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  1. hell yeah he should! it would be great !!
  2. i am completely agree with you. right after the holiday season, i am going to give Phil 80% of my allowance Phil we got your back!
  3. who the hell want to watch some hipster shit like Celeste? is this the snowflake games marathon? Carmageddon is the shit and i also love to watch Phil playing driving games
  4. man, the last video is so depressing.
  5. if Phil doesn't like keyboard and mouse, why wouldn't he do something about it? like use Google?
  6. yeah, i don't understand why Phil can't use Google for like 5 minutes
  7. so DSPGaming got re-monetized, and a couple of detractors got banned from twitch? Congratulations Phil ! finally some good news! i am sure nothing bad going to happen in the near future!
  8. my "Partying with the King" series suggestion still standing. he can do an IRL stream and do it live!
  9. i agree. anyway i just watched Phil's latest IRL stream with Kat, and it was good. Phil should totally bring her on camera more.
  10. yeah. this kind of attitude really brings our community down. i hope he gets better
  11. throwing? dude there's no need to be negative like this
  12. Swagginz is a real true friend !
  13. yes you should watch a youtuber called "worth a buy" he is pretty good reviewer. maybe he got accidentally banned.
  14. another amazing fan-art! i am so glad this thread got back to its roots!
  15. that's just his opinion, which is a positive thing
  16. now you just being negative for no reason
  17. well, looks like this thread become outdated.
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