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  1. The forum doesnt have many fans anymore, and they were either banned or just sick of all the negativity. Random thoughts thread is really all there is here. He should advertise it fast because he needs his fans engaging each other like the old days.
  2. Some here really think Phil is completely gullible to think like that, and frankly I'm tired of it.
  3. As well as insulting all those who donated a dollar! I really expected better from this community of supposed fans.
  4. Can't agree with that at all now i'm back.
  5. Actually I changed it because I've been on holiday and been away from the forums a long time sir. But since I couldn't possibly this person I changed it back just for you fine sir!
  6. I've seen your avatar before here... is there any link to a previous username?
  7. I've seen no proof at all that DSP eats out every day. So I guess we're all agreed this was nonsense?
  8. This Prime person has been disrespectful since he started posting and its good to see him finally being brought to justice!
  9. You have some money dude. I only wish I could afford to give that.
  10. That's not true AT ALL and you know it. Not all of us have jobs and have to rely on welfare and its not easy. I still managed to donate a dollar a month out of all this and I got ZERO reward. In the end I pulled out because I felt Phil would at least credit me with a forum status of Patreon! Well no that didn't happen did it. Well it looks like his career is slowly dying and that's sad indeed but life moves on and I'm sure Philip will indeed end up working on some celebrious podcast reviewing games. At least he does that well. Now I've come off holiday my finances are so low but if P
  11. You're a troll if anything dude come on. Far too difficult to the sir that is DSP.
  12. What do you want him to do? Get in that time machine to 2012? You're really not helping.
  13. Well, we should really be discussing Phil's content rather then making enemies. Life's too short. Because frankly if those threads are allowed the forum becomes toxic to new viewers and less will post here. It's not productive to "call out" them in a forum post.
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