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  1. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks. I'm ok either wat. I deserved to get banned in the past. AND that helped me to become the person I am today. Nothing wrong with that. :p
  2. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    No, they're on the ball a lot of the time. :)
  3. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    A problem since that's resulted in me making multiple accounts. All of them banned. Want me to go? Then I will.
  4. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    How so?
  5. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you kindly. I feel better already. :D
  6. TheSpecialOne

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    It was worth the wait. :)
  7. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you. And for the harassment on Twitter, I'm sorry. I'm not on there anymore tg.
  8. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    Uh, no. I was serious about being neutral. The negativity was making me into someone I'm not. I appreciate your scepticism though. :)
  9. TheSpecialOne

    Introduce Yourself

    I never flip-flopped. I'm being neutral this time. Lmao, but I see what you mean. :D
  10. TheSpecialOne

    Moderator Reshuffling & New Moderators Wanted

    I did mod for a time earlier this year. As long as I don't need to IP ban (since I could never understand it), I'd be willing. It'd keep me busy till I get a new job. :)
  11. TheSpecialOne

    Worst game you ever played

    Can't think of one tbh.
  12. TheSpecialOne

    Your Top Game Of 2016!

    Quite. Quite.
  13. TheSpecialOne

    Your Top Game Of 2016!

    I'll be doing the bottom two tbh. Skipping the rest.
  14. TheSpecialOne

    Your Top Game Of 2016!

  15. TheSpecialOne

    Your Top Game Of 2016!

    I like NMS myself but I respect your judgement. Uncharted 4, I agree with too. But Final Fantasy XV won't be played now. :(