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  1. theres no point. here people are jaded on the SoK whatever they do they cant just ignore them. they claim all the SoK does is talk about phil but now that they are talking about charity they have to diminish that by saying that they talk about phil. i actually have sat through their podcasts and they talk about him for like less than half of the air time the show goes on for. and when they do talk about him its either harmless jokes towards him or just their opinions on what he does. if you disagree with them good for you they arent forcing you to listen to them. but the people detractin
  2. he is enjoying it only because he has op chainsaws and nothing and i literally mean NOTHING is giving him any challenge at all. he is cheesing this game so badly. like he is basically a tank now and its just not even fun to watch he is enjoying it because he isnt dying as many times and theres nothing challenging him he is just chainsawing every enemy he sees with no struggle at all. he is way overleveled in the game. Phil has two OP chainsaws and grinded for levels then says "wish this game was more challenging" hey phil if you want challenge unequip the chainsaws never use them.
  3. watching dead rising stream today and my god how disingenuous his opinion on dead rising is. beginning of the game to the middle or so he bitched about how people can like the game and how people can defend it now he magically sees why people like it after he cheesed the game with op chainsaws and grinding for levels. this playthrough has degraded into a shit show where phil isnt even playing the game. the stream chat is playing it. this is a terrible playthrough in my opinion.
  4. hey man we all have opinions. i might disagree with phil's that doesnt mean i think less of him i just think phil kinda goes far and beyond with his statements. but whatever im just trying to keep it level and not drop to petty insults.
  5. capcom said there was input delay on ps4 fightsticks (and i assume same goes for fightpads) and the next patch is going to remove it. i was good as it is with the input delay i didnt even notice and them removing it will just make me more precise and so on. it sucks there was a delay before but them removing it makes me all the happier.
  6. yea thats all im saying because to me he just has a strong bias against sfv and i really do think its because he is bad at the game. he doesnt play it as much and of course will get his ass handed to him. i played sfv for weeks to months and i gotten a lot better. if anything the delay isnt even a factor. them removing it man i will be a monster then.
  7. but you said you judge games by watching them. and yea thats fine to get into games through his playthrough but just because phil said a game is shit it might not be the case at all. you might have liked a game phil hates. hell a lot of games phil hates i like. look at Dead Rising 1 a lot of his criticism in that game is completely baffling because he refuses to learn the mechanics of the game and fails to understand the strategy the game requires of the player but he hates all that which gives DR1 a unfair presentation.
  8. lol "bub" ok tough guy. i dont think judging game by watching them is the best way to judge a game. a person can play the game very shitty or play it on a easy difficulty or whatever and it wouldnt be a fair representation of the game. if i watched phil play sfv yea id probably think its a piece of shit but i actually played the game for myself and it isnt even that bad. it has flaws but what game doesnt? but sfv at least gets updates trying to fix and improve the experience which is more than i can say about most games. im just saying its more fair and worthwhile to try a game on your o
  9. i love the zombie types. lol and yea im still getting it when it either comes to ps4 or i get the scorpio.
  10. have you even played sfv? i played sfv and its not as bad as phil makes it out to be. if you havent played it how can you agree with him if you never played it?
  11. im not saying you cant voice dismay but you show incredible bias towards SFV to the point that seems completely unfair or uncalled for. sfv being a disappointment is subjective its ok to be disappointed in it. but you didnt answer my question. if you released sfv buggy and shit and you had the chance to patch the game and fix it would you be like "well the game is released so fuck it we wont patch it leave it as is" or are you going to try to patch the game? if this is an issue then you should be disappointed when you see EVERY GAME get a patch. but no capcom is your special company to th
  12. so watching phil whine about SFV is starting to annoy me. its like i dont know what phil wants. does phil want capcom to fix the issues of sfv or leave it as it is? because he bitches about how the game has input delay and all kinds of shit. they fix the fightstick delay and still bitches about it. like yea its ok to be disappointed with SFV im not saying he is wrong for that but he just bitches about everything they do with it. at this point capcom could make sfv the best fighting game after a major update and he will still bitch about it. sorry but you can dislike the game but he has
  13. yea hitting the "end call" button is a hard thing for phil to do when he gets calls he doesnt like. but i dont think the OP was specifically asking for the return of live calls and just asked about the idea of hatelive where phil rambles for 2 hours.
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