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  1. OH no don't get me wrong the CW series is great. Im just talking about the antics he's portrait in the comics. Seems like the writers wrote in an average superhero and then ran away with the pen/pencil until they realized they destroyed the whole comic book universe with his powers. Like I said, his power's are more appealing than his character, thats why they're like 15 different Flash's and 10 other Green Lanterns. Their powers are bigger than their characters.
  2. Dude, if you have any quarrels with me just take it to my private message box, otherwise i will be forced to report you. This thread is more important than any "beef" you may have with me. Lets stay on topic before this thread gets deleted for sheer derailment.
  3. Yeah I know but I just get tired of people pandering to Flash like he's a perfect character. Hes's not. He's a terrible character in the theatrics of the DC Universe. He can literally beat everyone if he wanted to, but is an asshole enough to watch the world burn for a brief period and stand there befuddled like he couldn't do anything about it. But to each their own. I stand by Quicksilver. One of the better characters in comics.
  4. The context doesn't make you look any better since you clearly converse with these folk regularly. Then spin yourself differently on these forums. Great definition, someone tell DSP that the next time he bans someone on stream for a single joke. But we are clearly off topic. This thread wasn't about how BrightSideViking panders to drama offsite. Its about Karma coming back to DSP. Lets stay focused.
  5. But you studied it, thats what im getting at. And you contradicted your own answer and philosophy of a detractor when you, yourself, dwelve into the antics every. single. post. you make. You in your own definition are a detractor.... What a fail. Im not, I just look at situations objectively. You posting pictures of unicorns doesn't make your case any better my friend. Especially looking at who you talk too every single day on twitter and was willing to donate a $1,000 to to make a video.
  6. Well the fact that you know these people so well would make you a detractor yourself? Right? I mean you keep track of what these people say on a daily basis. You're on Twitter watching these people everyday. What does that make you? Also, im a detractor because I post and make threads that people talk about? Have you seen your own post? And im a detractor cause I make post/threads that people want to talk about? Im sorry maybe I should make a thread about comics or what cereal I ate today... cause thats what this thread boils down too when everyone is so afraid to talk constructively about DSP content. Their so afraid of getting banned noone even discussing anything until myself or some troll appears asking questions and people like you thrive. And its very clear thats directed at me, but I put a clear observation of what was offensive and what was not to those that are completely up Phil's ass.
  7. He's too fast for his own good. How come the first flash to go so fast he slips into another dimension to aquire time travel not just prevent every bad guy in his present from being born? Oh thats right, cause he's full of himself and breaks the DC universe. Quicksilver>Flash
  8. Ok how about this. Can we define what a detractor is? A clear cut definition of a detractor. Cause I don't know. I've seen someone who told Phil to put some more work in his videos a detractor, and Phil has called the people that SWATT'd him detractors. Is everyone that doesn't like or has had a negative encounter with Phil a detractor? A list that includes TotalBiscuit, Angry Joe, Hideki Kamiya, Notch, Jim Sterling, PewDiePie, AlphaOmegaSin, Hutch, etc. Are all those detractors? Please advise.
  9. I think if he'd just co-op with a known Youtuber he'd not only provide fresh content other than the same old Phil but open himself to a different audience. Its a goal i believe people would rally behind. I don't understand why Phil is so steady on not socializing with other Youtubers, its clear he hit a wall and you can only go so far on a social media network and never socialize with other peers.
  10. I read in one of these threads that you suffer from autisim. Phil at one point said the PS4 or PS3 menu (I can't remember) was designed for autistic people, meaning the menu was badly designed and hard to navigate though. Would you be offended by that? Me personally I would think thats crossing the line, you are entitled to your beliefs but just because you strongly believe them doesn't mean you get to walk around and say them unfiltered. I don't think people should walk around with a muzzle to their mouths but you have to at least think about how any other person would feel about the words that are coming out of your mouth.
  11. ....welp Anyways. Looks like Phil isnt going to hit the goal again this month, maybe the Halloween incitement might help reinvigorate the fans to pledge next month.
  12. Valid but you're saying this on The King Of Hate Forums.
  13. Yeah I totally forgot about the Flash's bullshit, my fault. "The Speed Force" that breaks the entire DC Universe and where 20 different Flash's exist cause his character is never as interesting as his superpower. I just dont like the Flash as a character....probably cause I try to apply real world physics to him. How the fuck can he run around the earth at the speed of light and somehow still feel the effect sof earths gravity? Wouldn't he just fly the fuck off the planet when he reached escape velocity? How come the infinite mass punch doesn't pretty much kill everyone on the planet from the sheer gravity it would generate? How come everyone seems like they can tap into the speed force? I don't get it.. I dont like characters that can break an entire comic universe.
  14. Actually I really meant Quicksilver can beat flash. And I think Quicksilver is faster than Flash. Im not joking this time.
  15. Wow. The spin. I personally think you should just talk about it in a video, cause you're obviously going to keep incrementally talk about it in prestreams much like you did with Tobuscus. The video has 1.7 million views and potentially another 1.700,000 more people know about your incident on top of all the other videos that has millions of views from it too. And you would think just off of him mentioning you, you'd get a boost in viewers but that doesn't seem to be the case Like I said on the first page, I think this is all part of just an ongoing case of divine retribution from everything you use to do in the past that was frowned apon. Not saying its justified or im glad to see it happening, just demonstrates Newtons Third Law applies to more than just physics.
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