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  1. Are you calling Phil a liar then? Because DDOSing has bots that repeatedly hammer a server with junk traffic. It's not rocket science that bots can do the same on Youtube. Just requires a script that logs on hundreds of fake accounts and dislikes each time. Simple stuff.
  2. Rambo, it took balls to make this thread and i commend you on it, this was always destined to be just another "shit on Phil" thread. That's exactly what it is.
  3. Why don't we allow Patreons over $40 a month to be mods for a month.
  4. Oh my god, I can't stop laughing. That is... brilliant. The purpose of that explain thread was simply bait. Great bait mate! No one fell for your beginners trap. 13,000th post in the thread, w00t!
  5. Best post on this thread imho. That Explain thread was truly disgusting. I wonder if any one of those guys he named made a thread about him he would be reporting it, he actually said he would report any replies to the mods. Its hard to imagine hypocrisy worse than this, needs pointing out. I guarentee th another thread like that will pop up despite Phil explaining his policy on the SOK about eight times.
  6. Michael, can I ask? Why are you always so angry?
  7. Well, if you do your research on Twitter you'll learn he's been going through troubled times with his wife. Sure that has something to do with his recent behaviour.
  8. Cless lad, heard your name on quite a few of SOKcasts, so can see why you'd stick up for them under any costs
  9. Yes and well done on 100 rep BSV!
  10. DSP just owned Youtube with his latest video on the policy changes! Check it out! Thats why I watch him.
  11. RamboJ is my name, short for Rambo Jeremy. Been a fan for a long time and decided to post to show my support for Phil!
  12. Well, I see your post is still up for a long time now so you may have to admit you were wrong about that. It'd be cool for you to perhaps back up your claim you have a prestigious vlogging career. This would add some weight to your huge criticism to the owner of this site.
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