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  1. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Comic Book Talk

    If Geoff Johns gets his way they would
  2. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Metokur debate with sammy

    If you want to do this I can bring up how Phil uses ableist terms for people he doesn't like namely claiming they have a mental illness and clearly means it.
  3. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Taking Part in the SoK charity this week.

    Dude just come back if you're still this big a white knight.
  4. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    My personal favorite part is the fact the real doll and story is WAY creepier than the movie.
  5. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Why isn't DSP more popular?

    yeah if Phil is really in this massive debt he claims the time to "be nice" is over and he needs to make major changes in the way he runs this. Like if he was so busy doing house work why did he needs his parents to come and clean the trash he has had for years? I mean couldn't he take an hour of his day a week to clean it. Also with his movie time, yeah relaxing for work is important but can't he watch the movies in his office while editing videos? It seems like Phil only does on thing at a time and can't multitask. and the "Wow look at this guy he's being negative, he's a detractor" is why this forums are dead.
  6. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Regarding the Week in Preview with regard to Twitter schedule

    i think he still does it for fews
  7. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    The Last Guardian

    It wasn't worked on the whole seven years,
  8. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Why isn't DSP more popular?

    they're great they then to cover more, random, games like I forgot skittles made a game or the ps3 version of Shadows of Mordor Which is what Phil really should do Scarface and sonic 06 was the best veiwed lp of his in a while I think its because they're older games that people wouldn't be likely to play. Newer games don't bring in the views because people want to play the game themselves. Super bad games are also do well because people don't want to buy the game themselves but still want to see just how terrible they are.
  9. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Worst game you ever played

    This game called Sypro... wow that was aweful :3 But really Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. only got it because it had a female pc Superman 64 Most of the army man games]
  10. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Anime you disliked but many people liked

    People need to just watch Overlord, its so much better than Sword Art in everyway.
  11. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Ask the King Ep. 61: September 29, 2016

    How often you clean that hamster tank? I think you can take better care of them. here's a decent care sheet http://how-to-care-for-hamsters.tumblr.com/post/108186363215/10-steps-to-care-for-your-hamster-long-post Also what's you're view of tumblr, I love it, and think you would enjoy it.
  12. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Why isn't DSP more popular?

    it super isn't Most Lets Players say Super Best Friends when stuck on backtracking, a fail run in Dark Souls or a grind just cut it out or fast forward. They normally don't talk during it so its no lost. Leaving in boring parts just means people skip those parts which means lower your engagement ranting thus lower search results. Take their Neir lp were they skipped whole parts of the game since you need to replay the later half four times to get all the endings. You don't lose anything really.
  13. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Metokur debate with sammy

    The last time was the funniest think I have ever listen too, so it would be amazing.
  14. really that post a while back about making it a bonus you get for pledging would work 10 bucks can get you say 50 dollars of random steam games would get at least 10 new people there's always five dollar steam games of course you need to do some loopholes...
  15. A_Yellow_Space_Rock

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    ill say broke even at least