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  1. Seems like so many people talk about the vest over his gameplay which sorta defeats the purpose of DSP as a content creator. I don't think he cares given he gets the money upfront but I think it is incredibly silly to use this as a beacon of light/flag to say this 100 dollars that doesn't do anything to improve the quality of the stream is meant as a fuck you to a few very vocal minority. Seems very misleading and disingenuous to be honest. I stopped giving money or subbing after I was banned on the stream chat and after the Jasper reveal personally but if people want to contribute to him, do what you gotta do. Just the whole "Lets stick it to detractors so give me money and you will see me wear a few articles of clothing while this money goes to my bills or other personal things" seems very manipulative.
  2. I am a big fan of the Danganronpa series but I just fear that he's going to have a webcam and will be reading tips etc. and will get spoiled. If it's a non-webcam spoiler free lets play like the first two I will nominate it though too.
  3. Seeing a popular Twitch broadcaster like CohhCarnage do a "Mod Day" every now and then that celebrates the hard work moderators do for essentially a free job by giving them the tips earned on the day, have you or will you consider doing something similar to that towards your moderators? Understandably, he is one of the highest paid Twitch streamers so I know you don't have the same luxury he may have to sacrifice tip money but have you considered taking a day in giving back to the community in that regard? It seems like a great way to boost the morale of doing a effortless, selfless job and may help in keeping the moderator turnabout at a lower pace. Side question is I know you've done raffles and giveaways in the past, have you considered or will do more giveaways to your subscribers to make their loyalty more worth it? Maybe PSN Card giveaway or a game giveaway. These seem like excellent ways in gaining positive publicity amongst your audience or people who may be interested in following your content.
  4. God Hand Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Manhunt Mega Man Legends Ruiner Jak X: Combat Racing Diddy Kong Racing 100%
  5. If you play this Weds night, I would be willing to play this as a co-op with you over on XB1(Since it's free via game pass)
  6. He has fan art and ways to advertise while on a bathroom or intermission break, seems unnecessary to repeat the same jargon every single day and takes away from gameplay and puts a strain on his voice. People I think pay attention better with visuals over hearing and having say a fan art dedicated to his social media and one dedicated to patreon/tips/cheers is the way to go. You can just simply sum it up by saying "I have the methods if you do like the content that you are seeing with the screenshots" as they rotate.
  7. Knowing that a lot of your audience looks for the "LOLZ" and like to see you fail, how hard is it to appease those type of viewers(If at all?) with the content that you are putting out? Does it bother you that there are people, malicious or not, that look at your content more as comedy rather than take it as a serious form of gameplay, as shown with the chat reactions over a failure or death or blunder committed on a live stream? Off the top of your head, which game would you say you, intentionally or not, maybe had your content for the long haul end up going down the comedic route?
  8. Available to download now on XBOX for free via gamepass. Did 1 level, game is a legit throwback to the original games, you will like this a lot.
  9. He can jog around his neighborhood to fine tone his leg muscles. Relaxing for the mind too.
  10. Will be available on XBOX Game Pass Day 1, possible late night stream of it maybe with co op? Has gotten pretty good reviews and supposedly plays similar to the original games?
  11. Originally for N64 but there was a remake for Nintendo DS that is somewhat different than the original. It isn't on virtual console so it'd have to be played on emulator I think. One of those games caught by Rare going to Microsoft given Rare owns the Conker and Banjo IP who are two of the racers in this game. Fantastic game though, worth it to emulate it.
  12. Asked Phil on here, no response. Asked Madara who asked Phil, no response and if you tip or cheer than Phil will say you know the ways to reach me for an unban. Not even multiple bans, no time out or anything. With the new feature of not seeing the chat while banned, moving the voting to Twitch is a bad idea IMHO.
  13. Twitch is a bad idea because the hours Phil runs these are not good for the common 9-5 worker, there is a decent part of the fanbase that isn't home all the time to catch his streams live. Same with his evening times for the European crowd. Not even speaking about the fact that there are banned people like myself from Twitch from a now rogue ex mod and that 1-2 mods do not respond to whispers, most likely due to Phil telling them to turn whispers off on Twitch so Twitch is a huge no go.
  14. Because the place is a wasteland activity wise but I doubt Phil really cares about the alts. This is purely just done to please the Stream contributors and for this to be said that he did this for the sub goal. I mean Patreon has been nearly devalued to the point that there's no real point to subscribing to it. And I say this as someone who contributed in the past to his Patreon count back when this event meant something to the Patreon only pledges.
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