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  1. I still have to watch that! I was planning on it when someone mentioned it before in this thread, but I quickly realized it wasn't on netflix so my options were limited. I think you have to pay extra for it on hulu or something?
  2. Cheesed stuffed burgers are literally the best thing ever. Also if Da Bears lose tomorrow I might have to dropkick a baby moose. Just warning you all ahead of time in case you see me on the news.
  3. Just saw Dsp's tweet about playing Scottie Pippen's Slam City and it occurred to me that he hasn't done a playthrough of the GOAT rpg, otherwise known as Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. I'd imagine it'd be a good downtime game, at the very least.
  4. Badass, man. I'm sure your family/friends must be proud of you. That's a very respectable field to go into.
  5. Woah, I had no idea the new Mass Effect was coming out so soon. Nice! But yeah, I can see Dsp putting a few of these games on the back burner(Persona 5), or outright skipping them.
  6. I'm gonna reserve my judgement until the movie comes out. Loved the Power Rangers when I was a kid, so if it turns out to be a good movie I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  7. Yeah I don't really get this either. If he truly didn't like the game as much as he's said, then why continue to play it? Actively refusing to touch the game would get his point across just as much as his rant video did, imo. But spending so much time describing the game's pitfalls and then waking up the next day to hop right into it is just confusing to me. Like, does he hope that Urien will be the games saving grace or something? I don't get Dsp sometimes.
  8. Reminds me of having to read Night by Elie Wiesel for my high school English course. Reading about what people had to endure...It's truly saddening how far human cruelty can go.
  9. With the exception of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, The dead rising games should all be canon with one another. Or at least the "best endings." DR2: OTR is more of a what if scenario.
  10. I recently watched TBFP play this and the fact that the game has tech and is actually somewhat taken seriously is utterly baffling to me. Guess I'm just not about that Shrek life.
  11. Usually not my genre but I heard it at work and found it appealing.
  12. I can't find any mention of Willemete being bombed, only that the special forces wiped out all forms of life and that it was sealed off from the public. However, according to the wiki the incident caused The Willemete Act to be passed, which may be the protocol they use for Dead Rising 2 and further. "According to game dialogue not found in the final version of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, after the Willamette Incident, the United States enacted the Willamette Act, that presumably outlines the measures to be taken in case of a major outbreak, such as in Las Vegas. In Rebecca Chang's original broadcast that is to be heard in the beginning of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, she mentions that the President has initiated the Willamette Act, that has the government scrambling the military and setting up a 50-mile perimeter." http://deadrising.wikia.com/wiki/Willamette
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