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  1. Looking forward to it thanks. So you "slanderous negative toxic SoK" people showed evidence our info is being looked through and can be tampered with at ease, and the real fans/law of the forum can dox me...one of which has doxxed someone before on Twitter. Hmmm I think it's time for a title change. I'll take you "haters" over Big Brother.
  2. I'd like to listen to this. Have you guys uploaded it yet? Thank you for showing me my information isn't safe here. I just thought we had to worry about absurd bannings, but this is much worse.
  3. Hulk vs Superman Fuck your 70s bullshit I want to see modern day toe to toe Superman vs. Hulk please. Hulk is my favorite of all time, and Superman is my favorite DC guy lol. Not as detailed as yours but this is what I want to see! Lets see World War Hulk who took on Spectre, Xmen, Fantastic 4, and Avengers fight Superman!
  4. Hi Phil, When and what kind of DLC do you think is acceptable? With Evolve recently coming out at launch with minimal content and over $100 dollars worth of DLC available to purchase I think this is the wrong way to approach this business model. However, in the case of Hyrule Warriors I had a good 40+ hours worth of content in the base game alone and assuming I want to go for all of the collectibles could stretch that that to 60 hours of content. The DLC alone adds numerous characters and a good 20 hours of content at the minimum in addition to free content updates. This to me seems more reaso
  5. ​Honestly when it comes to an internet based business, yes. There's going to be dicks, suck it up and play it off. I do agree Phil gets more hate then a lot of people, but he also says a lot of dumb things that he later admits he got his info from third party sources rather than himself. Not to mention how much he mocks everyone else in his "field" despite claiming to never watch them. Anyway on topic I like Namada's idear. I always liked the fan appreciation stuff. Maybe hop on that new COD DLC with the fans and kill two birds with one stone? If he still has Advanced Warfare that is.
  6. ​This is my biggest problem with him too and one of my many warning points I have on here comes from mocking him for doing this to people on Twitter. Meanwhile I recall someone here either got banned or censored for saying bad things about Phil on Twitter. Yet this guy doxes people and it's all good. It's just gross. Good post from Static though. Thank you. Just simple things like that are appreciated over the shadowbanning type stuff.
  7. Bad idea losing a good mod in favor of KG derailing more topics in the future.
  8. That just amazes me that they found him under a car park lol. That's one thing I'm so jealous about you Europeans is the insane amount of history you have. The US has next to nothing like this. I mean the last cool thing we found was that time capsule in Boston a month or two ago.
  9. I'll buy it. God of War III is a masterpiece and assuming it launches at $40, GCU at Best Buy makes it $32 which I'm more than willing to pay. The battle with Poseidon at the beginning of the game is still unmatched in epic-ness 5 years later.
  10. Looking forward to it! Nintendo definitely won me back over with the Wii U and 3DS. I hated the original Wii with a passion but there's so many amazing games for the Wii U, and more to come in the near future. That system seriously kicked ass last year and I'm still playing Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warriors! Then you had one of the best platformers in years (Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze) and one of the best action games in years (Bayonetta 2). Awesome console.
  11. Do games like Battlefield and COD get high views on release week usually? I'm genuinely curious because I'm a huge Battlefield fan but have no interest in seeing other people play it right now since I'm playing it and learning the maps. Maybe in a month or two then I'd take a gander at Youtuber's playing it.
  12. ​Not much to be honest. It's a lot of little minor things that they changed/added like riding elephants but it's basically just a large expansion pack. I think that's why a lot of people were a bit lukewarm about it because it's just more of FarCry 3. It's not terrible by any means but I put a good 30-40 hours into FarCry 3 a year prior and felt satiated with that. For like $20-30 bucks totally pick up FarCry 4.
  13. ​Nice dude! I'm 30 hours into Dragon Age and barely feel like I've progressed. I'd really recommend playing FarCry 3 first. FarCry 4 is good but 3 has a way better villain and better selection of wild animals to hunt. Then when you finish get Blood Dragon which is badass!
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