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  1. >broken boss fight Because thousands upon thousands didn't rage quit on the final boss and gave up.. Even millions It's only broken to you because DSP couldn't beat it, just stop.
  2. Glad someone isn't drinking the kool-aid unlike others
  3. Then what's the point of Full Game Playthroughs?
  4. I was actually, since Phil mentioned it in the end, and I do agree the DLC is boring
  5. He should at least give it another try so Patrons won't get ripped off.
  6. He should at least do a live reaction to the ending with facecam and end it.
  7. "For someone who supposedly values the small viewer-base who have stuck with him, he sure as hell is showing his gratitude now, huh?" - The Great Hazz3r LOL
  8. I have to admit that ragequit was funny and sad too lol I think Phil should record his live reaction and get it over with. So much for full game playthroughs.
  9. It's all about the views and whoever shows up.
  10. He couldn't have waited for Wednesday to give it another try? Nobody wants to see boring ass Fallout, Doom maybe but it only builds up hype to finally defeat it.
  11. Phil, Some suggestions may be Scarface Tony Hawks American Wasteland Max Payne 1 or 2
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