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  1. I enjoyed it a lot, he was like a completely different person to who he is now. His commentary was ON POINT! It made me miss his old style even more, it was like watching a TV show while relaxing in bed. Oh well.
  2. I'd like to put my name down, to see this. Good ideas @MoraMoria
  3. I agree here, I promise you if he was making $10 a day, his content will miraculously improve lol. Thats why I don't blame Phil at all, if an idiot gives me money for being lazy (content and overall stream improvement wise) why would I bother trying anything. Its not up to him, but I would like to think in the back of Phil's mind that he has some zest, some zeal to improve his content regardless of money. Also I doubt Phil will answer that last Q lol.
  4. Part of me wonders, because of how easy it is, that DSP refuses to do it to spite those who want improvements. Maybe he thinks that any effort (regardless of how little it is) is just another way his fans annoy him because he's gotten so used to doing very very little and the maximum possible. That kind of thinking really happens to someone in DSP's position.
  5. I think with DSP, he gets away with minimal effort with maximum gains. Thats why he'll never go the extra mile, even if its a couple of steps.
  6. I'm not trying to funny but what games are Phil good at? Other than SF which I usually avoid because it's not my type of game. Him playing, lets say, Mortal Shell would be entertaining because he'll be out of his comfort zone.
  7. The thing is, being lazy is actually working out for him. You can't really blame him for during the bare minimum when he gets maximum returns, part of me wishes he had some level zest in his own work to try and improve it. When you give a kid whatever he wants, it gets used to it. Sooner or later he'll be bedridden with zero work ethic whatsoever. DSP is just not given enough incentive to improve his streams when doing nothing reaps a ton of money.
  8. DSP is the most unironically funny comedian of ALL TIME. Dude makes over 25K in Tips ALONE, and rewards his stream by replacing a loveseat with a used chair that he had for a decade.
  9. This is pretty much always the case with DSP, he only does what he's allowed to get away with.
  10. I am one of the people who was happy that DSP was making all this money, good for him. But it came at a cost of derailment, constantly talking about the subs etc which destroyed the quality of the stream for me. Now focus on creating a better interaction with your stream chat and bringing a welcoming environment for new (and old) viewers who were constantly put off by this past behavior.
  11. Me, I saw that Phil is already prepping their next Vest replacement. You'd think he'd give it a few days to breathe, DSP need to just focus on the quality of the stream.
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