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  1. No, during RE3 where he was arguing with Phil, and Phil rightfully so, told him off for derailing and not admitting when he was wrong when he very clearly was. He ran away because he got humilated by the whole stream chat, then came back because that's the only power he has in life. To moderate a stream chat.
  2. He deserved it, Swagginz is the ultimate loser IMO. He ran away because his ego got hurt, and when he realized how empty his life is without the attention he came running back. Zero backbone, zero respect for himself.
  3. I agree, Swagginz is a complete embarassment. A very obvious fake fan who got roasted rightly by Phil, and came running back because he realized what an insignifcant person he really is. And the only way he can find solace, is having power in a Twitch chat. I kind of pity him.
  4. MONEY Its always the money.
  5. Because that is his ENTIRE content now, the whole stream revolves around a vest. Most content creators don't bring up money, taxes and other financial things NOWHERE NEAR the amount he does. Instead of asking people here that question, I think it serves its purpose better towards the person who actually starts the conversation. "Hey Phil, why do you think your viewers need to hear about your bank overdrafting this month? Just saying
  6. Apparently he can't do a green screen or anything to improve the stream since this new Tax situation needs to take priority, which is fine I guess but there's always a new Tax saga. The highlight for me was him pulling out an Elgato Stream Deck which a fan donated to him years ago, lmao which could of been useful for his soundboard noises. Never change Phil.
  7. There are YouTubers with full fledged TV shows with multiple seasons that don't have 5K in expenses per month, maybe DSP is lumping in another stuff to reach 5K?
  8. Think about it, he made all that money without improving the streams in any way. He's managed to make this much $$$$ whilst doing nothing in return. Truly inspiring Thats why I never understand the people telling him "to get a job"... what other job allows him to make $300+ a day with zero effort needed?
  9. This. DSP benefits from these sperg outs, I rememeber when he got banned of YT on DSPgaming and made like 1000 dollars when he did a panic stream on KOGaming1. YOU CANT STOP THE ROACH. You can only hope to contain him!
  10. This whole thing fits his life style, sitting all day and making $300+ a day without putting in any real effort whereas everybody else around him who is more talented and put effort into what they do slowly end up fading thats why he is a roach in my analogy, he isn't the most skilled predator in the jungle but he lives past everything around him. DSP atleast has a schedule, whereas someone like Wings shows zero competence, has no schedule and puts zero effort into anything he does.
  11. DSP is so unkillable that when he was temporarily knocked down he took the whole internet with him. He's like a roach that survives Nuclear war, you gotta respect this mans absolute luck.
  12. DSPs body has built a resistance over the years. All these ideas are great, however I doubt he'll do any of these except MAYBE the last one and even that he's scared to do as he doesn't even do Battle Royale with Bryan and Kuckon Most of the ones you mentioned require effort, we all know DSP does the least amount possible (and who can blame him when he gets 200 a day for a vest!).
  13. For me it has to be something that at the very least requires effort, perhaps a cooking with the king and queen with Kat.
  14. Today he was complaining about not having money due to taxes and needing to go back to credit cards, Phil you've made close to 20K in TIPS ALONE since march along with having over 100K credit card debt discharged. There is something you're not telling us IF this is infact the case, but I hope it all gets better. We'll see I guess
  15. Yes I find the whole thing childish and very annoying, but as I said before... I don't blame Phil at all. He's doing something that requires literally no effort and recouping maximum gains. We'd all do the same lol
  16. DSP bends the rules constantly, misreading tips, streaming longer to hit the tips goal. I dont think he cares about the streak, he just wants the money. For that I can't blame him lol, if these people are giving him all this money to put a piece of clothing? good for him i guess
  17. The last 30 minutes to an hour is dedicated to constantly saying "I dont know if we are gonna hit the streak" or "Maybe this is is it" we all know what DSP is trying to do but fucking hell. Its starting to get annoying and ruining the quality of the stream.
  18. He was mocking DSP for outlasting EVO.
  19. Excuse me? This thread is a genuine concern since I didn't know if there was a "cure" for his snorting. I listen to these streams usually when I'm in the car or at the gym so really I only hear is audio.
  20. Piggy-backing of my last post about honesty. We've all seen it, someone is knee-deep in gambling addiction. Everyone around them know its them, and they refuse to stop even when confronted. If this is you, or if someone close to you. Get some help, talk to someone. Another life lesson, I thought I'd bestow on the forum. Again this isn't directed at anyone.
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