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  1. So, someone did the math. To get every item on overwatch, it'd take around 2500 levels (give or take 300), or $2000. Ugh...
  2. Oh yeah, I vaguely recall the Overwatch incident to, but, I'm not the guy to ask about that.
  3. I gave up. XD I haven't found anything. No worries. I had just happened to decide I needed a break from everything Phil based, on both sides, around that time. Since I think I'm one of the 5 people who don't have you on ignore, I'll give you the short version, as I understand it, though, you probably know from watching the SoKast (Evidence being that's how I heard about it just recently, so, logical jump is that's where you heard of it yourself.) Mod who plugs Pandalee's soaps on the stream didn't show up one day Panda shit talked him (As a joke, I'll admit, but it came off as tasteless and dickish.) Mod got mad, and wanted an apology, and/or a thanks from Panda. Phil calls him a fucking idiot for asking for thanks for the free advertising, and says Panda doesn't know he exists. Mod unmods. Anyone else feel free to correct me, as I don't hang out in the streams.
  4. It was TF2 but with waifu's. Fans will endlessly argue how it's so much more cus there's two whole other buttons, but it's not. It feels the exact same, and several characters feel ripped directly from TF2. Add to that them charging 40 bucks for 4 maps, and adding microtransactions, and building their game in a F2P model, skinner box and all, and it's disgusting. Oh, and Blizzard being Blizzard, removing features (such as BLOCKING PLAYERS), and being generally awful. But for awhile, you couldn't spit without hitting someone claiming it was the best game ever. Now people are already turning on it.
  5. I am endlessly amused that Overwatch is starting it's downward spiral at less than a month. By this time next month, maybe two, it should be largely dead, populated only by fanboys that can't admit they were wrong.
  6. The MTs were awful because of two reasons. A) The devs promised there would never be MTs, and B) It was how they implemented it. It was instead of receiving a reward for the match, you'd get a 'lootbox' style safe, and have to pay 2.50 to get a skin for a weapon that you might not even have the DLC to be able to use. As for the DLC, exactly. It's just extra weapons and masks, and the occasional heist, but you can play the heists with other players, just not solo or starting it yourself,
  7. Bumping this now just due to PayDay 2 being free until July 4th, not excuse not to.
  8. I know, but that doesn't mean there's not hints about the main game, or more to learn.
  9. Far Cry Four has a 15 minute ending.
  10. I've been busting my ass all day, only found 4 previously found endings. But I GOT to know about some of the items in it.
  11. For Playstation Plus members, but it's not out yet. Trust me, my eyes have been glued to the store.
  12. Sony wins, but I'm super disappoint we're not seeing any FF7.
  13. Sony press conference in a nutshell
  14. And looks like absolutle shit. Hopefully, the old games sell great, and Skylanders dies so we get some real Crash games.
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