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  1. FloydMayweather

    Merry Xmas DSPists

    No we're not , you're just weird.
  2. This really has been an eventful week for DSP, the Ninja shit and now this. DSP isn't allergic to the drama, he's addicted to it. Whether it's his own doing or someone elses, one thing is for sure it's never a dull moment with Phillip
  3. FloydMayweather

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    AmityVille/Bailey Dakota/ThatDogGuy can't take a joke, clearly.
  4. FloydMayweather

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    Agreed, why even have a Patreon perk when people can easily override it in the stream chat, if you promise something especially with money attached always see it through. It's just another weird ass DSPism.
  5. FloydMayweather

    Will Phil ever go back to reviewing games?

    It comes down to 2 things 1. Will it make him money 2. Does he want to put effort in The answer is no.
  6. FloydMayweather

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    I think he can do a 12 hour stream, those aren't too taxing on the body if you know how to take little breaks here and there. He said he wont do Jack box again ''because of the trolls'' which is becoming a meme in itself.
  7. FloydMayweather

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    I agree with a lot of your points, but I just dont see him ever trying to get a part time job let a full=time job, he said before its hard work uploading and naming videos for YouTube so a 40 hour work week is impossible.
  8. FloydMayweather

    Will you be tuning in to the Special tomorrow?

    Probably not, ya know some of us have our own lives to focus on.
  9. FloydMayweather

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    I agree, some of his regulars ''Kekon'' and ''Popsicolo'' have already been playing the game for a while so im sure they can help him. There is a 0% change he'll get trolled.
  10. FloydMayweather

    The Ban Hammer emote is not a good idea...

    He should do it, yes its hypocritical since he said around early September that he would never do a negative emote. But hey, I want it there just because it will be funny to see.
  11. FloydMayweather

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    Well in most competitive games there are casual and ranked multiplayer modes i.e. Rainbow 6 or Gears 4, rage quitting in ranked is very looked down upon... shows a lot of weakness IMO.
  12. FloydMayweather

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    People have a problem with it because they paid for it, i.e. Persona. I'm going to run the 100 meters, and quit when I get to 90. I still get a medal and a check right? lmao
  13. FloydMayweather

    DSP and depression