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  1. FloydMayweather

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Including yourself, not that I care because Jared is a pedo Currently he is adopting the "pretend nothing happened and hope everyone forgets within a couple months". His career is done, finished... obliterated. Hopefully he gets jail time for the soliciting offenses.
  2. FloydMayweather

    Twitch/OBS Graphics Update

    1. Get a lower table so it doesn't obscure the vision 2. Im not sure where the idea that cold air damages laptops or electronics, news to me... unless your computer has arthiritis I dont think that'll be an issue. 3. I have an AC, it turns on when its hot, and turns off when its cold. As far as the noise, move the the mic to the opposide side away from the AC and use some of that green screen that you have laying around for extra padding and sound proofing. As far as the foam, as someone who works in the field sound mixing and engineering here is some advice: 8 pieces of foam spread out does nothing to negate sound, you may reduce LOW sound but nothing like streaming. If you STACKED them ontop of eachother you will get more efficient sound reduction it won't be nothing like the professional way but it'll be better than whats there now. The proper way to soundproof a room is to put sound insulating boards, dry wall and some sort of plaster finish. "Negating the benefits of soundproofing" when it's a couple of foam boards just doesn't apply here.
  3. FloydMayweather

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Thanks, I didnt know this.
  4. FloydMayweather

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Here's my advice, ignore Amityville all together. He offers nothing other than multiple accounts to defend himself on here, any time somebody comes here with some advice for Phil he's the first along with his alt to dismiss it. I wish there was a mute button, I'd come here more often...
  5. FloydMayweather

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Oh lord, the irony. LMFAO.
  6. FloydMayweather


    I dont mind them, but why not use a facecam? the slideshow gets boring to look at.
  7. FloydMayweather


    Yeah I thought it was an endearing moment in the stream, Phil reminicing about the good times with an old friend. Once again Amityville/Bailey Dakota proves to be wrong, surprise surprise.
  8. FloydMayweather


  9. FloydMayweather

    Easy way for DSP to make money

  10. FloydMayweather

    Easy way for DSP to make money

    Seems like detractors give DSP money (which I will never understand) why not do a Jackbox event where each person has to donate $50-100 dollars, wouldn't surprise me at all if it's all trolls/detractors. Easy money, sure you'll get attacked with negative stuff but some nice chunk of change there.
  11. FloydMayweather

    Merry Xmas DSPists

    No we're not , you're just weird.
  12. This really has been an eventful week for DSP, the Ninja shit and now this. DSP isn't allergic to the drama, he's addicted to it. Whether it's his own doing or someone elses, one thing is for sure it's never a dull moment with Phillip
  13. FloydMayweather

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    AmityVille/Bailey Dakota/ThatDogGuy can't take a joke, clearly.
  14. FloydMayweather

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    Agreed, why even have a Patreon perk when people can easily override it in the stream chat, if you promise something especially with money attached always see it through. It's just another weird ass DSPism.
  15. FloydMayweather

    Will Phil ever go back to reviewing games?

    It comes down to 2 things 1. Will it make him money 2. Does he want to put effort in The answer is no.