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  1. The game choices weren't so great IMO. Games like Furi would have been better choices, I think people forget that Phil is only doing 1-2 hour playthroughs and that's all. Nothing else. That's why the MMORPG choices didn't make much sense. But it's also on Phil because the more he says he won't play said game or said genre, the more people when given the choice to influence choices even if behind a paywall will take advantage of such. If Phil refuses to play SFV for example, OF COURSE people when given the chance to will pick that game. Same with Scarface. Same with MMORPGs. People pick these game choices because there is no other way they will be chosen except paying him to play those games in the effort it gets enough backing to get it played.
  2. He raged at it from the get go due to the infamous hole in the gate and would constantly rag on the developers for the QTE cheap deaths and some difficult portions. Phil usually will recap(Especially nowadays) and praise the game but he still says the same stuff while playing a game. And I agree about Star Fox Wii U but it doesn't change that Phil disliked it. The only Platinum game I can think off the top he liked is Anarchy Reigns and I think the Transformers game.
  3. He hated Metal Gear Rising's difficulty, never cared for Bayonetta 1 and 2's, only did one route of Nier Automata, didn't care for Star Fox on Wii U or their take on TMNT. I don't think he has liked one of Kamiya/P*'s games.
  4. I forgot he also does a 30+ minute long talk that usually gets the most donations by the end of the day for these marathons where he just winds down and talks to everyone.
  5. With his ridiculously long prestream and breaks in between, at least 2 hours will be dedicated to non gameplay alone so 8 hours of gameplay if it's a 10 hour marathon.
  6. Doing the challenges will mean a shot at Oxide Round 2 which is actually harder than the initial one that Phil one shot. They are also artificial AI and the hit detection on the letters and boxes will make Phil pissed. He will probably not care much losing to random people on stages he never played before. Should be 4 games(CTR, WOW, SFV and Ninja Gaiden Black) with 2+ hours poured into each instead of 5 games honestly speaking.
  7. I hear you, I'm also banned from his stream chat and was actually accidentally banned the first time where Phil even apologized until I was unbanned by one of his former mods. I even PMd another mod and even messaged Phil but it went nowhere. I think this is a major reason why his stream chats lack the same energy and flow it did with so many regulars gone. I got banned the second time by a mod that "went rogue" but that is good enough. Not the end of the world to be banned from his chat.
  8. Furi really deserves more love here, can't stress enough how fun of a lets play that was. Highly reccomend newer DSP Fans to check it out, absolutely unfiltered rage and complaining about no checkpoints.
  9. That is true but I think bringing this outside the patreon forum may have help do that in. That and the Patreon goals being vanished too.
  10. The event has been ruined by putting this outside the Patreon forum IMO. I have brought this up before but to no avail. What is stopping multiple alts from voting for games and willing them to get brought into the voting stage or even during this phase? 1-2 games of the 4 should be voted by the patrons and the two highest chosen would have been locked in to be played while 2 other games are chosen by the public and you go from there.
  11. Challenges will be funner especially if it's the break the box ones or the CTR ones. There is also an incentive in doing this as this is the only way to get to take on Oxide in the TRUE final boss race. Phil beat him 1st try on the normal ending. Oxide on true ending mode is as hard as Pinstripe was.
  12. If I recall he finished the WOW marathon offline without invaders or people to interfere with his game.
  13. People who voted WOW should have said online enabled or with Morrowind no tips, backseating etc. those 2 will be pure disasters even if they may have potential.
  14. Of course but he said he made the choice to do SM64. I don't disagree with you but this is what Phil does. Manhunt won the most votes 2 Halloween events ago and it got the least play time all because DSP didn't like the stealth of the game.
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