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  1. I very rarely look at DSP's viewership count because I know he's always at 500+ but recently, I noticed he's been dipping below 300 regularly. What are the reasons for this? and how could he get back to his usual numbers? Im sure he'd like to increase his outreach on Twitch rather than YouTube.
  2. I agree with all of these, put these as my options.
  3. Mortal Shell is better than the trash he's playing now. Tell me why is a cure for insomnia.
  4. I played for a while now, and I'll be honest I dont think he could finish it.
  5. Its a Soulsesque game, might be up DSP's alley
  6. There is no chance this is happening.
  7. Typical, just another attention seeker it seems. Phil will need to watch out for this one.
  8. If OnlyIceCoffee is trying to "own the trolls" by donating hundreds of dollars to Phil, than he might be a bit a slow. The trolls aren't the ones giving up their money so why should they care? I never understood the logic of giving someone money to piss another party off, if anything it shows how little OnlyIcedCoffee cares about Phil and way more about the trolls lol.
  9. No idea, I've always said donating money should be out of love for the streamer not to piss of haters or "detractors". Regardless I think its great that he's emptying his pockets for Phil, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. A lot of this stuff helps improve the stream, I can understand him skipping cooking with the king or whatever. But you'd think green screen and the stream deck would be first priority above all else even the vest. Like I've always said you can't really blame him for not doing it. If you're getting a crazy amount of money for really nothing in return other than a vest why bother improving the stream.
  11. I gotta admit, the Elgato Stream deck fiasco almost made me die laughing my chair. Some dude donates a piece of hardware to improve the streams which costs over 100 bucks and sees it being propped up 4 years later still not being used. These guys deserve to lose their money. Whether DSP intends it or not, this shit is some the best unintentional comedy ever.
  12. I was fine until I got to this part, this is one of the most weird excuses I've seen. Streaming yourself cooking food is harmful and could reveal info? What am I missing here? It's fine you don't want to do it, it is what it is. The first reason you gave was enough for me tbh.
  13. These idiots deserve to lose their money, you should donate money if you like to the streamer not to piss of trolls. What a warped reason! I genuinely hope DSP makes as much money from these people.
  14. This whole thread is the classic: "Whoever smelt it, dealt it" Those who quick to call others trolls and detractors are the ones who are undercover trolls themselves.
  15. It makes zero sense, maybe he's confused from his many alt accounts.
  16. 1. I've been here longer than you. 2. I contribute more to this forum than you. Judging by your recent posts, the only troll here is you. Run along now Jay, before I tell your dad.
  17. Why bother doing polls when you end up going with the 3rd runner up? Just do away with the votes and pick whatever you want
  18. Ive been using headphones for a while, never has it created a vertical bald spot. It might make an indent across the head horizontally but thats only until you take it for a few minutes it goes away. If its really the case that Phil is insecure about it that he bans/times people out then it just makes it worse that people know it gets to him. GG's
  19. Hair flip is a detractor topic? Jesus christ
  20. I really don't even blame Phil, if these people are giving him money for a vest why change? I thought at the 200 goal he would at least improve the streams, with a green screen and incorporate the stream deck. These are things FOR the stream and he refuses to do it, so good luck with anything outside his "office".
  21. If getting groceries were too much adrenaline than I wouldn't doubt that making a cooking video would break him. DSP literally has no reason to make one, he made $20,000 wearing a vest.
  22. I vaguely remember at the beginning he was dropping money non stop in DSP's chat in return for attention and acceptance, it was like for the first time in his whole life people were paying attention to him (even if it was online..lmao) I genuinely feel bad for the kid, I know others don't but this behavior is from a place of scarcity. Poor thing.
  23. I have to agree with @YosemityElite here, I frequent DSP's streams very regularly, and Swagginz behavior is pitful especially before he got remodded. DSP was 100% in the right when he slapped him through the screen during RE3 (metaphorically). When you realize this is swGagginz only piece of power in his life, that's when I start to pity him. This is all he has.
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