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  1. Seems like a waste, I think he would have played the Spongebob remaster when it comes out Day one for the views.
  2. I think he is referring to the 2018 part of that.
  3. You can't hold it against the viewers that Phil waited until 2019 to play Phoenix Wright.... This was a patreon game that tied for the win that was purposely postponed until the collection came out in 2019. Phil had ways to play this game whether through 3DS capture card or his Wii like he did the first two games but he chose not to with his Hardcore gaming season taking over the fall. And that's cool that Dsp held his word on playing Phoenix Wright but that should not mean another visual novel can't be chosen on the year. The only way Danganronpa would ever be played by Phil as shown by the first two games is if it wins the Patrons vote and it not getting to the final vote means it was taken out of the viewers control. I get the frustration not to say it wins in this poll but it should have been a choice IMO. The only guideline Phil listed in the Patron thread was no more Phoenix Wright. That was it.
  4. With 2 votes? Jak X: Combat Racing(Which I pulled for, would have been the closest thing to CTR) SMT: Nocturne(Also pulled for it) Max Payne 2 Shadow Warrior Red Dead Revolver Bunch of 1 voted games that didn't make it but the 2 vote ones were worth mentioning.
  5. Bionicle Heroes(Which was 1 person with alts who voted to get it this far) Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Divinity: Original Sin Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Almost half of this list didn't involve the Patreons, yet games with 2 votes from Patrons didn't make it on here. Power of the Patreon is gone. Public have as much say on this as Patrons do, if not more. If Paper Mario wins, that means the Patrons nomination thread will not have any involvement in the winner.
  6. Blackspawn89

    Pit Fighter

    PitFighter on the SNES is one of the worst games ever and had an awful port. One of the funniest games I have ever played, it was a "So bad, it's good" type or ordeal.
  7. Majority and almost all the people who posted in that Patreon thread posted on here but I think their vote only counts as one? Everyone including myself posted the exact same game requests.
  8. It's in the Patron thread which is exclusive to Patrons. I tallied it, and there were 3. Phil still said that each patron would have the power of getting a guaranteed game on the voting stage, not the case?
  9. Surge got 3 Patron votes so I guess it got in. Seems weak that the public gets more games in that patrons do and it defeats the point of even contributing to Patreon at this point. I thought it was suppose to be the highest voted game of A single patron would be in it? Thought it was suppose to be you no matter what got a game to the voting stage? I had Hollow Knight on mine so I got something on here but there were other people who were patrons who didn't get a single game to the voting stage, seems lame.
  10. SMT nocturne should have been the choice over trails of cold steel.
  11. I'll second a Furi redemption run with DLC and secret ending. Good choice.
  12. Given the reaction to CTR, the closest thing that can be picked is Jak X. Also made by Naughty Dog, seems like the only way Phil will touch this game is if it's picked and Phil has good history with the Jak franchise. This will make for a GREAT rage filled playthrough. Played this last year on PS4 and this game is HARDER than CTRs campaign mode. This is the epitome of rubber band mechanics. There is a level that purposely cheats and takes your pickup items for goodness sake. Phil will hate this game. So Jak X:Combat Racing
  13. Manhunt: You already have this game and damn it was entertaining as apart of the Halloween marathon before giving up on it. This will be a fun playthrough to watch. Godhand: You also already purchased this game and it was a damn good playthrough the couple of times you played it. Hollow Knight: I will also back Hollow Knight as a nomination, this is a really good choice made for DSP's style of playthrough. SMT: Nocturne: I will further this with Popsicolo, this would be a GREAT playthrough. Must do the True Demon Path. Manhunt should be the choice.
  14. Played the game on the SNES classic last year albeit it was far from my first playthrough. Took me a smudge over two hours to finish the game. And that was with utilizing the bonus live levels and secret warps albeit not all of them. Should go no longer than 3 hours in all honesty unless you are either awful or fail to save and die and have to restart. For me IMO which is different for everyone there are maybe three or so levels that can give you a hard time. But you've done NES Mega Man marathons so DKC is nothing in comparison. Heck you played DKC Returns and Tropical Freeze so you know the engine for Donkey Kong and Diddy is actually quicker of the two and I like Diddy more. Only way it gets to 4 hours is if you 100% percent it but that requires you to find all the bonus levels which some are very cryptic in location. Not necessary for a playthrough. DKC1 unlike 2 and 3 has no secret levels otherwise known as Lost World levels so its pretty straightforward. Perfect game for a marathon.
  15. I'd add DKC to that too, criminal that you have not played any of the trilogy for your channel. 1st game is about 2 hours alone for a decent enough gamer. Easily worthy of a spot for a marathon. Earthworm Jim 1 is another quick platforming classic too.
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