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  1. I made a post like a few months ago and it got removed (no idea why I'm trying to help) but for a 190K subs, the channel has very low interaction. DSP spoke during his thanksgiving vlog about how he still cares about YT which is why I'm making this post, so I'd assume he'd still like to grow his outreach. 

    For me, it has nothing to do with his format, there are tons of lets players who are successful who upload like this. YouTube is the king of growing audiences! it just doesn't reward spam uploads as a way to get in search rankings like it did it 2009 to 2012ish which is how DSP grew his audience in thefirst place. Its more based on watch time and engagement.



  2. 32 minutes ago, TheSkyTruth said:

    Yes. Listen to this for a minute thirty or listen to his prestream with the exact same information but featuring bait questions and rants with bonus burps and snorts for two hours. Pick your poison or get banned.

    Exactly thats whats odd about it, he has a 2 hour stream every day talking about this....getting a hobby would go a long way for Mr Burnell.

  3. I saw this earlier and it gave me an idea. Instead of asking fans to make content for you, why not hire a professional to take some of your popular streams where you sing a lot and make a remix playlist? or just use royality free music that YouTube is filled with. I dont think the initiative lies with your audience to make your content better. If they do it, they do it but never ask IMO



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  4. 59 minutes ago, MoraMoria said:

    Could you refresh my memory about that incident?

    This is what I remember: DSP was making fun of Ninja, about his hair, and him behaving like a clown for children for views. Really gross and defamatory stuff. 

    Someone donated to Ninja and told him. And Ninja said something to the effect of "I'll handle it". This was relayed back to DSP and he went into serious panic mode and started apologizing to Ninja all over twitter, writing detailed threads about how he needs to change.

    In my opinion he only apologized because he saw Ninja's reaction, the old "not sorry that he did it but that he got caught". What he said about Ninja IS WHO DSP REALLY IS. 

  5. 43 minutes ago, Another_Derich said:

    He doesn't have friends 

    This is really the only logical conclusion to the long pre-streams and constant barrage of voice notes on Twitter, it got me thinking... if he had literally ONE friend... prestreams would probably last 3-5 minutes. IF this is the case, it makes me feel pity him, imagine waiting all day to tell people online how your day went because nobody else will listen. This tends not only be a Phil thing, but I see it happen all over Twitch and live streaming.

    This forced me to consume his product through YouTube, which is ideal way to watch his stuff (you can pick and choose what you want) the elongated prestreams are probably a mix of lonelyness and monetary. He probably makes a reasonable amount of tips during it because he's directly talking to the chat, so it gives him more motivation to do it every day. 

    Some of the motivation needs to be re-directed to the quality of life improvements of the stream, but like Phil said before in this forum people who want this aren't the target audience. 


  6. 6 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

    The irony is he only wants literal shills around himself.

    I think this shines through in the overall quality of his streams (he needs to start being motivated into improving it i.e. adding green screens and less gibberish on prestreams) anyway its such a weird symbiotic relationship he has with trolls. Most of the donations and viewership/outreach is from trolls giving him money or making YT videos I think he knows that. If they were to cease to exist who knows where DSP would be.


    6 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:

    Had to turn off nudity in AC Valhalla because people (only he) act extremely immature when seeing a nipple.

    I remember his Horizon Zero Dawn playthrough where was making nipple jokes non stop, it was a yikes from me dog. It goes to my initial point about improving the quality of the streams, there comes a point where you evolve and not make jokes like that.

  7. 1 hour ago, babymngaming456 said:



     I'm sorry but DSP is COMPLETELY deluded if he thinks the reason why Sony/Microsoft don't give him a console is because "he keeps it real and won't tow the company line"

     The reason why they won't give DSP a console is either of these 2 things:

    1. They have no clue who DSP is (the best option for DSP) all his stuff about millions of views on YT means nothing if your channel averages less than 500 views a video. 12 year legacy means fuck all in this situation.

    2. They know who DSP is, and their PR team (who is more than likely young and the most likely option because of the Xbox Roast Tweet) is aware of not only the negativity surrounding him but the fapping incident along with all the compilations on YT of him saying obscene and disgusting things, none of this stuff is recent in Phil's defence but it won't stop them from taking a hands off approach because of the backlash.

    While it is true that Sony and Microsoft are giving consoles away to people who are "safe" and "mainstream", an example would be Microsoft giving Xbox Series X's to the biggest Xbox fanboys on YT. This is not the case with DSP, I'm genuinely concerned that he fills his head with this fake reality that he's some trailblazer that everyone fears because his honesty. Stop get some help, remember that State of Decay tweet? He literally thought was in the right, probably smiling ear to ear when he pressed enter. Until he was clobbered back to reality.


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  8. I dont know why they make me laugh, maybe its because its completely unnecessary (maybe for accessibility reasons? idk). Between this and his ridiculously long pre-stream....the one yesterday was 2 hours long...  does Phil love the sound of his own voice? lol or maybe he's just bored. 

  9. 9 hours ago, Blackspawn89 said:

    I think most of us expect less from Phil but it doesn't mean we should not stray away from pointing this out and holding him accountable that there is a decent part of his fanbase that questions why it was being done a certain way and hold him at a certain standard. This is his what? 6th year of this Marathon and he still has issues that he can be pardoned from maybe in year 1? These are such fixable mistakes too, it's just baffling. Just because we aren't throwing 100 dollar bombs doesn't mean we didn't or have yet to contribute yet either. He asks how to make his brand better and he is getting the advice here, whether he wants it or not is a whole other debate. 

    The thing is, he won't change because he makes bank doing what he currently does, most content creators when they make 10% the money Phil makes, use it to reinvest and improve their content. they have a zest to improve their quality for their fans. Phil is the literal opposite, and too be honest I don't blame him. The classic "if it aint broke dont fix it".



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  10. 4 hours ago, MoraMoria said:

    strongly suggest that these polls/threads have only one purpose, to save him a bit of time/research on game-titles that could work for the event. Once he reads the title & refreshes his memory that the game exists, the number of people suggesting it fades into nothing.

    If this is indeed true then that is incredibly fucking lazy, I'm sorry. Why not research FIRST and then do the poll and let the viewers ACTUALLY decide.

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  11. Just now, snowkarl said:

    But those viewers are the same as the ones who watch his streams. 

    Either way, those who watch exclusively on youtube are incredibly small judging by the views. Videos get 10-20 likes as well. The YouTube is largely irrelevant these days, 90% of the revenue/views come from his Twitch. 

    His YouTube audience is effectively dead, its like a graveyard. I tried to help but opening up a thread here on how to improve his outreach and it got removed (no idea why.... actually I do... something to do with ego) 

    The funny part is. the ideal way to consume his product is through YouTube. You can skip all the gibberish and get to what you want, you just won't be there live.


  12. 12 hours ago, Blackspawn89 said:

    Why not do a pre-recorded DSP Tries It and run that while you go on a bathroom break or something rather than go live on a paid marathon to the drive through?

    This is a great idea! but this requires some foresight and effort, DSP would only do this if he wasn't getting $500 in tips alone for the opposite. 


    2 hours ago, babymngaming456 said:
    • 30min after prestream break
    • 20min to start Little Hope
    • 50min to star DSP Tries It
    • 30min break after DSP Tries It
    • 15min to switch to PC and start TF2
    • 20min to switch to PS3 and start Dino Crisis

    So around 1/3 of the stream were breaks.

    Honestly that sounds terrible, good lord. All that waffling and yapping needs to be removed, but we all know that won't happen.

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  13. On 10/24/2020 at 11:41 PM, Kurokage said:

    Phil a dinosaur, he's to stubborn and prideful to evolve and try something truly outside of his comfort zone and it has damaged his chance at more mainstream relevancy.

    See the thing is, Phil is a dinosaur. He only started to adopt direct capture close to midway through this generation, when there was already a precedent in 2009 with COD YouTubers etc and thats only one example.

    With Phil, nothing will ever change unless the money changes as @MoraMoriaso eloquently described. The people complaining should already know this and not expect any improvement. I dont blame Phil, I mean jesus, imagine having a job where you roll out of bed wearing pajamas, smelling like ass and still making 300+ a day. 

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