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  1. There was a guy a few days ago begging to be unbanned and donated 5 dollars each time, this went on until he spent around $55. These guys are pathetic.
  2. DSP could stream anything and make hit his Vest goal, idk he plays stuff he hates.
  3. Wow a live DSP tries it for $10,000 goal. Thats so damn CRAZY!!! OMG!!!!
  4. Yikes, after 50 x100dollar donations (5K) + Birthday money and all their going to get is new emotes and cheers? I'll say it again, DSP has some of the most forgiving "contributors" ever. Most other streamers would have to something that requires effort as a reward.
  5. I feel like its getting worse, I can never get used to it. Its gross especially the snorts.
  6. There is no way he is doing ANY of those things listed on that website. He wants the most amount of money for the least amount of effort. In the same breath you can't really blame him, its clearly working with the vest thing.
  7. DSP outta be careful about those who do pay their way to become mod. Intentions aren't always clear.
  8. These are good challenges, but the thing is he wants money for putting on a vest thats it. Least amount of effort for the most gains, and you cant really blame him if its working.
  9. This is true. Before Phil, I've never heard someone say it was up to the stream chat to entertain the stream.
  10. Behold, the peak male physique. One pec pounce away from lactating, joking aside. Phil would benefit from doing some pushups.
  11. Its very jarring and gross to listen too especially the snorts, during that public call thing he didn't do it once. Go figure
  12. He's done just dance where he was flopping around everywhere...
  13. Not really, he could do the ones on his knees at first. Hell walking down the block would be a sigificant upgrade to whatever he's doing now, some effort would go a long way for Phillup
  14. Doing push-ups for a tips goal isn't a "clownish stunt" to do, many people are doing it right now as a means to get in shape etc. I have nothing against the vest, but those atrophied arms need some work!
  15. That leg isn't going to scratch itself.
  16. Also I love how he has to mention every day that he has to abide by Twitch rules and lists the reasons why. Holy jibbies, just fucking pre record that segment if you have to or even better just remove it.
  17. Think about it, he's unkillable like a "roach". He's outlasted everything, and now he'll outlast coronavirus. DSP is the cure.
  18. Every other streamer manages to do it, but with Phil its a problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. I did always think that he felt threatened about someone stealing his spotlight away, I guess its normal but not the degree that you wont game with anybody else lol. Being a gaming streamer and refusing to play a new game because it requires squads is just... wow.
  20. I have watched him longer than 5 minutes, thats the point. The stream starts off fine then after 20 minutes or so he starts blaming his teammates, attacking and banning people in the chat for absolutely no reason thus creating a loop of fans becoming haters. Its one of the more toxic environments I've seen.
  21. How is WingsofRedemption (one of the most toxic streamers out there) able to play this with no problems but DSP can't? Just squad up with some of your subscribers, the game is dope BTW.
  22. I gotta give Phil credit, how the f*ck can anybody talk for that long every single day and not get bored. If he steams 7 days a week thats 7 hours of just yapping about the same stuff usually. I was there at like 10 15, took a shower, ate some food, played some battlefront 2 and came back and he was still on the prestream talking about twirling pasta with a spoon. DSP was a radio host in another life.
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