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    UPDATE: Ask the King Ep. 71 - NOW July 26, 2018

    Phil, You recently got into trouble for really laying into streamers who got State of Decay 2 early, saying it gives them an unfair advantage and it's preferential treatment. However, in certain cases you yourself have also started some playthroughs like Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3 on XBOX ONE earlier than release date, AKA when most of us regular gamers get the game. So my question is can you elaborate on what your thought process was when deciding to play those games at an earlier time? I know you get this question on stream from time to time and since it's not something that can be answered in only a few words, I though this would be a good chance to finally lay the issue to rest.
  2. Shaquille_Oatmeal

    Ask the King Ep. 67 - October 26, 2017

    What's your opinion on the far-left gaming forum NeoGAF getting shut down and all the mods leaving after it's been revealed it's owner was a sexual predator?
  3. Shaquille_Oatmeal

    Ask the King Ep. 66 - August 24, 2017

    Hey Phil, Over the years of watching your reviews I've seen you use the review scale to its full extent. There were 4s, 5s, 7s and 8s, but also 9s, 9.5s and last year even a 9.8 with Uncharted 4. But never a 10. Do you think a game has to be absolutely perfect in every aspect to get that score, and by extension do you think no game should or will ever get a 10 from you, since no game could ever be flawless? Why has Phil Burnell never given out a 10 (as far as I know)?
  4. Shaquille_Oatmeal

    Ask the King Ep. 64 - April 20, 2017

    Wassup Phil, would you consider playing Dragon Quest XI when it releases in the west? Much like Persona 5, they streamlined a lot of stuff including the battle system to be a little more accessible and it's the first true HD mainline Dragon Quest game so it would be cool to see you try it out.
  5. Usually on your second run of a RE game you know where all the jumpscares and traps are, you know how to navigate the levels more effectively, the puzzles don't take as long. So by doing a second run in VR you cut back on the time it takes to actually finish the game as you wont be fumbling through the levels, all in the interest of not getting as motion sick as you would on a first run.
  6. Shaquille_Oatmeal

    Ask the King Ep. 59 - TBD April 2016

    Howdy Phil, Shaquille Oatmeal here What's your opinion on how Nintendo is handling the NX and WiiU situation this year? They have decided to launch the console WW in March, 2017 because they want to "make sure there are games to go along with it". They've also decided to not share any news on the NX at E3, but instead hold their own event later in the year, which I think is smart because you want to generate hype closer to the launch. On the other hand, E3 could have a wider reach and give the NX more publicity if they went down that route. Personally, I think they're making a big mistake in missing the holiday season. There's a reason very few consoles in NA don't launch at that period. Launching during the holiday season could mean a very big boost to sales. On the WiiU front, I think delaying Zelda to 2017 to coincide with the NX launch might make this year look even more barren than 2015. In fact, Nintendo is projecting only 800K WiiU's sold for the next fiscal year. It just seems like a poorly thought out situation altogether. I was wondering what your opinion on it was and if you think launching the NX in March could have heavy repercussions for Nintendo's next big console.