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  1. Drama happens so you just have to crawl out of the nearest manhole huh?
  2. Sammy's an idiot who doesn't even know what the word "Debate" is. Fred even asks him that and he doesn't respond. Are you here for some special snowflake award by defending him and shitting on SoK as that is the "cool thing to do" on these forums?
  3. You're not very good at hiding things, buddy. See you on that side in a few days, then back here on new alt under new IP. It's not working, just saying.
  4. Hello again, Gifted guy. Did you get bored of reporting DSP's videos on youtube and getting pretty much shoo'd away again? I think it's pretty clear neither side wants you here.
  5. Well, it's just great to see his own community clearly telling him how fucked he is. Yep, he's on his own on this one lmao
  6. Welp. Too bad this comment will likely be hidden now. Phil will assume you know too much and just dispose of you. Or mods will do it. It's a shame because i couldn't agree more on the cause of the problems and the solution
  7. Might as well let it happen. If he wants to make a fool out of himself, let him. I'll be sure to grab some popcorn. This guy should've been banned from here long ago but for some reason is above the rules. So guess he'll just represent ya.
  8. Obscure little snippet that mentions Phil in a UK magazine. Allegedly from 2014.
  9. Now ain't that the most ironic thing ever. They're pretty much directly responsible for Phil staying afloat and they refuse to realize this.
  10. Sure buddy. See you on detractors' side in 3 days. Then back here in another 3. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Or you're just trying to make a new record on flip flops per minute, LOL
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