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  1. Hey Phil what you think of power rangers? I watch the older ones not the newer ones Have a awesome day!
  2. hydragundamfurry

    Ask the King Ep. 61: September 29, 2016

    Hey Phil thanks for answer my question I have two questions to ask 1. Have you played soul reaver before? If so what you think about it? Would you play it? 2. Did you played a app called dragon ball z dokken battle? Would you play it? Its fun game to play I got my favorite character on there beerus Have a awesome day :3
  3. hydragundamfurry

    Ask the King Ep. 60 - Late June 2016

    Hey Phil are you going play suikoden 1 in the future? I heard you talking about it in some in your videos. Would you do 100% on it? Have a awesome day :3