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  1. 1monkeyspy

    Ideas for the Marathon

    Since you been using your pc for final fantasy, why not download an emulator and a good old Pokémon game for a Nuzlocke challenge https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge. Plus because of the multiple Pokémon games out there , you can play one after another if you fail
  2. 1monkeyspy

    So who's buying the Switch?

    Got Lets Go Eevee
  3. 1monkeyspy

    So who's buying the Switch?

    I finally got one for Pokémon let’s go and smash brothers Ultimate
  4. 1monkeyspy

    Avengers hype

    Yeah but that would be cool if he did it again like he did with red dead 1
  5. 1monkeyspy

    Avengers hype

    You guys think that if he made it a sub goal ,Phil would play both Marvel Ultimate Alliance games before the next Avengers movie comes out ? It be cool if he did