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  1. After reading this thread, I hoped there were people who agreed with me that DSP needs to move on from IRC seems like you guys have just accepted it as the norm. Phil has over 100+ viewers in his streams and when you look at IRC there is barely 15 people there, that is a big disconnect no matter how you try and spin it.
  2. Hitbox.TV YouTube Steam.me All have mod capabilities, such as perm banning, temp banning, 1 minute cooldown after every post to prevent spam and other options. Keep telling yourself there aren't other sites if it makes you feel any better bro.
  3. Dude come on... like the user said above even Phil has said it has problems.
  4. I kept getting the 'ERROR' message once I made entered my username very frustrating if mods are there they can stop trolling on YouTube. It's not like before, ever since they implemented 'YouTube Gaming' it has drastically improved.
  5. I tried getting into the IRC chat and had problems again, YouTube chat is viable now with mods etc, also seems like a smooth transition since the stream is already on YouTube.
  6. You'd think Google, with all that money would try to make an algorithm that actually rewards the content but instead they've chosen to only fueling bad content by making the algorithm catered to clickbait long garbage ass videos (about every single 15+ minute video on Call Of Duty sucks, and think about how many good COD YouTube videos sink to the bottom because of this dumbass system this goes for any genre not just COD which is saddening). Think about it, the current algorithm rewards generic content by giving them 7-10x more watch time than ACTUAL good videos. This is YouTube' s dirty secret for a reason, I just wonder how the site would look now if it was never sold.
  7. YouTube algorithm is a joke, it doesn't rank the video by % viewed. But by how long the video is. For example, an animator makes a great 2-4 minute video video. That video doesn't rank higher than, lets say, a generic 15 minute Call Of Duty commentary made by someone. The 2-4 animator minute video needs to be watched x 7 times to get the same watch time as 1 person watching the entire 15 minute lame COD commentary. YouTube doesn't put emphasis on the quality, such a shame really.
  8. I didnt know that but I was talking specifically as it pertains to YouTube. If I am not mistaken he hasn't been hacked on there at all.
  9. Discussing how to NOT get hacked, a lot of YouTubers (very big like Boogie and others) were hacked recently and because Phil has been on YouTube for many years and it's never happened to him maybe he can provide some advice and steps that can help people avoid it. This will help out a lot of people I am sure, thanks Floyd.
  10. These are good suggestions but I think that's too much work for him. If he takes some time off it won't be to keep playing/recording, it will be to go outside and do other things.
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