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  1. Hey, Phil. With Mega Man 11 coming out on October 2nd, would you be willing to play the past ten Mega Man games so that you can be prepared for MM11's release? Also, which game in the classic series is your favorite, and what Robot Master is your favorite? Thanks. :)
  2. It's coming to the Xbone as well.
  3. Oh, and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, the Mega Man X Legacy Collections and Mega Man 11.
  4. Soulcalibur 6, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, the Mega Man X Legacy Collections and Mega Man 11.
  5. He should at least play a fighting game he's never played before that came from the same team that made Dragon Ball FighterZ. Just putting it out there.
  6. Hey, Phil! With Mega Man X getting the Legacy Collection treatment much like the classic Mega Man series, would you be willing to do a Mega Man X marathon when the collections come out? (And yes, I said collections, as there'll be two Legacy Collections MMX.) That would probably mean doing a redemption run of X6, since you were stuck on Blaze Heatnix's frustrating stage the last time you played it some years ago. Also, will you be playing Mega Man 11 when that comes out? Thanks! :)
  7. Forgot to mention that I've also been playing the Mega Man games that were on Game Boy.
  8. Honestly, I'm pretty excited. I've been playing some Mega Man since a few months ago when I bought the Legacy Collection on the Xbox One when it was on sale.
  9. Nintendo must not like people showcasing their games on YouTube. :/
  10. Hey, Phil. Been watching your content for a few years now. I hope you don't mind answering this question. I know that you've played fighting games like KOF 14, Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 this year and that you've been playing Ultra Street Fighter 2 on a weekly basis since it came out. But I think you should at least play fighting games from developers other than SNK, NetherRealm, Capcom, etc. I remember that you've played was Persona 4 Arena way back in 2011, but stopped probably because of the copyright strike from Atlus on the video on the first part of the game's tutorial(I could be wron
  11. It's been a while since I've posted on this topic. And things have changed. Jubei is coming to BBCF, along with the 2.0 update. And it was hype since the announcement at EVO this year. Now, let's try to get this rolling again! http://change.org/p/aksys-games-support-the-dub-for-blazblue-central-fiction (Copy and paste the link in the address bar.)
  12. I have been considering doing Superman's ending. Don't forget about Phil LaMarr as Green Lantern John Stewart. In other words, yeah, it's awesome.
  13. I only did the ending with Batman.
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