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  1. Do people not understand that no other job is going to pay DSP 80-120k a year like streaming does? The amount of money he makes monthly is INSANE, no other job is going to come close to that. Not to mentionTwitch suits DSP's lifestyle to a T, he enjoys this sedentary lifestyle more than anything. If I was him, I'd milk this shit until there is no milk from the udders left.
  2. FloydMayweather

    DSP art

    He's the guy, who can stop Mike Tyson right ?
  3. Um I'm able to pass out literally every time after a long day of work.
  4. I dont think this proves hes not anti social, with that logic you could say simps who donate to female streamers are actually getting social interaction when in actual fact they aren't. Their lacking in the real lives, so they have to compensate by emptying their pockets for thots who behind their back giggle and laugh at them. (and rightly they should) because talking to letters on a screen is just what it is, letters on a screen. With Phil we know he doesn't interact with people in the real world (his words), you can tell this by his obsession with telling his Twitch chat every single one of his problems. Because thats his only outlet, if he had close friends he could vent to them.
  5. I have to say its amazing how fans literally do everything for DSP. Even his layout in his house.
  6. I caught the stream yesterday, him reaching the hype money train was the happiest I've seen him in a while. I think around 2015, Phil said "Twitch is all about people begging for tips and donations". He then proceeded to curse Twitch.
  7. If you even have to ask that question, than chances are, you are sell out. With all respect to Phil, I dont think that would hold him back..
  8. Why does Phil keep rejecting games with romance in them? Its so fucking odd, I heard him complain about Cyberpunk having it 1. its a gaming stream, so your job kind of revolves around completing it fully for your audience. 2. its not real. 3. its not real. 4. its not real.
  9. Escape from Tarkov would be good but he was complaining yesterday about multiplayer games
  10. I dont know why he kept saying "I only had 1 day, so I couldnt prepare for Red dead" the general unpreparedness is astounding, especially when you are asking for a high goal like that. 1 day is enough to find a posse. If you didnt want Red Dead then why the fuck was it there to begin with? like @MoraMoria said, have specific guidelines next time.
  11. I should box Phil, since he said he could beat up Mike Tyson 51-0
  12. I just got done watching his last COD stream on YT and whenever he does these multiplayer shooters or whatever, he always avoids playing with his fans/subs. Everytime he chooses to play solo like he's living alone in some island somewhere refusing to communicate with the outside world. 99% of streamers play with their viewers they dont even have to be subs. These games are way better and more fun when you have someone to play with, hell even his nemesis Wings plays with his audience
  13. Roblox could be interesting, idk... the rest are just meh
  14. I tried to post the video but it kept duplicating then I couldnt remove the first 2
  15. DASH_720.mp4 I dont know if it works but here it is: DASH_720.mp4 DASH_720.mp4
  16. If its netting him 100+ dollars PER STREAM, why wouldnt he do it? Sure its disgusting to listen to (I mute the stream when it happens) but if it works what is the downside? Cant blame someone for doing stuff that benefits them
  17. Every other word is f word, b word, s word, beastiality talk etc etc non stop on loop, I'm not looking for Cyndi Lauper but jeez simmer it down with the expletives.
  18. Lmfao Phil's bones must be made out of wet paper, jfc that stuff is for the elderly
  19. Wings. Go get a bald cap, Wear a Pepsi shirt and fill it with padding so you look fat Get a thick pair of glasses Have a word document with all his meme's I.E. "Webby fucking leave dood", "Ban anybody who likes DSP" etc etc and repeat it over and over... This might be the best shit ever.. never going to happen tho
  20. Didn't Phil say he gets a adrenaline rush while picking up groceries?
  21. I think Phil needs to do some push ups lmao, good emote tho
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