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  1. Well, Videos may be hard because it may be Hi8 tapes, but pictures. Phil must have some pictures from the past, a VERY interesting thing to see for back in the day. Although it may not be a digital picture, he could probably show us on camera. What do you guys think?
  2. Good idea! But at such a segment, you know what'll happen. Everyone will SPAM!
  3. Phil, what are your thoughts on the world overreacting to Ebola? Hi Phil! Would you own a firearm to protect your household, despite being in a gated community? Especially considering that the owner who operated the supposed "chop-shop" that used to take place in your home, has made many people comment and say "Oh Phil! There gonna get you!". Hi Phil! You once mentioned your plans to visit Los Angeles, CA. I noticed that you are actually closer to Canada than LA. My question is, would everconsider taking a trip above the border, whether or not you've been abroad? P.S- I am NOT Canadian.
  4. How many posts do you have to make to finally move beyond a newbie?
  5. I was looking for PS4 unboxing videos near the time it came out, and DSPs videos were one of them. One thing I remembered was that "this guy's voice is funny (not in a bad way, but a cool way). Then later someone at school mentioned him, and I recognized and he became a known yotuber to me, but I didn't pay attention to DSP much after that. Later, at like mid 2014, I started to get interested in BF4 and I searched more videos about multiplayer, and I watched a video, and I was like "hey, it's from that guy with that guy who laughs weirdly, DarkSydePhil". And yeah, know I watch the vlogs and st
  6. I don't mean review the game itself, which Phil may have already done, but would it be appropriate or necessary to review the IMPROVEMENTS, and the FPS mode. Like, did they do a good job making a difference from last and current gen? Is it worth upgrading? Is the FPS a MUST try? Already, watching the streams I know there is something Phil has to say about it, the next gen version has plummeting frame rate during driving.
  7. Hi Phil. What was the inspiration of naming yourself, DARKSYDE Phil?
  8. I'm really loving this new forum interface. It flows like a waterfall, and I was expecting it to be bad. Though a dark theme would be cool!
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