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  1. Because the place is a wasteland activity wise but I doubt Phil really cares about the alts. This is purely just done to please the Stream contributors and for this to be said that he did this for the sub goal. I mean Patreon has been nearly devalued to the point that there's no real point to subscribing to it. And I say this as someone who contributed in the past to his Patreon count back when this event meant something to the Patreon only pledges.
  2. True but i am sure more activity and user sign-ins probably helps with the algorithm of finding this forum on search domains(Google, Yahoo). WIthout all these signins, this is a very baron forum altogether just from an activity standpoint.
  3. Wow Lisa the Painful shot up big time! Wow. Came out of nowhere. Hope it is good. Probably does not care, more traffic=more money for this site.
  4. There's more to Fire emblem than just menu browsing but sadly Phil has too much pride to get into develop relationships within the game because he's married.
  5. Hes done plenty of revisits and Arkham City is pre direct capture. Manhunt he didnt care for but he toughed out the last game he detested for a 100% run in Dk64 so why not this? He played Manhunt for 60 minutes and dropped it.
  6. Manhunt got alot of votes why didnt that make it?
  7. i'll give Diddy Kong Racing another vote, think a 100% completion run would be fun.
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses Manhunt God Hand
  9. I can see both sides but I think Phil looks very good and upfront to confront this and honestly its refreshing he does this. Have to give respect to Phil here for not avoiding the whole thing entirely. I do agree with the Peasants initially that Phil let viewers dictate that he should not be on the show so they were not lying with that but they screwed the pooch IMO with their recent podcast that it let Phil come in and bring up what really happened. Not sure why Phil is letting random strangers run their business rather than go with his own judgment but I think Phil did the right thing here and have to give props. Wish DSP would do this more. Usually he avoids any kind of disagreement or conflict that isn't fully in his control(Stream chat, social media) but this was a good move on his end.
  10. Which are optional and only meant for additional story and to be able to recruit. Fire Emblem 3 Houses would be a fantastic choice.
  11. I'll back Derich's Maximo: Ghosts to Glory(If it's this one?) .
  12. Maybe it's to struggle but I just prefer him playing it as the game is intended to.....to get the fullest experience. the DKC games were ruined for this reason.
  13. I think a lot of people are voting to see him have challenge with DK64 which the boss fights are brutal because it's a slog as a collect-a-thon itself but the difficulty is lowered by saving after every phase of a boss fight. I would vote for the game too but the save scumming will ruin the playthrough for me. Rather see Banjo Tooie because he won't be able to do that in Rare Replay which made both Banjo Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day fun playthroughs.
  14. This. He will like Nocturne IMO. There is no easy mode and there's a very popular cameo in the game. Absolute throwback type of RPG that Phil grew up on. If he does play it, I would advocate True Demon Path to get the most out of the game. Game ran me only 60-80 hours for doing a majority of everything in True Demon Path....which isn't bad for a JRPG.
  15. Only problem with DK64 is he will save scum the game. If there are rules in place about no save scumming than I will give it a vote but if it's played on the Wii/Wii U he will save scum.
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