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  1. NullFox

    Amiibo question

    I recently a Pikachu Amiibo and raised it to lv.50 the same day (this was Sunday). I got a Pikachu because the guy at GameStop said it pisses people off the most because of its speed. If I were to put it in a 99 stock battle with some other good 1v1 CPU's (Little Mac, Marth, Link, Captain Falcon, etc...) would it fight like a lv.9 CPU or would it improve alot and get me some good items. Right now Pikachu can crush any CPU in a 1v1 or 4 player free for all now.
  2. Just recommend your favorite NEW shows out.
  3. ​Thats a good one, try picking up from the manga
  4. Oh my God. Just when I thought I wouldn't get even more hype then I am now.
  5. NullFox

    Truth or Dare

    I doubt that the world will get better than it is now sadly.
  6. NullFox

    Truth or Dare

    19 20 Truth really hope I got it this time
  7. My friend said it was blue and black an hour ago then texted me saying its Gold and White just now so I wanted to know what ppl see
  8. I know people are getting tired of this but what color is this dress?
  9. NullFox

    Truth or Dare

    18, NINETEEEH, 20 Truth i may or may not reply instantly and if I don't go on ahead
  10. NullFox

    Truth or Dare

    OHHHHWOOON!! TOOOHHHH!!!! THREEEEHHH!!!! Wow this seems fun, kinda scared how bad my emails are gonna get screwed if I turned on notify me of replies
  11. ​Team Fortress 2 ​Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
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