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  1. I agree to the point that a separate IRC chat completely segregates new viewers from old viewers. What new viewer would spend the time to create an IRC user name just to chat while he is supporting a YouTuber who is streaming. That extra sense of security is completely unnecessary when YouTube is over saturated with YouTubers playing games on stream. As a new viewer, I could easily see why it would be easier just to click to a new channel then go through hoops just to chat with DSPgaming.
  2. eh i joined thekingofhate forums after being in the service for 4 years and there are still people like you here....sigh. It never ends.
  3. I think its a valid suggestion. A new DSPgaming viewer might look at his Twitter and see him constantly getting worked up and insulting people. He is running a business, he should keep his business separate from his personal life.
  4. My suggestion is to stop calling it a "business" Twitter account, where he constantly gets worked up from trolls (he has reasons to sometimes). He should have a "business" Twitter where it is professional, and a separate personal Twitter account where he can plug his Instagram etc.
  5. DSP should do something that isn't fast food. Fast food reviews are over saturated on YouTube already. He could get more views doing something out of the box.
  6. I don't think he needs the week in preview....gets low views, and he updates his schedule almost twice a day on Twitter. He could use the time for other new types of content. As for the patreon plug, soap, etc, I agree it should be very brief. My suggestion is just to keep the link in his YouTube accounts without having to point it out every week.
  7. I would say he could improve the channel by not making click bait titles like he has recently. He is supposed to be the "realest" gamer on youtube, but has recently stepped down to click bait titles on his videos. He never really did that until that Homefront video came out and gave him a bump in views.
  8. Phil taught me how not to live my life. Very positive impact, I learned not to be in debt like he is.
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