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  1. Becoming a detractor. Which never was the case. True, I associated with them. But they were welcoming and opened my eyes. Like I said, just here for interaction. And I'm off to bed since I'm hot AND tired. Night!
  2. Well, Butta made a lot of good points. But okay.
  3. I got banned for BS reasons......again. But whatever, I don't care anymore.
  4. The third one. Congrats on figuring it out. And no, I'm done "detracting" (which I never did but I digress).
  5. No big deal. Doesn't it scare you that he has that much power? Besides, there's no point to it. He's not helping what image he has left.
  6. You can't tell? I'll let you figure it out since I'm hot and moody right now. ;)
  7. He seemed to do a good job, judging by the trailer.
  8. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires and Blues & Bullets.
  9. I bet this'll be a Patreon goal. I don't use Patreon these days so I wouldn't have a say in it.
  10. Same here; getting it for Christmas. :D
  11. I am the Gifted One, here to make a fresh start. Despite how much these forums have upset me in the past, I'm willing to forgive that and come here for renewed interaction. I might not like the man (or honestly, the content) these days but he did get me through depression and I can't forget that. :)
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