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  1. With the possibility of live calls again? HA! I fucking wish.
  2. Wow, so if you promote a charity here that could potentially help people around the world, it should result in a PERMANENT ban. Thats quite ridiculous to be honest, it's a charity for fuck sakes. Also, as much as this community wants to call them detractors, haters, or whatever, The SOK are apart of the DSP community. They watch DSP's videos whether for good or bad intentions and just a quick look at their Youtube page shows they average about 7,000 views per 4 hour podcast of un-monitized content for what I can tell. They have an audience that could if nothing else, bring awareness to their charity cause. I wouldn't even deem it so far fetched that the one's known as the detractors probably make up half or more or DSP's current viewing audience. So again I must reiterate, they are apart of the DSP community. Promoting a charity of theirs, as long as theirs good intentions, should be promoted here and not be a bannable offence.
  3. Other Youtubers don't know DSP? TotalBiscuit PewDiePie 3Killobytes GradeAUnderA AlphaOmegaSin Hutch AngryJoe Elpresador ReviewTechUSA ProJared Mega64 Spoony Just to name a few. All of them no stranger to criticism, drama, and overall how shitty the viewers can be, all had something negative to say about DSP or had a negative encounter with DSP. DSP is well known around Youtube, just no one likes his complaining in playing games and adverse way of dealing with negativity. Especially TotalBiscuit. As far as Jim Sterling mocking him, its no surprise. This is like his 4th or 5th time. Even him and Yahtzee from Escapist made a rhyming parody video of DSP a few years back that was a feature on The Escapist site. DSP is no stranger to being mocked, this is irrelevant news. Even if DSP does respond, only thing Jim might do is let off a couple of tweets without @'ing him so he wont get any traffic from his viewers.
  4. I hope Phil doesn't actually believe what he typed. Cause its nonsense. The game isn't broken, the game is 10 years old and is a Capcom arcade style 3D zombie game. I don't know what kind of "realism" you're expecting out a game that is about 1,000's of undead zombies walking around a mall while a photographer uses creative methods to kill or subdue them. I don't see the point of "calling out" the developers of a 10 year old game when they're about to drop the 4th revision of it. Its unnecessary, quite annoying as the bread and butter of your commentary, and beyond pointless this many years too late. You're trying to set a high bar for essentially a tongue and cheek game and complaining about it not being able to reach it, when in fact it sounds like you need to either buy a new controller or play better. There will always be glitches in video games, that is just within the nature of the games of today, but to sit here and say a game that was a new IP be a top 25 best selling game on the XBOX 360 and spawn a series that would sell over 5 million copies "fundamentally broken" and has "garbage game design" is just pure misinformation. But if you're not going to clean up your act, at least respect the game developers and not call their game that's a best seller "garbage", after all, you are getting paid for their hard work they've put into making it.
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