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  1. I can see both sides but I think Phil looks very good and upfront to confront this and honestly its refreshing he does this. Have to give respect to Phil here for not avoiding the whole thing entirely. I do agree with the Peasants initially that Phil let viewers dictate that he should not be on the show so they were not lying with that but they screwed the pooch IMO with their recent podcast that it let Phil come in and bring up what really happened. Not sure why Phil is letting random strangers run their business rather than go with his own judgment but I think Phil did the right thing here and have to give props. Wish DSP would do this more. Usually he avoids any kind of disagreement or conflict that isn't fully in his control(Stream chat, social media) but this was a good move on his end.
  2. Which are optional and only meant for additional story and to be able to recruit. Fire Emblem 3 Houses would be a fantastic choice.
  3. I'll back Derich's Maximo: Ghosts to Glory(If it's this one?) .
  4. Maybe it's to struggle but I just prefer him playing it as the game is intended to.....to get the fullest experience. the DKC games were ruined for this reason.
  5. I think a lot of people are voting to see him have challenge with DK64 which the boss fights are brutal because it's a slog as a collect-a-thon itself but the difficulty is lowered by saving after every phase of a boss fight. I would vote for the game too but the save scumming will ruin the playthrough for me. Rather see Banjo Tooie because he won't be able to do that in Rare Replay which made both Banjo Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day fun playthroughs.
  6. This. He will like Nocturne IMO. There is no easy mode and there's a very popular cameo in the game. Absolute throwback type of RPG that Phil grew up on. If he does play it, I would advocate True Demon Path to get the most out of the game. Game ran me only 60-80 hours for doing a majority of everything in True Demon Path....which isn't bad for a JRPG.
  7. Only problem with DK64 is he will save scum the game. If there are rules in place about no save scumming than I will give it a vote but if it's played on the Wii/Wii U he will save scum.
  8. I'll also give a vote to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Game will be right up Phil's alley.
  9. I second this. Excellent game, one of the best of the year. I'd advocate all three paths but I know it's a time constraint so hopefully this is chosen. Phil does not play enough strategy RPGs and honestly the flirting/dating is only done to strengthen relationships for side content/essential recruiting. I know that was Phil's gripe but it's such a small detail that should not overshadow how good of a game it truly is and how deep the classes are. Letting that turn you off from playing what was an excellent turn based RPG is foolish. I think normal mode has some challenge but hard difficulty is where it is at and you can replay moves in case you made a mistake. I will also say: Manhunt God Hand You own both of these, you don't need to buy either and they have been voted for in the past.
  10. The problem by not making this Patreon exclusive is you are going to get more votes sure but you will get troll votes/meme votes for shits and giggles for the quick laugh or to make forth an intended boring stream. I agree Hollow Knight even for 2 hours would have been fun as it's not a traditional metroidvania and the game is charming yet hard. some of the games that have been nominated in these marathons were games that are so obscure that the appeal for some just isn't there. Opening this up to the public vote has ruined these type of marathons IMO. I get why he did this but there needed to be some sort of power from the patreons where their buck actually mattered and say have the patreons vote count maybe more or something. It is because of Patreons that you got some really good playthroughs like Persona, Yakuza, Danganronpa, Jak 3 etc. Yeah long games admittedly but ones that had some vintage moments like The Almighty Nyx, Dicks out for Nagito, and some rage sections lategame Jak 3. This marathon sucked but I wanted one of at least 3 games and got nothing so there was nothing for me which is a shame. Usually there's at least one game chosen but alas. Zero Japanese games out of this marathon really watered it down IMHO, too many Western games feel sort of conservative and I like at least one zany Japanese created games in a marathon. That's where God Hand would have been so needed, it's hard but so silly.
  11. While I understand the transition over to fulltime streamer understandably, one of the toughest things that you do in your playthroughs which have ruined plenty of the games is allowing backseat gaming and allowing people to give you hints and/or advice on how to succeed in a game. I may or may not be alone in this but gone is the excitement of seeing you persevere through a game no matter how cryptic or tough a section of a game might be. I enjoyed that you didn't care much for the TIHYDP people trying to capitalize on your failures and that you treated every playthrough like the old days of no handholding from the chat or people. It gave it a very retro feel and felt really rewarding and satisfying as a long time viewer to see a streamer pull through instead of being told how to figure something out. It felt unique to see someone, stubbornly or not, give a tough game a good couple of tries because it felt organic and felt like the pre-internet days of perseverance. It has (At least IMO) ruined so many playthroughs that you have done and my question is: Have you considered or will consider a "NO Backseat Gaming" policy in the near future? From spoilers to being basically handheld to a section of the game, it feels like chat interaction has taken a far bigger prevalence that has arguably taken away one of the unique features that DSPGaming brought which was raw, unedited gameplay that many viewers including myself loved. Other streamers have warned or banned people on Twitch for spoiling or giving advice on a section of a game, is this something that you have considered? It is difficult(IMO) to view your streams looking for gameplay so should people not see you as a gamer first and maybe more so a personality first with the games taking the backseat(No pun intended) to the streamer?
  12. You haven't played God Hand in over a year, and it has only been played because people want to see it in these events otherwise you'd never play it. If it was going to be a full playthrough, it would have been played already. You wouldent even have to buy the game like you said in your reason with Code Vein. Anyway go Celeste and Hollow Knight.
  13. Heck I'll third Gex:Enter the Gecko for the random 1990s puns and wacky camera and difficulty that will kill Phil I want to also give my annual nominations of Manhunt and Maximo:Ghosts to Glory.
  14. Furi Celeste Zone of the Enders God Hand Gal*Gun Double Peace(Just for the Lol)
  15. I voted comic book costume but I imagine Phil dresses as a frog if the last choice wins.
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