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  1. I can never get used to that disgusting sound, its amazing how he's conditioned his viewers to deal with it. When I hear it, I click X.
  2. I tuned into the vestival, and it was constant. After every sentence, I find it absolutely disgusting. Since DSP refuses to mute the mic when it happens (IDK why), is there anything else that can be done? Is surgery an option?
  3. DSP couldn't do this himself? he's made over $15,000. 150x100. How hard as it?
  4. To me yes, especially if its for a scummy reason, i.e. money. Lying or omitting key details (so you can still reap rewards behind the scenes) are just as bad as each other.
  5. Depends, if its save a loved one from dying yes. If its for something absolutely benign, no.
  6. In my years, I've learned that being honest and not constantly lying for your own personal benefit is the best policy. This is what I live by. I hate dirty rotten liars who think its fine to lie, cheat and steal. This isn't directed at anyone. I just thought i'd share some important life lessons to this forum.
  7. I just realized DSP's only real interactions in his life (other than his wife) is through his pre-streams, this is the only way he can talk about his day with other humans even if they are through a computer screen.
  8. Asking to have his prestreams shorter equals wanting to ruin his life. Mr Papavera is that you?
  9. He made over 15K in the past 2 months, is he seriously considering making his viewers buy him that?
  10. That is garbage, I really hope its more than that. for $10,000 you better do something thats worth it.
  11. We know he's unkillable, like that piece of dirt stuck to your shoe. Its great that he's now embracing it! DSP will outlive everyone!
  12. DSP spent 2 hours in prestream talking about things he should talk a therapist about, very boring but guess what. He made over 500 dollars during it. This is why he'll never change, and you cant really blame him.
  13. I want this for the 100 tip goal:
  14. Phil gets very toxic when it comes to money, but yeah he didn't reach the tip goal. But its the United States of Phil and what he says goes.
  15. These are great ideas. Will DSP use them? No
  16. Snowkarl was clearly mentally ill, he donated over 100 dollars just to troll Phil. These people aren't a good example.
  17. I've been watching Twitch for around 4 years, I've never seen someone say this every single day they stream. Very odd, but as usual I guess you chalk it up to another DSPism.
  18. DSP has much chance getting gout again then losing the streak (slim chance) its going to reach 100 streams. Whenever he is low going into the second hour someone comes in and donates the rest. And I hope he does, its insane how long its going for.
  19. Instead of a chicken outfit, what if he dressed up like a pig? Would be way funnier
  20. I'd bet any money that its going to be cereal or something similar. For 10K he better do something that requires a effort, then again the hilarity that would ensue if he does do eat cereal for reaching 100 vest streak..
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