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  1. w00t another typical morning on these forums....how quickly and easily discussion gets replaced with insults and bickering.
  2. Watching the clock, waiting to see how long until this one gets shafted....
  3. This idea goes against what Phil CLAIMS to be about. While it may be entertaining to hear him go Full Mac on people more successful then him, it'll just make Phil look bad. A whole series devoted to him Virtue Signalling and putting Petty Jelousy on full blast against entertainers who take time out of their lives to edit their videos, and do silly stuff, give back to the community, and have done nothing wrong to legit get attacked for....just no. I'll agree that it will get him alot of attention that he could take advantage of, but if Phil does this and he doubles down or plays the victim as he often does....it'll all end in disaster for him. And for what? Easy money, a few chuckles, a desperate attempt at attention? I mean if all of that wouldn't be enough, people would see how long he's been on youtube and see how many videos he's uploaded, and every video about him. If anything, I think this would make his hatter-base bigger and stronger. Hell, Phil would just become a mentally ill hater himself. Maybe even offhandedly create a hater mob who's actions he'll be responsible for. And I bet all of these things will lead to more things that will get him demonotized, and barred from other platforms.
  4. I don't speak for Phil, but its a mixed bag of rumors, and people taking jokes way to seriously. On BOTH sides.
  5. Who argued? It was a genuine question related to the topic. Go on vaction man, your getting hysterical. Yeah, if its a straightup reupload with nothing in it, then its pretty much spam. But if its edited content, then it is an original work (somewhat. guess it depends) which wouldn't be spam.
  6. So going by that description alone, if they arn't making a profit from the videos, then its fine. But then what if these uploads have editing behind them, like they add stuff into the video if phil/whoevers content? Wouldn't it still fall under fair use for like parady and whatnot?
  7. -Rubs temples- IF this is true.... then it would explain how he picked up a new girl so quickly....Cause no offense, but a new relationship did chug along way to quickly. But I need real confirmation
  8. Jesus Christ the Memberberries. That video is still Lengendary.
  9. Did this Thread become a fight against Nich2440?
  10. Im on Nich2440's side here... How the hell is it Greed if Patreon is trying to give Creators an extra 5% of what they earn? No fucking seriously, somebody answer that question. Because the only arguments being made against Nich2440 or anybody supporting or Neutral to this change is only whinning that they have to pay a ittle extra. Taxes and Transfer fees have existed for longer then you realize, and what they are doing is to help the Creators you're supporting in the first place. I know it sucks to pay more, even if its a tiny amount. If your supporting multiple artists thats going to stack. Want the solution? Make cutbacks! You don't need to be supporting multiple people in the first place if you can't pay a fee. Pick and choose 1 - 3 people you can afford with lower pledges or 1 - 2 you can afford big pledges with. Its THAT simple. $1 pledges might turn into $1.50, is 2 whole Quarters going to break the bank to support Phil? If the only person you care about and give your money to is Phil/DSP then give it to him on Twitch. All Ive been reading are emotionally charged frugals who don't want to pay a little extra. Remember the Dollar Menu? Thats pretty much dead in alot of places, why arn't we boycotting that? If the only argument is "Well Im not going to donate if I have to pay a tax and Transfer fee" Then you're more worried about your own money then the Creators you 'want' to support.
  11. Gimmicks will never stop being a thing, they are there to seperate you from the crowd. They are what makes you unique. If everyone does the same thing, then everyone in the same field will just saturate the market and bore people. Eventually anoter Latform will rise. Will it be as good if not greater then Youtube or Twitch? I can't speculate. Poor Decisions. Twitch doesn't need to be anything more then it already is. It has nearly the perfect Streaming System. But of course expansions will always happn with success, just hope they don't reach to far and become the next fallen Titan.
  12. Considering the competition....... I hope twitch doesn't become the new youtube, because eventually they are gonna put themselves into the same corner and lose track of what they are.
  13. Patreon doesn't need our Feedback to factor in Taxes and price increases. Comparring them to youtube doesn't make sense. Youtube is a Platform, Patreon is a Service. 2 different things. We don't pay or support Youtube financially (unless you subscribe to RED) because its a Free platform. We pay Patreon a cut as a service because they handle and distribute funds. Also......people switched to Patreon because they are being paid/donated/Supported directly from their Fans. The fanbase pays them to fund their projects via 'crowdfunding' instead of youtube revenue from advertisements. Thats the key difference.
  14. Is everyone forgetting that Patreon is a business? The taxes and price increases suck, but Patreon needs to make money and spend some to do what they do. Its like everyone who gets pissed at Paypal for taking a cut and even taxing. Understood concerns, but its still a business like everything else. And business have their own costs.
  15. What did Kojima ever do? Sure your not mistaking him for Konami?
  16. I see what Vertigo is going for, adding challenges and curveballs ontop of the game to keep it interesting with different ways to play the game. Some silly shit and some challenge on top of it. Need to tweak some of those ideas, but I think it would fun. Frustration and Fails are what people love to see, why not cater to it? I mean this is about fun right? Or is this intended to be a super serious pro run with less fail?
  17. +1 I know Phil is a human being and there are some who get attached to Personalities and celebrities and whatnot that they see on the internet tv and all, but their lifestyles IRL should be to them and them alone. DSPgaming. A gaming channel and Twitch Gaming account. Should be about gaming...not his lovelife or his bills.
  18. His Improv has alot to be desired, I think its the sex jokes and his toilet humor that turns me off. But if he's willing and able to have more fun with his games, especally if he has any funny friends or fans he could collab with then it may be fun to see, might even be good for him in other ways to. I know what RP is my man XD.
  19. Do you see Phil breaking out from his shell and go full RP on his games though? THAT would the most interesting Phil could do for himself....but could\would he?
  20. Ziggy

    Phil's Niche

    Laughing is apparently Passive aggressive or Provoking. and mods need to deal with it -Sigh- Stuff like this.... Whatever, happy Turkey Day
  21. Ziggy

    Phil's Niche

    .................rofl. Ill just leave it at that. Just......rofl
  22. Ziggy

    Phil's Niche

    Great, so that means all the time wasted and all of the care in the world we give to this man means fuck all. So we can suggest him to do something, and if he does or doesn't do it later means we did nothing to help. You are just fantastic, guess we should all just stop cause according to you, even if we help, it doesn't mean we helped.
  23. And you called me Rude LMAO And hey, like others have said, Phil was suggested to go back to twitch for 2 years, he literally only did it because his back was againat the wall. Even then he was still trying to make excuses to not go to twitch. So....no.
  24. $1500-1750 a month? Is rent seriously THAT high for a condo?
  25. Ziggy

    Phil's Niche

    Phil's Niche is Fighting games. But he built a Variety fanbase so he can't keep afloat with mostly fighting games. Especally because he's a little lacking in the creativity department, so he can't really do anything creative to stretch fighting games out for a long period of time. So he kind of has to play other games to keep interest and reach a new audience. Not to mention that fighters have evolved, and Phil has to struggle to get his footing bacause he still has the Super Turbo II mindset with every fighter he plays. The speed and gimics arn't his style, which I can guess why he never sticks with them past 2 months or so
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