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  1. Ah, I see. Thanks. :) I'm a noob for not doing research.
  2. So today's the start of the above. Almost EIGHT YEARS exactly since it first released. This is one playthrough I don't want to miss! Although, I wonder why he got the whole collection if he doesn't want to play the latter two. Why not just get the first one on its own? Feel free to leave your thoughts below. :)
  3. I'm perfectly calm. I just think you should say sorry for calling Squid_Girl a piece of shit.
  4. You don't know until you try, after all. :)
  5. Ok, why did I come back? Simple, tired of being treated like a criminal for having a different opinion to Phil. All I've tried to do is help through constructive critique and in return. I've been accused of - trolling, being a bipolar idiot, and retarded among other things. Do you realise how upsetting that is? I doubt it.
  6. So I'm curious: Do we need the Week in Preview now that DSP puts a schedule on Twitter? I ask because after the WiP has gone out, he tends to make a change on the Twitter schedule. So might it be time to end this series? What do you lot think?
  7. I've heard of him and no, that isn't me.
  8. I'd give you a +1 but I've run out. :( He's trying to help, DSP. :)
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