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  1. What has to be your most favorite competitive racing game? e.g. Forza, Gran Turismo, Driveclub, Auto Moblista NFS: Shift...
  2. Hello, I have been trying for months trying to find either a affordable laptop and or desktop that I need for decent gaming results, school & business work, and or video editing. I've looked at a couple of pre-built gaming desktop rigs from best buy and or walmart that goes for at least a price range around $600-800 dollars. But buying a pre-built gaming pc from either stores that will probably not have the decent capablities to handle excessive amounts of time of hardcore gaming or emutation testings on the maximum settings possible. I'm not kind person thats expects the bare minimum of good performance. But at least the type of person that will test it and if it's playable then yeah it's playable. I have looked into pc building and that i'm very interested in but not very experienced on building and constructing a rig. So I have a sort of a challenge or I would not really say perśe "challenge", but can any you list any parts for builds I don't really expect anything too high end but here is the format. Very Simple RAM: OS: CPU: Motherboard: Graphics Card: Power Supply: Optical Drive: Computer Case: *Note the price has to be under $500 this is a budget gaming build after all.
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