal ppl will still watch youtube and its still the main media viewing website. The one in trouble are the youtubers that do it as their main job. Better keep an eye on whatever happens and plan for the future. ps: personally i dont like boogie too for some reason. I dont rlly know much abt him tho. How i
  21. Easy is for newbies who are new to the game. He got experience in both p3 and p4 now plus... 8 YR GAMING LEGACY!!! No point why he wouldnt play on normal or harder difficulty.
  22. That was a great post with references and sources. If only phil did this as well he would be successful a long time ago. Hopefully he at least glimps thru ur post, bcos i alrdy tried (altho with no sources and less detailed) and nothing ever comes out of it.
  23. Nice info dude :3 at most phil could do is a "first impression" vid if he quit the game at ending A. It will not do the game justice if he tag it as a review. Depend on him what he wants to be seen/recognized as.
  24. this also depends on game quality and the persons playing habit as well. if he/she likes to replay games whether on harder difficulty or not, a game would be more worth while and last longer for that person. i bought 3ds for just 1 game (monster hunter) and replay fire emblem several times. only those 2 games could last me more than half a year. So if its common gamer we r talking about, i d say switch is not doing too bad, or too early to judge its worth. i ll wait for monster hunter tho, or FE if its rlly good
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