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  1. 3DS Majora's Mask 3DSuper Mario 3D LandSuper Smash Bros. for 3DSPS4 Olli Olli 2: Welcome to OlliwoodOddworld: New 'n' TastyCounterspyValiant Hearts: The Great WarResident Evil: Revelations 2Xbox One Rayman LegendsWii U EarthboundSuper Mario Bros. 3
  2. Lord of the Rings - War in the North, I was stuck at some part in the beginning.
  3. Game of ThronesThe LeftoversArrowThe Walking DeadGothamThe FlashBreaking BadDexterLostDoctor WhoSherlockAmerican Horror Story
  4. If you want me to edit it, then you have succeeded. Have fun searching for more posts to pick at.
  5. You Phil, along with VGA, are the only people that can really cheer me up, and I mean that. You make me forget all the bad things going on and the world, and I really appreciate that. The first time I came across you was in November of 2011. My best friend and I just rented War in the North and were stuck on a few parts. We came across your videos as a guide. I hit that subscribe button and haven't regretted it since. You are an inspiration. I was 11 at the time of watching your first videos, now 14 and I still look at you as an inspiration. Thank you, Phil! :D
  6. Upgrade PC, get all AAA releases, maintain good friendships.
  7. Fraser Agar host an amazing show called Video Games Awesome! Frash, Becky, Ben, Kyle, and Deacon are all hilarious at putting the most comedic gaming content on YouTube and Twitch. I definitely recommend them for someone looking for a great playthroughs.
  8. Smash Bros for Wii USouth ParkHearthstoneFIFA 15Mario Kart 8Child of LightShovel KnightThe Walking Dead: Season TwoBayonetta 2Far Cry 4Middle-Earth: Shadow of MordorThe Wolf Among UsDark Souls 2Bravely DefaultDragon AgeTransistor
  9. ​Wow, thanks for the list! :D I will be sure to get started on those this week.
  10. ​The website says that it should be 2015. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I am hoping for Fallout 4, like everyone else. Battlefront gets a 2016 release date along with the new Mirror's Edge. Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta comes with The Order: 1886 and launches in the Summer.
  11. Faienoren


    CS:GO and DotA 2 are extremely fun to watch and easy to learn from.
  12. Star Wars VIIAvengers - Age of UltronPaul Blart: Mall Cop 2Paranormal Activity: The Ghost DimensionFurious 7Jurassic WorldAnt-ManHitman: Agent 47Ratchet and Clank
  13. Just started watching anime and I am fascinated by SAO. I love VR and gaming, so it is the perfect anime for me. Throw in great friendships, intense battles, and pretty messed up villains and that is what SAO is to me.
  14. Xbox Live - Faienoren PSN - Faienoren Steam - Faienoren
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