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  1. WHy must you two not use the PM'ing System. The Private Messaging System is here to have the 1 on 1 type of conversations you guys have publicly, flooding the random thoughts forum. Im nto a mod so I can't tell you what to do, Im just saying its kind of ridiculous that you don't us the PM system. Thats like me starting a group chat with every contact in my phone and only have a conversation with one person. Its frustrating when I track all thread activity with the "Activity Tab" at the top and all I see is back and forths between you two or one of you and someone else.
  2. Please Phil, you called me an idiot and ignorant in the other post, I didn't get offended cause im getting called an idiot by a guy that didn't think twice about jacking off in front of a camera connected to the internet before a stream, but thats neither here nor there. If you feel the need to ban me then ban me, the truth will remain the truth, no amount of silencing or banning will cover up facts. My Twitch channel is going up in subscribers. Your Youtube channel. Not so much. I'll survive without TKOHForums Video games have something called a pause button. Use it. You were just complaining about no-one watching your new playthroughs anyways and instead of trying/fliming something new you rather stick to your dying formula. If you're an entertainer, then you can make anything that isn't brand new or unknown worth watching. If not, then thats YOUR problem. You live 20 minutes down the damn street but can't find a day out of your schedule to film a popular convention thats guaranteed new views and audience? Thats just bad business. But again I think your just pulling for straw excuses so you don't go to a convention and actually might run into a detractor or Youtuber you've talk shit about to see you. Or like I said Laziness. Its one of the two. 100% guaranteed. No its not stupid. If my comment is as stupid as you say then you're even stupider to respond with such a lengthy response. (and that's not an insult, it's a factual observation) Didn't you just say PAX is uninteresting because they show only stuff that people have seen before and talked about? VR has been...whatever, anyways. Let me document whats going to happen with this VR thing for your Youtube. The unboxing will get views, if you set it up successful;y and end up filming it, that will get views, the first part of the first VR game you play will get views, then every thing after that will drop considerably part by part cause people are going to get tired of see you twist you head around. Plus all this has nothing to do with you spending $45 to leave your house and going to a convention. Whatever Phil, ban me so people can only flood the random thoughts thread cause you're sensitive to any hint of criticism. Lock the thread, hide/delete the post, do whatever you have to do by the time you read this tomorrow and prove that every thing I said was right. Cause why would you hide or delete a post if it didn't have any truth to it? Exactly.
  3. Sorry i should of clarified. Meant after 2012-2013 when this massive hate train was in motion.
  4. Honestly I don't think he'll go to any convention where he might have to answer to some Youtuber or "Detractor" that he's ever talked shit too/about. Especially VidCon. The repercussions of being the King of Hate. Other than that I have no clue why he wouldn't go other than just out of laziness. He says the convention sare expensive but if you can drop hundreds of dollars for a VR system on its launch day, you can afford to go to a convention.
  5. Whats wrong with MDCFAN? He has me on ignore so he's not going to see this but is he bipolar? No offense to him, it just seems he flip flops on his emotions. He's totally happy one post then the next his a total di.... assw....... ummm upset and unmanageable? Thats a nice way to put it.
  6. Its called a random thought thread for a reason. Also I like how you had the gall to say I was derailing your comic book thread when you, Darksphere, and sateler96 have a full 1:1 conversation about comics (even though you have a wholenother thread about Comics that you get mad at people in who "derail" or makes a joke in) and somehow amazingly do the impossible, and derail a random thought thread. I know I said I will let it go, but I just breezed through this thread and it kinda pissed me off again realizing what you do on this thread everyday.
  7. I don't know how you would check that either, I guess if your paycheck is lower in December when you get paid for the views this month, you'll know what happened. Some say the only way the viewer would know what happened is if they're no ads on the video, which hard for me already cause my ad-blocker likes to turn on every-time I open my browser and stays on unless I remember to turn it off. Which is rare.
  8. Cause its comic books dude, ain't like we're talking about anything real here. You are a jerk who takes comic books way too seriously, and im sorry if me making a joke is considered trolling on these forums. And I the same, i don't want to converse with over-reacting jerks over something so petty as a fucking comic book character. Now let me end this conversation with you before I get another warning for derailing a thread. Good day.
  9. Excuse me? Are you a mod? It was joke buddy, get over it. You take comics way to seriously.
  10. It was joke guys god damn. You know he he, ha ha? Or you guys like to take everything serious? Its slow on these forums today. You know its just animated characters, right? Not really a great reason to tell me to "fuck off". If anyone should be reported its you MDCFAN. Jerk.
  11. Goku would beat all these guys.
  12. How about your more viral videos that get more legacy views like the Homefront video?
  13. Your account was created 20 minutes ago then directly responded to me. /failtroll. Im sure the mods here are smart and intuitive enough to realize whats going on here. Obviously you're so visibly upset at me and only me. So long el doppleganger.
  14. Now I have someone impersonating me, you know I MADE this thread right? How could I derail my own thread?
  15. Im sorry what did you say, im making things up? He specifically said he had concerns about me being another person and with your blatant "coding" of me being registered as butta, well its obvious you think the same, here: So again what were you saying? This has gone long enough i will be reporting you. But before you go i'll adress your other concerns. For the third time now, 3 strikes your out. I never said I had the key to success on youtube, but again, if you would of read my comment fully, you'd realize that. THis is a forum, a forum is to converse different ideas, my ideas were directed at Phil but obviously you took them to heart when I wasn't even talking about you as far as Youtube careers go. I tried helping Phil and he called me ignorant, so the deal ends there, much like any other relationship on Youtube he'd rather burn the bridge first then ask questions later. Sorry, real business doesn't work like that, and I don't work like that. So now, your blatantly wrong, confused, and anyother verb, adjective, or noun i can use to project pure unawareness. This wont happen again. Ok then.
  16. To counter BrotherLono, The amount of traction, or should I say FRICTION this website seems to maintain, plus the amount of eyes that are always watching Phil and his outlets.. I'd be a damn fool to put out my Twitch channel on this forum. Not to mention im sure advertising on this forum is against the rules. So though it'd be interesting to open up a new market of viewers to my channel, I respectfully decline to put my information on here. Don't be misconstrued either, I said I run a small channel. I find streaming and commentating a great hobby of mine, but by no means is it my bread and butta (BSV PM'd me what you think of me, and unfortunately im not the troll you long for BrotherLono). I would never, ever, make this a full time thing. Family, Friends, Work, my budding computer repair business, and my social life all come before Twitch. If I ever found myself in financial straits and my Twitch channel blew up, you'd better make damn sure I would be saving everything that wasn't being spent on bills or the fans of the channel and invest it to other, more stable profitable ventures in my life. And as far as being successful, clearly DSP and you guys have a different definition of successfulness than I do, but all that boils down to is a matter of perspective. So take that what you will. Silent, you're right. They've been had those rules. But only now started to enforce them. Think of it like at some campuses they're "No Stepping On Grass" signs, but if you're late to class, you're running on that damn grass, and usually no one would care. Now imagine if there was an out of control bonfire on that grass and people just kept coming to it breaking the "law" for years, now they're officers standing around ready to enforce the law. Thats Youtube in September 2016.
  17. "You make meaningful/interesting content -> ppl watch your stuffs -> you get popular -> companies contact u/ u contact companies -> make some deals trading ur accessibility to viewing audiences with their money. " Thats Youtube Business 101 to be honest. Or luck out with a couple videos -> gain a sizeable audience -> never make breakthroughs, upgrades or put more than the minimal effort -> hope one of your videos go's viral once a year just to keep you sailing....until you fizzle yourself out or Youtube does it for you.
  18. Even though I think going to a convention for 1 day this year couldn't be any less entertaining than spending the 284th day inside my house playing video games this year.. The tickets are all sold out anyways so, topic dead.
  19. Can you not insult me, thanks. Insulting anyone for any reason before making your point doesn't make it anymore valid. Ok then. Gamers on Youtube get tons of sponsorships, you have had sponsorships before (LootCrate, Amazon) but either you just gave up on them or you advertised them in a way the advertiser wouldn't find subtly and tastefully to your viewers. Only reason I would say you weren't provided any more sponsors because it would be kind of hard to advertise on 50 part videos a day with a Youtuber who never edits his playthrough videos. Maybe in the description box , but who even looks there unless they're told? I don't know what "mainstream Youtube audience" is, I know what "entertained audiences" are though. As far as him showing off his Alienware PC (Which I agree is overpriced). You did the same thing! Only difference is you only made what Machinima was paying you at the time and he made ad-revenue and whatever Alienware paid him. Can't be mad at a great business move. As far as your morals on "never selling a product you don't believe in", Phil you said alot of things you wouldn't do back in the day that you're doing now so i'll take that statement with a grain of salt. So why everyday do you ask the fans why you're not getting views? Or blame Youtube? You're admitting that you don't conform to the ever changing rules of Youtube and they're repercussions that come with that, remember you are your own business man in certain aspects but at the end of the day you're employed by Youtube. Good, continue your style but like I said, it comes with repercussions. You scream what you envision Youtube is suppose to be about, but Youtube can be whatever Google wants it to be. You, as technically an employee of Youtube, either follow the trends, create a new trend, or be content with what you have and want to do on the platform that might not be as profitable.. But when something happens don't complain how "Youtube fucked me over" when you decided to follow your own path. Like I said, the "Youtube Middle Class" is going to be gone in a couple of years I hope you're ready to deal with that when the time comes. I'll be on Twitch where the rest of the live streamers and non edited lets players are.
  20. its like a 20 minute drive from his house, my commute to work is longer than that.
  21. PAX PRime starts tomorrow and Phil literally lives right down the street from the conventions,being an attendee for $45 a day per person (don't know if tickets are all sold out or not). If he films he can make up the cost plus turn a profit, something different to attract more viewers since the gaming this week has went down the drain with BF being DDosed and AoT is becoming repetitive. He could go Sunday an d make a date out of it with Leanna. Just some thoughts on getting some fresh material on the KOGaming or KINGOFHATEVLOGs channels.
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