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  1. Nicely typed up article, covers most of my sentiments of the game. Just to not look totally biased, heres a funny video compilation of some glitches found and all the lies, circle talking, and detail deflecting Sean Murray did when talking about this game before release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8P2CZg3sJQ
  2. Did a shitload of mining and bought another ship. Still several hundreds of thousands of miles away from the center but found a new race. Apparently they love flying big ass ships and giving me new multi tools. Currently on a rich resourceful planet with no atmosphere and alot of bases, unfortunately the security status is named "Frenzied" and encounter a different 4 legged robot land sentinel. The planet also has glowing gravity balls just scattered everywhere, each orb is worth 20K so I see why the planet is well protected.
  3. Clean records, lmao. Make it seem like people are applying for a Fortune 500 company when only 15 people come here.
  4. I overheard he said the game had bad game design because he chose a shortcut to the center instead of staying on the Atlus Path and the shortcut actually took him further away from the center. Also he's not scanning animals, searching for outpost, learning the languages and only staying on planets for 5 minutes before launching to the next one. I can't take a review seriously when the game he's reviewing is about exploring and he's not exploring.
  5. MDCFAN seem offended about my suggestion :-( ....but like KingBungHole said its too much when it goes on for pages...
  6. Hey Sateler96 & MDCFAN why dont you guys just PM each other? Lol. Your conversation isn't really random thread worthy when you two discuss the same topic ever day. Also MasterOfAwesomness I think that episode kinda sucked, especially compared to the Paperboy one before it.
  7. Lmao, why do these awkward random negative situations always happen to Phil, maybe he has some bad mojo or bad karma around him. Cause this stuff never happens to other Youtubers as far as i know.
  8. Someone is about to get fired. DSP featured in Indian Homicide article. https://article.wn.com/view/2016/05/02/Debtridden_man_kills_wife_kids_attempts_suicide/
  9. https://article.wn.com/view/2016/05/02/Debtridden_man_kills_wife_kids_attempts_suicide/ Surely a mistake but none the less is hilarious. DarksydePhil is on an image, Sonic hat and all as "Debt Ridden Killer Kills Wife, Kids and attempts suicide". Weird. DSP should get in contact with these people.
  10. I have to agree with KingBungHole here. That Sam situation was a prime example of potential power abuse, no doubt if Ivor had the power he would gave disciplinary action over someone stating their opinion. There's already enough censorship on this forums as it is, don't need to add more to the bucket. Also one thing I admire about Silent and MoA is as long as I've been here, they've never fed into any drama, they contribute information, are active in all parts of the forum, and are genuinely fair. Plus not only I don't think they need any more mods (theres only like 10-15 people who actively f
  11. Absolutely not buying this game. Doesn't even look like Metal Gear, and after they shafted Kojima, no way im giving Konami anymore money. They got it with MGV but not this time.
  12. So finally saved up a million and bought a new ship. Before I jumped to the next system I had to discover and rename the last planet in my current system. Its a very lush tropical world with plenty of Platinum and Zinc plants, gold pillars are abundant as well. Only problem is there's no animal life and barely any colonial establishments on the planet. Ive probably circled the entire equator and found 2 establishments that were hidden in the forest. Found 5 exosuit upgrades, pretty much sucked up the rest of my money. Decide to leave the planet and jump to the next system....right in the middl
  13. They better remaster the Mass Effect Series. So i can play it all the way through before Andromeda comes out.
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