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  1. He could just stream it on the vlogging channel, but I do think it could work.
  2. Why doesn't Phil play Killer Instinct anymore? It's actually still being updated, next one's in 3 days.
  3. Yes, but the real Annabelle is just a Raggedy Ann doll.
  4. You mean the part in the gun store where the guy came around and shot you around he little display you were behind because you were sticking out from behind it? Not only I have played this game a few times but I've watched several other people play it. You are the only person I have seen have this issue. If not only I didn't have this problem but no one I've watched play it did I have to assume you're doing something that's being registered as a double tap. Phil, the handgun just does shit damage. There are better guns in the game. Hell I'll even do you a favor. Here's a r
  5. If anything the detractors would just put that post in the video to explain why there's no ending. Also, I got curious as to how many games Phil hasn't finished and found that there's lists of all his playthroughs on Wikitubia. Both complete and incomplete. Here's the incomplete playthroughs. He has finished far more than he hasn't, but I'm still surprised at just how many were left unfinished especially since the majority of these were either left unfinished for an unknown reason or simply due to frustration or losing interest.
  6. Yes Phil, this is totally the proper way to address your fans and viewers. And, of course, he locked the thread. In any case we all know the same thing that happened to Disgaea 5 is going to happen to Scarface. Months will go by before he has free time to play it and he'll just cancel because it'll have been too long. It's not like KoF 14 could've postponed so he could finish Scarface or anything. Oh wait...
  7. Just finished the first episode and I have to say this season has a very strong start.
  8. I'm watching the first episode as I type this and I have to agree with you. It's got a really good creepy atmosphere to it.
  9. American Horror Story season 6 premiered last night and it's theme has been revealed. A faux documentary show called My Roanoke Nightmare acts as the framing device for the story. I won't say more than that but feel free to discuss the show. Spoilers abound in this thread I'm sure so make sure to be caught up.
  10. I don't think the prestream necessarily needs to be removed, I just think it could be shorter. Like, if I recall the reason the "stream is starting soon" and patreon goal cards were suggested to Phil was so he wouldn't have to mention them in prestream but he still does it. In my opinion he also has a tendency to overexplain things
  11. He doesn't even have to mute his mic, just turn away from it rather than burp or snort directly into the microphone.
  12. Because, as you said, it was in development hell. It took Team Ico forever to get it running decently on PS3 using massive amounts of custom code. Then in early 2011 when the game was almost finished Sony made the decision to delay it and Team Ico just left. It wasn't until December of that year that Fumito Ueda started working on the game again with his new company genDESIGN. By then Sony was prepping to announce the PS4 so they made the decision to put the game on PS4 instead. It took several teams just to rework the code so it would run on PS4. They've basically had to rebuild the game from
  13. With Bioshock he had to get the entire collection, they weren't available individually.
  14. It's not an unintentional double charge Phil, that's how Patreon works with charge upfront turned on. In the case of a new patron they're charged the full amount immediately and then, assuming they don't change their pledge, that same amount on the 1st of every month. Existing patrons who raise their pledge are charged the difference between the new one and the old one immediately and then the full amount of the new pledge on the 1st of every month if they don't change it. So like I said, you waiting until the 1st to dole out perks results in people paying twice for the same perk.
  15. What I'm talking about is the simple fact that you don't give anyone their perks until the 1st of the month. So if someone who does want to keep supporting you pledges on, say, the 5th, they have to wait until the next month. At which point they are charged again. New patrons should be getting their perks sooner now that you have charge upfront enabled but they aren't. Logically someone who pledged $5 today should have their forum status upgraded and be able to take part in patron voting within a week at most. The flaw is you treating perks the same way you did when people only got charged mon
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