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  1. Project 7 was a clusterfuck in it's original run, and without John and Howard (which where many peoples favorite parts) it never had a chance to get off the ground anyway. Besides, Phil started funding without a damn clue what it'd be about. Think about it - project 7 is, in and of itself an unfinished name. it's what a film director would call a project that's not finished yet so the public doesn't get wind of it. Nothing about KOGaming turned out to work: Hits of the Week was all around a waste of time. It was just a short version of what had happened that week with minimal contex
  2. Honestly, not looking forward to any of these. I don't feel like him pulling an Arin and going "Look at these games people love! Aren't They foocking Awful guys?" with SA1 or 2. As For Shadow, he'll just bitch the entire time. And with Shadow being worse than 06 in a lot of areas, he'll never finish it. He'll only get one story line done and go "fuck this, never again" and it'll join Scarface as a detractor meme. Those are my predictions.
  3. Well, I ran the idea too Phil first. He wasn't against me opening a Patreon for the idea, his only concern is if my scripts are any good. Anyway, I'm not Going to be opening the Patreon anymore. After doing some snooping around, I found a store nearby that's hiring, so I won't be so strapped for cash anymore. I still might send Phil a script every now and then to practice my writing, though.
  4. So, with my KOCC Video taking longer than I wanted to (I have other projects and events in my life limited my time, and frankly the will to edit videos at the moment) I decided that I'd contribute to his channel by writing scripts for videos. As for why I'm opening a Patreon, it's so that way I can get something for this (As Phil himself can a-test to, it takes a lot of time for a short video). As for the Goals, I only have two. My first goal is simple - so long as I receive any donation of any amount, I'll write one script a month. The other goal ($100) will have me write a script for Phil a
  5. Just asking. I think it might make his performance better.
  6. Well then, If this is just false news, I'll just keep my eyes and ears peeled to see if it's true. If nothing happens, then I won't bring it up again.
  7. Yep. I'm going to be leaving the forums After the Ocarina of Time Playthrough and most liekly deleting my account. And the Reason why (as well as why I'm putting this into the general topics) is simple: Docxing I heard that apparently, KG and BSV are either in favor of or outright encouraging Docxing people on these forums if they believe them to be detractors. And Considering that I don't live alone, I don't want to risk some maniac finding out where I live. Besides, Posting other people's private info is something I can't support. And as for KG and BSV, I personally recommend that
  8. To explain, it depends HOW MUCH of Phil you watch. You see, YouTube takes some of you 10 bucks. The rest is split up between who you watch. So let's say you ONLY watched Phil, he'd get all of the money YouTube doesn't take. However, the more YouTubers you Watch, the more it gets divided. This is ESPECIALLY true for YouTube RED Original Series. Still, you're guaranteed to give Phil some cash for using YouTube RED regardless of View time.
  9. The part in bold I think is a bit too... hyperbolic, if you will. While I don't care for a good deal of Mainstream reviews (because I do think they're too biased), saying that they are biased because they don't know the value of a dollar is (if I'm to pull all my punches) very short minded. For all you know, they can keep perfectly in mind what it was like before their job to pay 60 dollars for a bad game. There's other things I want to say, but I'm too nice right now to say them.
  10. I'm in full agreement. I couldn't tell if he was bragging about being a one man show or being upset by it. I think leaving Twitch was a horrible Idea, and instead should of just lowered his bit rate.
  11. I wouldn't call him execptional... but I am curious how that would work.
  12. Your first Paragraph brings up some good points As for PSVR, It could put him on the map. However, it's rather or not he tries to go anywhere after the fact is what hurts him more than anything.
  13. I have my doubts. KOGaming missed it's chance to capitalize on any success with the Homefront video. And the odds of a high profile review has REALLY went down since then - namely since a lot of people already learned the KOGaming and DSP are the same (not that it's hard to figure out), and beyond clickbait he doesn't have much to draw someone to his videos thanks to leaving the character of DSP behind and not being a very insightful gamer. It's not even that his reviews suck or anything quite like that (oddly enough, I've never thought his reviews were anything too bad), but rather he doesn't
  14. Can't blame a Squid for trying. But I know that Phil has outright said he only wants advice if it means not having to do anything Drastic, and as I've said in this very thread, a coat of paint isn't going to save him. But that makes DSPGaming stagnate. Barely 3% of his subscribers watch him because they've seen all he has to offer. Phil's humor and commentary (especially as of late) as become interchangeable. In a lot of his newer LPs, you could take his commentary and edit it into another LP with minimum effort I'd better.
  15. How does that prove he changes? I fail to see what this has to do with Phil changing something involving his YouTube Career.
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