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  1. I think if Lebron loses again this time he might kill himself (figuratively)
  2. "I am going to tear down your safe space, brick by brick I shall smash it with glee. I am cold and I am hard, my aim: reality" "Oh no not reality!" Lmao.
  3. *Cough* If I didn't like the video, then I didn't like the video. Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so either cause 24 hours later and not even 3,000 of the 16,000 people subscribed even watched it and even more comments mysteriously disappeared. I'll give applause when its warranted, i'll critique when its warranted. I didn't get 90+ reputation points to my self, at least a few people on here agree with at least half of what I say on here. I felt the video was unwarranted and totally was against your gameplan for the KOGaming from the start, if the agenda changed and you s
  4. So finally the car pursuit in LA has ended. Car ran out of gas.
  5. All I said was "...really?". In fact I tried to be a short as possible after the coming back from having an awesome weekend, but since obviously you're not very comfortable with how the video turned out and how people feel about it, regardless negative or positive I'll might as well tell you how I feel about it. From the beginning of KO GAMING was suppose to separate you from the negativity that surrounds you. Nobody thought it was possible, Hell I didn't think it was possible. But by the grace of whatever higher power you believe in, somehow you killed two birds with one stone and not on
  6. I remember when KG called you a sock account.
  7. Nice, a Winston and Zenyatta player. Zenyatta is awesome if you know how to play him.
  8. Hmm, ok that's fair. I thought it was a little bit both. A bit of Column A and a bit of Column B.
  9. Yup I said this a while ago which caused KG's demise. There are people that are thriving just off the drama Phil causes, which is cool, but just admit you're here for that...Not no secret agenda too make Phil a better person or whatever. Same goes for the super duper fans that prowl here just its the exact opposite that they'll incite an all out war on whoever is making an neutral-to-negative opinion on Phil to be complete silenced forever. All I can tell Phil to do is keep improving videos, get them views, and stop talking out of his ass so much and he's cool with me.
  10. Oh ok, well I was just expanding on what I thought about YouTube integrity. To reel it back in let me ask you a question. Do you think the Homefront title (Worst Game I've Ever Played) was over-exaggerated? I think theres a line between having a click-bait/over-exaggerated title like the Homefront video, and having an exuberant title like the turtle review.
  11. Yup, a man that has to reassure himself and his fans around 2-3AM in the morning via Twitter that everything is going to be ok for him as long as he gets views on YouTube. Phil & Integrity have never really seen eye to eye. But in a place where I've seen: A drama host pay a Minecraft Player to destroy himself on camera for views. Lets Players that dye their hair neon colors and walk around in the real world looking ridiculous just to retain viewership cause their commentary isn't good enough. A man streaming his entire family and throws privacy out the window just fo
  12. Damn they raised a 100K in a 24 hour period. Congratulations to them. As far as the stance on copyright strikes....ehhh I'll let this thread develop before I state my opinion, cause I already know a few people are going to be mad sensitive to it.
  13. HAHAHAHAHA Damn that sucks but props to that Mercy with the clutch revive.
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