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  1. My guess is twitch received many reports from special persons and they decide to check him out. They saw the negativity around him and banned him for 24 hours to speak with him. I think he speak tuesday about this situation.
  2. He should watch the new games in kickstarter not funding. The detractors find always something to harass him. You can watch this from dansgaming only in difference he does not buy the games directly but noted for the future. He does it every 2 weeks.
  3. Yes, i think someone sent a clip or message to twitch support.
  4. Whether twitch is right or not does not matter because we dont know the real reason. He has been banned a lot viewers all the time with his mods. It may be that someone complained about him.
  5. This is getting ridiculous why now? This has to with his pre streams somebody sent to twitch support false information. Yes the problem could be with his tax. I said earlier he should make a kickstarter or steam review.
  6. This is the same problem where phil dont want divinity: original sin to play. Someone told him to skip it.
  7. Phil is very good at finding bugs in different games. And how should he know what the gameplay is like if he did not play it? This is the whole problem? He listens to any statements.
  8. This is a suggestion for the future, far cry 5 and Sea of thieves would be fun to watch. Phil still has interest PSVR to play.
  9. The first thing that phil need to do is to lower his prestream to 10 or 15. minutes. Yes i agree a lot of games hype died weeks ago. The problem here is he dont know which games he want play. He is quickly bored and has no time to finish. I think Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Sea of Thieves would be a good choice. I think FIFA 18 and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege aren"t going to happen because he dont know about the gameplay. He just complain how shitty the controlls are. I have already mentioned it in other thread that my idea would be a kickstarter review. This is like a IRL or Gaming Show. He could do that on Friday, on saturday and sunday he could play proposed games by twitch viewers. He does not need to play multiplayer every weekend. Imagine many People come from work and do not want to see a call of duty or pubg because they've seen it from other lets players. He floods with many videos that nobody wants to see him anymore It could be trash games. It should be a weekend event. Monday through Thursday he could play Triple A Games. He could play Subnautica, Sudeki, Grandia or Skies of arcadia and would have more viewers than usual. Here are some games which he has to play http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/pathologic-classic-hd?ftag=MCD-06-10aaa1f 5.15 - 5.50 - Phils Truth http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/the-void
  10. I agree with that, a thing which is strange that phil just ignore the other fans. I can understand if they were trolls and want laugh about him. Remember he said he dont follow other successful streamers. He could also do a kickstarter review it would work that way. First he goes to kickstarter page then he go to games genre and show all. He look with twitch viewers different games. It could be trash games. He rates and says if he would play that in the future, he does not have to force the viewers to fund there. He gets lots of views because nobody would expect anything from him. This is his reaction and the viewers and review at the same time. I saw this by Dansgaming and the name is Kickstarter Reviews in Talk Shows. He does that every month. Where is the problem Phil could make every 2 weeks. The name could be Review the King: Kickstarter Edition Month X. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/156314341
  11. The first i thing i saw by phil, he speak over 40 to 50 Minutes Prestream. This is ridiculous. I remember his Minecraft first run lets play, i think this is around 29 parts. He gets over 30k views, the problem is he does not have that as outgoing playthrough instead he play multiplayer games like pubg or call of duty. No wonder his fanbase dont grow. If he speak about taxes or his 10 year legacy for 10 minutes this is enough for him to cover his situation. If you live in europe or asia and watch his stream everyone wonders why he does not play the games and talks about things that have no relevant information for the viewers. I have no problem if he found a lot of bugs or complain about developer. This is his opinion we have to respect it. I give you an example a lot of viewers want him to play kingdom come deliverance. He denies that because certain people told him it is buggy and he would lose interest. This is false. If you don't know this game, then play it. Nobody forces him to play that. But if the viewers wish that and in twitch this is very popular. It has about 80.000 followers. He need to play unknown games then he gets the popularity. Here is a Demo of Pathalogic 2 PAX WEST 2017, you can see tinyBuild Alex Nichiporchik.
  12. Hello phil, if you read this please make a shorter pre stream like 15. Minutes. I know this is not a criticism to your work. That is an improvement. A lot of people have not time to watch it they just skip it, that's why you have fewer views. Your detractors make 12 k to 20 k view. You come to about 1k views. Another problem is you are flooding with a lot of videos, less is more.
  13. My first idea was proposed earlier in year 2017. Phil should stream good or bad steam games. In steam he will find many trash games. He can play demos, free games or buy 1 to 10 dollars in steam and play around 20 to 40 Minutes. The chat and patreon do not know what games he plays he decides himself. He plays this by random. In case of need it is proposed in chat. No spoiler, backseat or handholding. If he likes the Game he could play once a weekend like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This will guarantee an interaction with chat. In Kickstarter he can watch every video about games and give his opinion. He does not need touse the chat to promise and buy the game like No pledges. There is a very good and special trash games. From this he can see in which genres of games he would play. It would be something like IRL dansgaming use that. My second Idea was the same as first idea. He could make review the king. I think he could play every saturday and sunday subscriber and patreon weekend with king or random games with king it could be called. It would work that Stream Chat or Patreons go to steam and choose random games for phil. Phil could make a Thread here in this forum and every person should call 3 games. Criteria should be set like no longer games or japanese mmorpg. He could upload this whole Event on youtube and gets more views, because nobody would expect that. The trick is he does not know any of the games. It is proposed here on forum. Every genre this could be trash games or demos. He get subs cheers or tips. If he likes the game he adds it to patreon forum and the patreon subscribers can choose 2 to 3 Games from their forum. My third idea was he make a week goal stream like 500 or 1000 dollars. Every person who support him get a free shirt or mug as well as patreon free choice.
  14. Hello Phil, i have two questions. 1. Do you plan in the future to play Trash Games, this would increase the viewers on Twitch. 2. Did you use with the thoughts to play strategy games like anno, civilization or command and conquer.
  15. Interesting what about dailymotion, the same atmosphere as vimeo. Can he use veoh? Otherwise he has to use twitch.
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