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  1. These numbers are abysmal, it's clearly obvious the Twitch formula copy and pasted onto YT isn't working on YT at all. It's true what @babymngaming456 said earlier, these people want to be ENTERTAINED. I don't think Phil is holding up his end of the bargain for his YT folk here.
  2. The new thing now is verifying if tips are legit or not, this made me close the video and move on. I've literally never seen another live streamer do this.
  3. I agree, the algorithm rewards content creators who have audiences that love their content, it feels like DSP uses YouTube as a storage device because he does absolutelyzero to try and salvage it.
  4. I made a post like a few months ago and it got removed (no idea why I'm trying to help) but for a 190K subs, the channel has very low interaction. DSP spoke during his thanksgiving vlog about how he still cares about YT which is why I'm making this post, so I'd assume he'd still like to grow his outreach. For me, it has nothing to do with his format, there are tons of lets players who are successful who upload like this. YouTube is the king of growing audiences! it just doesn't reward spam uploads as a way to get in search rankings like it did it 2009 to 2012ish which is how DSP grew his
  5. I agree with this, thats why he hates YouTube. Because to get paid anything close to decent there, you need great content and not spamming low effort videos.
  6. Exactly thats whats odd about it, he has a 2 hour stream every day talking about this....getting a hobby would go a long way for Mr Burnell.
  7. I thought the voice notes was a weekly thing for the schedule, but apparently he's doing it every day? LOL
  8. You gotta love the responsibility DSP completely avoids, he breaks something.. then just asks someone to buy it him the replacement LOL. Again I dont blame him, its just odd way to live life at 38 years old.
  9. That wouldn't surprise me at all, there's no way I could take this forum seriously at all. Especially when he spends more time on a "Detractor" site more than his own forum lol. DSP internet history: Last seen on a Kiwi farms: 1 minute ago. Last seen on TheKingofHateForums: Last Monday.
  10. This takes little effort, but even this is probably too much for Phil. He could just do a $100 giveaway.
  11. I saw this earlier and it gave me an idea. Instead of asking fans to make content for you, why not hire a professional to take some of your popular streams where you sing a lot and make a remix playlist? or just use royality free music that YouTube is filled with. I dont think the initiative lies with your audience to make your content better. If they do it, they do it but never ask IMO
  12. I can already see that emote being used for when he asks for tips because its a slow day and then boom a big tip comes in.
  13. This is what I remember: DSP was making fun of Ninja, about his hair, and him behaving like a clown for children for views. Really gross and defamatory stuff. Someone donated to Ninja and told him. And Ninja said something to the effect of "I'll handle it". This was relayed back to DSP and he went into serious panic mode and started apologizing to Ninja all over twitter, writing detailed threads about how he needs to change. In my opinion he only apologized because he saw Ninja's reaction, the old "not sorry that he did it but that he got caught". What he said about Ninja IS WHO DSP
  14. I remember when he did that, Ninja found out and DSP started to apologize profusely on Twitter. I thought DSP kept it real and honest?
  15. This is really the only logical conclusion to the long pre-streams and constant barrage of voice notes on Twitter, it got me thinking... if he had literally ONE friend... prestreams would probably last 3-5 minutes. IF this is the case, it makes me feel pity him, imagine waiting all day to tell people online how your day went because nobody else will listen. This tends not only be a Phil thing, but I see it happen all over Twitch and live streaming. This forced me to consume his product through YouTube, which is ideal way to watch his stuff (you can pick and choose what you want) the elong
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