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  1. Blackspawn89

    Ideas for the Marathon

    Played the game on the SNES classic last year albeit it was far from my first playthrough. Took me a smudge over two hours to finish the game. And that was with utilizing the bonus live levels and secret warps albeit not all of them. Should go no longer than 3 hours in all honesty unless you are either awful or fail to save and die and have to restart. For me IMO which is different for everyone there are maybe three or so levels that can give you a hard time. But you've done NES Mega Man marathons so DKC is nothing in comparison. Heck you played DKC Returns and Tropical Freeze so you know the engine for Donkey Kong and Diddy is actually quicker of the two and I like Diddy more. Only way it gets to 4 hours is if you 100% percent it but that requires you to find all the bonus levels which some are very cryptic in location. Not necessary for a playthrough. DKC1 unlike 2 and 3 has no secret levels otherwise known as Lost World levels so its pretty straightforward. Perfect game for a marathon.
  2. Blackspawn89

    Ideas for the Marathon

    I'd add DKC to that too, criminal that you have not played any of the trilogy for your channel. 1st game is about 2 hours alone for a decent enough gamer. Easily worthy of a spot for a marathon. Earthworm Jim 1 is another quick platforming classic too.
  3. I'm tired of the shenanigans though. It is always something. Like, I have one twitch prime sub for the longest time and have given it to Dsp for all the laughs over the yeara, even if they were unintentional. I get one of those subs a month and shit like this makes me want to give it to someone else. Phil puts out a video pleading for support through these times and then decides to conduct this behind everyone's back. Howard was right in saying Phils worst enemy is his inability to do damage control because it boggles my mind how it got this far. I've given my hard earned money to Phil but it's drama after drama and even when you try not to get involved in this, Phil mentions this during his presteeams. There is always drama associated with everything Phil does and eventually you have to call it like it is and say that is is caused by Phil himself for much if not most of it. And sometimes even his main video game streams where it is unavoidable to hear about this. Phil had told us all this was the best year for him from a mood standpoint but I fail to see that. Every time it is something new and it is insulting my intelligence and want to support him when shit like this comes out in the open. It is always everyone's fault, what happened to being greatful for what you already have?
  4. Yeah this seems really shady. Sort of turned off wanting to help out the cause with stuff like this. I can live with patreon money that was meant for specific equipment or Project 7 reboot going elsewhere even if that was a red flag but this is dishonest and borderline disrespectful to the audiences attention and intelligence to do this. Just sucks. Really feel that you have let your need for this 16K cloud better judgment. Whether through this or the response that ALL patron didn't want Stardew Valley and or Ruiner as if to make light of their vote or pledge to favor twitch streamers, I am sort of turned off from supporting Dsp. Absolutely unacceptable and this hurts the viewer trust that you've made a point of trying to earn with how open you are to talk about a lot of things. Really letdown by this Phil. Dont think I can sub to your twitch after something like this. And I am a near full year supporter of yours on Twitch.
  5. Blackspawn89

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    He had Stardew Valley included heading into yesterday as a game listed though over on Twitter which is up to date. This was a last minute decision by Phil, I totally get why people got upset over the curious decision. There might have been people waiting hours for that game and got bait and switched. Really bad communication, mistakes happen but the margin of error this time of the year for Dsp is minimal and him banning viewers with the other stream as an alternative I think is the wrong decision and was one done off of impulse.
  6. Blackspawn89

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    Yeah it is frustrating really. I like the idea of less games to give more time for the games you will play but you can't bait and switch viewers to tell them to watch a marathon in the potential hopes of catching the game they're most looking toward to and when it doesn't happen.... Expect them to be okay with it. Viewers time is precious and when you want to raise funds at this time, this is the last thing you should be doing. Was not at stream but did Phil really ban people who were upset about not playing Stardew Valley? Hope that isn't the case because that looks really bad especially at a time of dire straits financially.
  7. Blackspawn89

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    Not sure why Phil announced he was playing Stardew Valley if he wasn't going to play it, it set himself up to loads of criticism by not playing the game. The event is about the power of the Patrons, and even though I don't care much for the game, I can see why people are upset about the abrupt decision to axe out the game. Should not have been announced as apart of the games to be played. Same mistake was made for RUINER which personally was the game that had my interest in watching this marathon but it was dropped since its an unknown game. I voted for it even since it would have been fun to see you play even for a little bit of time but alas. This just doesn't encourage people to pledge at all. There is no power given when it's decided by you at the end.
  8. Blackspawn89

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    Ruiner is a really good and fun game, it's the cyberpunk love child of Furi and Hotline Miami. Shame he will neglect to play it and play both Minecraft and Stardew Valley. Lone game I was looking forward, don't have much reason to watch. Very curious decision.
  9. Blackspawn89

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    Once in a while it is fine and Phil can set it up to have the day off afterword to recover if necessary. You can do half. Multi-player and half single player that way. I think last year Phil didn't do the fan appreciation MP session if I am not mistaken. This would knock out two birds with one stone by mixing that up. He can blend in 1-2 hrs of Use Your Words or whatever Jack box Party Pack he likes to do. Why he hasn't done them yet seems crazy. 2 hrs on Jack box Party Pack 2 hrs in Phoenix Wright(he will have to get to this, this can be a chill 2 hrs) 2 hrs on Call of Duty Blackout 2 hrs Street Fighter V 3 hrs on the main playthrough Phil is doing With 1 hr time for break. You can sub in Smash Bros for Phoenix Wright to further push the multi-player. OR run DSPs annual WWE Sim stream idk.
  10. Blackspawn89

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    Phil's mistake was not networking himself whether in podcasts or working with the likes of Tolomeo for say Monster Hunter World. Refusing to do NiOh redemption run when people have asked for it every now and then seems odd to me given these Soulsborne titles always get Phil good views and participation. Why not do 12 hour streams for example and spicen it up a little? You are counting his prestreams that last for about an hour and are regurgitating the same information just about every day. Usually the game portion starts from 2PM EST and lasts until 7PM EST for first stream and second stream goes from 10 PM EST and runs until either 12AM EST or 1AM EST depending on how Phil feels.
  11. I know I have had 2 questions up above but this one seems more prevalent to me of the 3 so if given a choice, this one would take more importance if one of them are picked: A couple of years ago some of the patreon money went towards bettering your studio and equipment. One of which Phil being the green screen in which you showed a couple of videos, including some hilarious gestures including running around in shock & horror and having props which showed a side not many are used to seeing. The question I have to ask is why haven't you incorporated more of the green screen in your content? Whether it be game of the year of videos or Christmas specials, I always felt like so much finances went into this and very little came to show from this and it is a shame too because as you've already shown, you can be creative doing this. Did the Youtube algorithm have anything to do with abandoning the use of the green screen? The incorporation of the green screen was EASILY one of the things I looked forward to most and it sucks having it just waste away after it was an incentive paid for by patreons.
  12. 1) Given this is your 10 year anniversary I feel this question might be most appropriate as a way to reflect your decade long run of content creating. Over the years there have been countless memes made for you DSP, some more offensive and personal than others. Ones range from "WHY AM I TOXIC!" to "Thanks for the money dummies" I know a vast majority of the memes you either don't get or loathe but what would you say of all the memes you have heard, what are your favorite and least favorite and why? As a second part to this question, have there been any memes or catch-praises that you have intentionally tried to start up with your fanbase that have either caught on or ended up failing miserably? 2) This questions comes off after searching your channel for playthroughs of classics like the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and getting no results. You have mentioned time and time again that you simply do not do 'Retro' playthroughs because it does not keep the audiences attention but do you think that has to do with the age of the audience or that the consumers today have been almost brainwashed by having to pay attention to the brand new releases? As someone who enjoys retro playthroughs unless it is patreon voted or remastered, it is frustrating to have to stay away from your new playthroughs to not be spoiled and that the games of the NES, Genesis, SNES, N61, PS1 etc. are routinely ignored. Will you ever consider just playing retro games in a non-marathon or event format just because you are in the mood for it or is it imperative to simply cater to whatever the mass audience wants? Do you feel as a content creator that you have the ability to reform your audience to tune in for older games just as much as they tune in for newer games or is that not possible for whatever reasons? Whether it was your Mega Man/Mega Man X or Ninja Gaiden playthroughs I actually feel your retro playthroughs are among your best work and it feels so rare to see you play an old school game all the way from start to finish.
  13. Blackspawn89

    Your thoughts on the Halloween Horror Marathon

    I know the feeling WOOF! Last year Manhunt not only got a spot for the 2017 Halloween marathon but it got the highest vote by 5 more than the other games! Sadly, it was the least if not 2nd least played game of the marathon, I was absolutely pissed and even got banned from the stream chat for 10 minutes voicing my anger not too long after getting shit on because I backed Danganronpa 2 to be played. It sucks honestly, the voting has absolutely zero barring on these marathons. The game can overwhelmingly get more votes than other games but that doesn't mean anything. Phil at least said Manhunt wasn't his type of game but it sucked to see him read stream chat while tentatively waiting to make a move to execute antagonists all the while saying the game is way too slow paced for his liking and that the game is outdated in comparison to Ass. Creed. You needed to use sounds that you create to your advantage and be aggressive in getting stealth kills and this had been mentioned throughout the night but alas. The first place vote getter as a reward SHOULD be the most played game of the bunch. I was shocked Phil went with 5 games honestly, should have picked between Dead by Daylight, RE: Hard and Conjuring House and went with a 3 game marathon or have Saw II and SH: Shattered Memories both in the poll to gauge interest and should have gone with a 3 hour for 1st place, 2 hours for both 2nd and 3rd place and have a 7 hour or so marathon just like that. All the polls mean is just to get the game played but it is out of the patron's control for how long a game is played. If a game is voted among the highest possible, it should get top priority. But Phil will end a game early if he isn't liking it which is absolutely frustrating for someone who spends their money to bang on the desk for a game to be played. As it is, there's hardly an incentive to want to support DSP in patron when there are other ways in doing such, it's a very flawed system especially if the patron vote doesn't mean much when twitch chat can give Phil a gauge on if a game is boring or not(Phil ending A top 2 vote getter God Hand after just 1 hour with the game despite him having fun with it when he was miserable playing SF V and Scarface the same day all because a moderator/big tipper was bored to tears was frustrating and soured me on the Rage-A-Thon). These marathons need an overhaul because outside of the patron's choice, there isn't any reason to support the Patron page with 5 dollars or less. I voted for Zombies ate my Neighbors Co-Op for this alone but I guess the game is too old or ancient for the fanbase. Should have been backed by other people, not necessarily on Phil for this one.
  14. Blackspawn89

    [POLLS] What should Phil play? (January to August)

    There's a patron lounge sub topic area that only patrons have access to, it's hidden to others. But Phoenix Wright:Trials and Tribulations is ahead by one over Max Payne 1.
  15. Blackspawn89

    How is Phil so good at fighting games?

    Phil's style is pretty simple where he uses basic fundamentals and mixes it up with a throw here or there. It's so basic that opponents don't expect it. Add some low sweep/kicks after a jump into the opponent and that is Phil's offense usually in a fighting game. I also think people sort of fuck around vs Phil knowing how infamous he is on the web and in the FGC even if DSP distances himself from them. They showboat more than they actually put up their A+ game.