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  1. Furi Celeste Zone of the Enders God Hand Gal*Gun Double Peace(Just for the Lol)
  2. I voted comic book costume but I imagine Phil dresses as a frog if the last choice wins.
  3. I notice that you look at reviews to get a gauge and understand of the flaws and bright spots of a new game. Seeing the game length, framerate, story, potential bugs etc., do you feel this endangers your true experience of a first playthrough? I say this because I feel reading reviews would hammer in my head preconceived strengths and weaknesses of said game that I would be unable to disengage from when playing the aforementioned title. Do you feel it's best to read these reviews and take their game scores and articles seriously or if you are interested in a game due to trust in developers/series or whatever reason to dive in headfirst with no knowledge whatsoever?
  4. For a vast majority of games you play, you seem to celebrate or constantly mention that the game is almost over or that it is another stream or so before the game ends. Especially for longer titles ala a Yakuza game or JRPG, you would tweet out how close you are in finishing the game practically each post stream tweet. Does being a full time streamer mean that you enjoy finishing a game and that you look forward to ending the game, especially a playthrough that goes on for weeks if not months? I find myself in a similar spot in constantly wondering when the game is going to end rather than pleading with myself that I dont want a said game to end due to the quality and thrill alone. I'm just wondering why do alot of gamers including yourself look forward to how much longer a game will go on for rather than not want a great game to end as soon as possible?
  5. Bloodstained is now free via XBOX Game Pass so I will 2nd the nomination. No excuse not to play it, it's free Phil.
  6. Sorry thats what I meant. Super Ghouls N Ghosts.
  7. Dino Crisis as well though he hasn't played that game in like 2 Halloween events ago so he will be rusty.
  8. Grabbed by the Ghoulies: Has it via Rare Replay on XB1.I just want to see Phil do the funny faces while singing the super cheesy and catchy theme song. Super Ghouls N Ghosts via Switch(no use of rewind mode): Short game but super difficult and has the Hallowern theme going for it. Has the rewind ability so he can actually finish it but obviously i would advise against the use of it. Manhunt: I enjoy this game but I know Phil hates it but he's getting to some good and rage inducing parts. Phil owns all three choices so no need to spend money.
  9. The game choices weren't so great IMO. Games like Furi would have been better choices, I think people forget that Phil is only doing 1-2 hour playthroughs and that's all. Nothing else. That's why the MMORPG choices didn't make much sense. But it's also on Phil because the more he says he won't play said game or said genre, the more people when given the choice to influence choices even if behind a paywall will take advantage of such. If Phil refuses to play SFV for example, OF COURSE people when given the chance to will pick that game. Same with Scarface. Same with MMORPGs. People pick these game choices because there is no other way they will be chosen except paying him to play those games in the effort it gets enough backing to get it played.
  10. He raged at it from the get go due to the infamous hole in the gate and would constantly rag on the developers for the QTE cheap deaths and some difficult portions. Phil usually will recap(Especially nowadays) and praise the game but he still says the same stuff while playing a game. And I agree about Star Fox Wii U but it doesn't change that Phil disliked it. The only Platinum game I can think off the top he liked is Anarchy Reigns and I think the Transformers game.
  11. He hated Metal Gear Rising's difficulty, never cared for Bayonetta 1 and 2's, only did one route of Nier Automata, didn't care for Star Fox on Wii U or their take on TMNT. I don't think he has liked one of Kamiya/P*'s games.
  12. I forgot he also does a 30+ minute long talk that usually gets the most donations by the end of the day for these marathons where he just winds down and talks to everyone.
  13. With his ridiculously long prestream and breaks in between, at least 2 hours will be dedicated to non gameplay alone so 8 hours of gameplay if it's a 10 hour marathon.
  14. Doing the challenges will mean a shot at Oxide Round 2 which is actually harder than the initial one that Phil one shot. They are also artificial AI and the hit detection on the letters and boxes will make Phil pissed. He will probably not care much losing to random people on stages he never played before. Should be 4 games(CTR, WOW, SFV and Ninja Gaiden Black) with 2+ hours poured into each instead of 5 games honestly speaking.
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