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  1. Yes I find the whole thing childish and very annoying, but as I said before... I don't blame Phil at all. He's doing something that requires literally no effort and recouping maximum gains. We'd all do the same lol
  2. DSP bends the rules constantly, misreading tips, streaming longer to hit the tips goal. I dont think he cares about the streak, he just wants the money. For that I can't blame him lol, if these people are giving him all this money to put a piece of clothing? good for him i guess
  3. This streak is never going to end.
  4. The last 30 minutes to an hour is dedicated to constantly saying "I dont know if we are gonna hit the streak" or "Maybe this is is it" we all know what DSP is trying to do but fucking hell. Its starting to get annoying and ruining the quality of the stream.
  5. He was mocking DSP for outlasting EVO.
  6. Excuse me? This thread is a genuine concern since I didn't know if there was a "cure" for his snorting. I listen to these streams usually when I'm in the car or at the gym so really I only hear is audio.
  7. Piggy-backing of my last post about honesty. We've all seen it, someone is knee-deep in gambling addiction. Everyone around them know its them, and they refuse to stop even when confronted. If this is you, or if someone close to you. Get some help, talk to someone. Another life lesson, I thought I'd bestow on the forum. Again this isn't directed at anyone.
  8. Zero chance DSP does this
  9. I can never get used to that disgusting sound, its amazing how he's conditioned his viewers to deal with it. When I hear it, I click X.
  10. I tuned into the vestival, and it was constant. After every sentence, I find it absolutely disgusting. Since DSP refuses to mute the mic when it happens (IDK why), is there anything else that can be done? Is surgery an option?
  11. DSP couldn't do this himself? he's made over $15,000. 150x100. How hard as it?
  12. To me yes, especially if its for a scummy reason, i.e. money. Lying or omitting key details (so you can still reap rewards behind the scenes) are just as bad as each other.
  13. Depends, if its save a loved one from dying yes. If its for something absolutely benign, no.
  14. In my years, I've learned that being honest and not constantly lying for your own personal benefit is the best policy. This is what I live by. I hate dirty rotten liars who think its fine to lie, cheat and steal. This isn't directed at anyone. I just thought i'd share some important life lessons to this forum.
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