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  1. No, absolutely not. I'm saying there's a problem when his business isn't making enough and he needs Patreon to have enough money each month.
  2. It's entitled to want Phil to improve so he doesn't have to rely on handouts from his viewers to pay his bills anymore?
  3. I have a question for Phil from a response he left on a thread he closed because of one single post on it. Phil, I want you to answer something for me. Who exactly is telling you they prefer 60 plus short videos, many of which are under a minute long, to far fewer longer videos? Is there even anyone saying that? Have you ever even asked your viewers if they'd prefer you edit the vlogs into longer videos? Because I find it hard to believe anyone actually prefers vlogs that way. Hell, I even recommended a piece of software that does that without reenconding it. Even gave you proof that it's safe and it works, but you choose to stomp your feet and keep doing things the way you've always done them. You've done this same thing anytime anyone has ever asked you to change. Direct capture, longer videos, edited videos, making Top 10s one video instead of ten. I swear it's like pulling teeth with you. You need to listen to what people are telling you Phil. Rule number 1 of business: Customer feedback is king. But what do I know, right? You'll probably just ban me for this and keep doing things the way you're doing them anyway.
  4. What I meant by that was basically someone who doesn't run out of things to say while playing a game. I don't think it's totally necessary for someone to only react to the game and nothing else. If there's nothing to react to what are you left with? That's why I like LPers like the Game Grumps, Two Best Friends, and the Yogscast. They have a good balance reacting to the game and coming up with something to say when there's not much to react to. It's not so much the gameplay that doesn't matter to me as it the choice of game. The Game Grumps could play Pong and make it entertaining to watch. Y'know what I mean? To put it more simply, I don't watch LPs and Twitch streams to see X game be played, I watch them to see X person or group of people play a game.
  5. I'm just curious what everyone think makes for a good let's player which, like it or not, is what Phil is. For me it's someone who can be entertaining and engaging no matter what they're playing. Because, in my opinion, it's the let's player's job to engage and entertain their audience not the game.
  6. Can't tell if you're being serious or joking, but if you're serious Phil has a completed playthrough of Persona 4 and an ongoing playthrough of Persona 3 you could watch.
  7. Mini-rant/vent time! I'm seriously getting tired of scrolling through Twitter and seeing Phil attacking people for no reason whatsoever. Last night he insulted fans of both PDP and McDonald's for literally no reason. I guess he think's he's being funny or "real" when he does that, I don't know. It'd be different if he insulted these people directly but he never does, he chooses to go after the fans. Easier target I guess. We get it Phil, you don't like PDP and you don't like McDonald's but that doesn't make their fans idiots. This is why so many people dislike you Phil. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. Rather than being supportive of other youtubers you condemn them for daring to put effort into entertaining their audience and shame their fans because they have the gall to watch YouTube to be entertained.
  8. Watch the video I posted. It would say 10 minutes is a good estimate for stitching 34 short videos together. I say 10 minutes because I wouldn't recommend doing 34 videos all at once. Breaking it into smaller sets would take about 10 minutes for all of it. As for crashing, it never crashed for me and I tested it quite a bit.
  9. Alright then. I downloaded MP4Joiner and, as I have no way to record anything myself, some videos of yours and another youtuber I watch to test it with. I scanned the installer, both .exe files it came with, and the folder it installed to with my antivirus/malware software. Everything came back clean. You'll see me point out a couple videos then remove them from MP4Joiner, that's because they downloaded in a different format from the rest. One was at a lower resolution, one was at a different framerate. All of the videos you'rr joining have to be in the same format otherwise it will reencode them regardless of what settings you have. Just a note, I tried it with a few other things after recording this and there's a glitch where if you combine several larger videos together you just get audio back. You can get around that by combining them fewer at a time, I tried it myself and it works just fine.
  10. I've changed my mind Phil. I figure even if I show you a video of it working you wouldn't use it because I'm not someone from the "the industry". That and my internet will not cooperate with me right now.
  11. Alright then, I'll test it. I'll even use OBS to record myself using it so you know I'm not talking out my ass. I'll post the results up shortly.
  12. It looks like the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, but I'm not sure
  13. Blue Beetle is officially on the roster!
  14. It's not editing software, you can't use it to edit anything. It doesn't change the videos in any way, it just sticks them together.
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