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  1. Every other word is f word, b word, s word, beastiality talk etc etc non stop on loop, I'm not looking for Cyndi Lauper but jeez simmer it down with the expletives.
  2. Lmfao Phil's bones must be made out of wet paper, jfc that stuff is for the elderly
  3. Wings. Go get a bald cap, Wear a Pepsi shirt and fill it with padding so you look fat Get a thick pair of glasses Have a word document with all his meme's I.E. "Webby fucking leave dood", "Ban anybody who likes DSP" etc etc and repeat it over and over... This might be the best shit ever.. never going to happen tho
  4. Didn't Phil say he gets a adrenaline rush while picking up groceries?
  5. I think Phil needs to do some push ups lmao, good emote tho
  6. In yesterdays stream he said he has no time to work out and is too tired from doing things such as: "moving", making breakfast, streaming, washing, eating dinner, clean up and shower. He said and I quote "You have no concept of what it's like to have a fucking life." From somebody who has been working out for the past 5 years consistently here's my point of view: I'm at University (studying around 3 hours a day) and working part time to make ends meet, I have an insane schedule but I still manage to work out 3 times a week (The only times I really get to relax is on the weekends AND EVEN THEN I STILL GO), I just get up earlier (around 6am if Uni/Work starts at 9) and hit weights which takes me around 45 mins to an hour and bounce. The health and stress relief benefits alone make it a staple in my lifestyle, something DSP can definitely benefit from. Even basic stretching or walking around his neighborhood before the stream starts can do wonders, I had a family member who was insanely sedentary who did this and saw huge improvements mentally and physically.
  7. I agree, we've already seen his house its not like unveiling something thats never been seen before. Unless there is things currently that are different that he doesn't want us to see, where he is well within his right to hide it.
  8. Would anybody be interested in this? I am, curious to see how the Burnell Manor has changed over the years. We've barely seen it after we were accustomed to seeing it all the time, if he doesn't do it... no big deal. Jasper running around would be cool tho
  9. As of now the tweet promoting DSP has been deleted, anybody know why ? All it had was him saying "what" and some other streamers doing the same thing. I was happy for him but what on earth happened
  10. Man I gotta give it a 2/10. Why on earth was Morrowind on there? WoW classic was a waste of time, SFV was actually ok. He should of played MK11 ranked, would of been a better choice than all those
  11. This is also so very odd, he is literally the only person I've seen play 30 minutes of music only to do another 1 hour of pre stream of him talking. I should of known it was money related tbh, if he is making a lot of money during this prestream malarkey than it makes sense to keep it
  12. This is how I feel, if you feel ashamed or embarrassed about doing something then you have no business doing it. If he knows that people dislike the plugs segment, or when he says the sarcastic "gratuitous plugs" to me that means he is at least embarrassed about saying it, then don't do it. Prestreams should be 15-30 max, if there is contributions then say it when the gameplay starts, like others said before I dont need to hear about the 11 year legacy every day, sure it might be ok maybe once a month but every day? I like Phil but this part of his content is so odd and weird. Hopefully he can take this advice and use it
  13. Phil dont you ever get tired of talking 45mins - 1 hour straight before every stream? Why dont you just prerecord the plugs segment and play it instead of saying it every day? Lets say its an hour, so during your 6 day week of streaming thats 6 hours of prestream talk. Whenever I go to Phil's chat, half of them are telling him to start the game lol Maybe someone can enlighten me if there is a legitimate reason as to why, thanks.
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