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  1. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Ah really? Was there a reason?
  2. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Did Phil ever played A way out?
  3. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    Will Phil ever go back to reviewing games?

    I miss the Hateful truth series. I've been looking at the videos from the past and they had some amazing content. Anyone know the status of this series? Is it done for good?
  4. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    July sub goal idea

    Call of duty 4 was the hardest in veteran.
  5. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    Try to summarize. Too much to handle
  6. God of War 2 I don’t understand the obsession with dark souls. He already played the game many times. He didn’t rage quit Nioh. When will people understand that? Phil said it was a bad timing when it came out.
  7. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    What should Phil play in the summer?

    God of war 2
  8. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    DSP and Nintendo

    Maybe if Nintendo stoped claiming every video on YouTube, maybe he’ll start playing again. Would you play a game if you don’t get paid? Probably not, right?
  9. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    Twitch Suspension

    If he did Kickstarter, the detractors will find a way to banned him off the site
  10. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    ideas for interactive games

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!
  11. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    ideas for interactive games

    What about some sports game?
  12. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    My thoughts on the 500 sub goal

    If he does that, you'll know what the detractors will do.
  13. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    My thoughts on the 500 sub goal

    Fidget Spinners will be the worst DSP Tries it
  14. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    About the prestreams...

    Didn't you notice that he starts to stream earlier now.... maybe pay attention :)
  15. Meteo_Zegarra2018

    Thoughts on Metal Gear Solid Redemption Run

    I would rather see demon souls instead. If phil MGS played again then you know what would happened.