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  1. If the dislikes mean nothing then why do you set a new stream URL every day DSP? Don't think we don't notice that; I used to keep the stream URL bookmarked until you got up to those shenanigans. I can only guess at the reason...
  2. Don't care if saying so gets me GTABed. It's my honest view. Scarface. It's almost like a Gypsy curse got placed on DSP; he wanted to play this game so bad he overrode a fan poll to play it... and now he's got stellar views on a 10-year-old game from people watching him go through hell fundraising etc. At this point even if he ragequits at least he'll have made an earnest stab at the end. The last session was just him entering cheats for an hour and saving within sight of the endgame. No proper closure for us. But now it's fallen to a queer fate -- not the viewquit, not the ragequi
  3. Found something nice for you DSP. These are the first five comments on part 34 of your zoo vlogs, which was incidentally the last one to finish uploading. Like I said, you need to make some inquiry over whether this "consensus" is still standing as firm as when it was first established. You really don't even need to hold the vids until you get home under this system. Just join them on your laptop in the hotel room. I'm not accusing you of being hungry for ad impressions on 60+ short videos, DSP. I've seen old vlogs from TKOHHD and they were split in a similar way. I'm accusing you o
  4. Maybe you need to do some more surveying to make sure the those followers who want vlogs spammed the way you're doing aren't actually in the minority. Or was this consensus reached by the Infallible High Council of Alottapeepul who just happens to justify a lot of your stubborn positions? Tell me DSP, do you wonder why you're the only YouTuber who won't manage his time well enough to take 10 minutes away from his Let's Play channel to join some videos together? I've used the site numerous times and it works like a clock. This makes zero sense. You literally have to be an active
  5. You mean like in the IRC where you have to be voiced to talk and it still gets messy at times and bans are needed daily? Well, maybe he should hop to it. The discussion isn't whether DSP should code his own forum software. It's whether he should move to a free site where they're gonna walk him through everything he needs anyway. An almost negligible effort considering the money that could be up for saving. Even if you were correct (you aren't) the key difference is that TKOH on Reddit would be free, opposed to - what? - $1000/year? Reddit is actually quite versatile, an
  6. ↓ ↓ ↓ Also do you have any substantive reasons Ash? Take a second to notice that everyone else in this thread has followed suit with at least one.
  7. It's quite easy to sticky threads on Reddit. Nominations and polls would not get lost under other general news. (http://redditpoll.com/) is the go-to way to make them. Reddit mods can be as lenient or as authoritarian as you please. ;) As Vyndi says, a private sub would be the answer, to keep the chaff out. There's no IP system that I know about, but IP bans aren't really effective on this forum that I know about since the user has to actually be logged in. Correct me if I'm wrong. As far as the initation time... come now DSP. Is Dokkan Battle and bad movies every night really mo
  8. Had to. I actually haven't even played Undermeme; if this is the only engagement I ever have with the game I'm more than satisfied.
  9. Someone else here likes DNB? Nice So are Polyphia a recent act? I could get into them. Also, what are these "Topic" song videos I've been seeing on YouTube. Several disparate kinds of bands have them and it's unlikely they're the creation of one person.
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