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  1. I will throw House of the Dead 2 a vote too, game is unintentionally hilarious and despite DSP not owning a gun, the dialogue is funny enough. It's Resident Evil 1 levels of dialogue. He's played House of the Dead 3 and 4 and they are HILARIOUS playthroughs. Game is short too.
  2. DSP should go as dr Disrespect if Choice D wins.
  3. lolol I feel the same way about CALL OF DUTEE too. pew pew pew.
  4. Think it sucks that you need to tip or pay Phil most of the time to catch his attention. He doesn't come on these forums much anymore to interact, Youtube videos are disabled with comments, Twitter he blocks often and (understandably) does not interact too often with fans, he delete his Facebook long ago, Instagram he took a long hiatus from, and Twitch you have to pay in bits or tips to get a comment. You also need to pay patreon to get your question answered for Ask the King, he may not answer your question. Feel like Phil has advertently sheltered his interaction with the fanbase and
  5. Will 2nd this. Not sure if it's best to do 1 hour only of it but a very good suggestion. PC only though. And it's on Phil here 1000%. People vote visual novels, Strategy JRPG's and SFV because they know there is no other way you would play these unless they are voted in. Besides if I recall Phil was given or told by Spike Chunsoft he can get a free Danganronpa V3 copy if he played it on launch and only streamed a couple of hours on it back when the embargo was up to avoid spoilers. I think Phil may have it somewhere for free, I think it's the issue of wanting to put the 30+ hour time into
  6. Yeah I think Zombies ate my Neighbors will only be playable as a emulated rom. Sucks they may have taken it off of the Wii Shop.
  7. I've played all of these, this unlike the others in the series is not a visual novels but rather a pseudo dungeon crawler in the lure of Danganronpa. Anyway, people like the craziness and like the over the top Japan esque mentions. Not everything has to be PEW PEW PEW PEW CALL OF DUTY.
  8. Phil did a great job with the forum update. Looks fresh as hell.
  9. Love Danganronpa V3 but he is going to play 90 minutes of it, nothing happens in it and he will forget all about it after it's over. Should be the next viewer's choice.
  10. I will give dino crisis a vote Also The Thing(PC)
  11. Grabbed by the Ghoulies(Via Rare Replay) Maximo: Ghosts 2 Glory Manhunt Zombies ate my Neighbors(Wii)
  12. Ill give Manhunt a vote too just because
  13. I don't watch his streams because of it, it is too distracting and takes away from the gameplay. The community he has built in the Twitch chat is quite frankly terrible in the bits and pieces I have seen(I am banned on his channel).
  14. Will give ghosts n goblins nes a vote good pick
  15. God Hand Furi Celeste NES Battletoads(Rare Replay) no rewind
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