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  1. Not as bad as the previous season but nowhere near their best. In and out.
  2. These kiwifarmers must be mentally retarded or something, they're saying now that KG saying he was done with the escort drama is proof Phil has told him to stop. I know detractors make shit up and state it as fact a lot but that is some next level retardation. In fact I may use some kf DSP moderator logic. This ho is 1 person, 2018 started today. 2+0+1+8 is 11. Add that to the previously mentioned 1 and you get 12. January 12th is the day she claims she wants to be paid. Coincidence? Pretty much nails that she is lying. Case closed.
  3. Nobody is doubting that. But it's just as feasible someone with access to the account is at it. There is nothing said by her that couldn't be sourced by being either a clued in detractor or doing 5 minutes research. According to her Phil has a small penis, bad breath, premature ejaculation, snores, smells, likes dogging even though he doesn't go out of the house, and numerous other shit that makes him look bad. Do you know of anyone who even has half that stuff going on? Even hobos don't. I'd like to apologise for the insults. I'd like to but I'm not going to.
  4. awwww lil baby detractor white knighting the slut. You wanting a discount when you pop your cherry? Double bag that shit fella.
  5. Those people are so stupid they think a picture of a vagina with no face visible is proof this disease ridden ho is real. Maybe I'll tweet a picture of John Holmes penis at @jack and be a verified porn star.
  6. That's if you can work out who her alleged escort network is. Good luck getting that info off her, my bet is she wouldn't name it because it would blow her story out of the water. Also I got a shoutout from one of the kf mods for posting here. The fredfuchsalike one. Thanks for that psyko.
  7. The thing I find funny is this alleged escort typing cuckboy all over the place because if her story is to be believed her husband lets other blokes fuck her for cash, Which makes him a cuckold. Also after looking into this more she's obviously full of shit. Ask yourself, if everything she says about Phil is true then that is weird. All those convenient things wrong with him? Two other things, she apopears to do a lot of "night loves XoXo" which sounds like the sort of thing a bloke pretending to be a woman would write and also claimed to not know who BSV and KG were but then took ple
  8. Conveniently it appears the escorts husband is currently away on business. Who saw that coming?
  9. I'm just surprised one of the detractors hasn't tried to convince anyone that Phil blinking is him messaging the escort by Morse Code. It's the only logical progression for this story
  10. There's as much proof Phil is in the rock band dire straits as there is proof he blew his wad up a skanky looking sex hobbit.
  11. Fair enough as long as it's an organic decision and not done to ends these stupid rumours. Having hung around the detractor periphery a few years ago this is how they work, you show your girlfriend it will be "Phil hired a different escort" if you say nothing that would be proof the rumours are real and if you talk about it it's also proof as will be apparently raging. The best thing you can do is nothing, those idiot detractors hate a lack of attention, probably because their mothers were probably out every night during their formative years doing what this Kimberlie does. But for free.
  12. I hate brownies, I guess that makes me exempt from selling my cooch for dolla dolla
  13. Virgins who get their jollies off of anime saying "Oh my god, Phil had sex" is hardly the prime way to piss him off. I even saw some idiot claim it was real because brightsydeviking got upset by it, that guy was weird.
  14. What coincedences? I saw a youtube comment on this that made sense it says Phil says something on twitter or on stream then 5 minutes later she'll tweet something that corresponds to whatever Phil just said. That's not a coincedence it's a reaction. There are somethings that add up but she has never said once anything about DSP that is something we don't already know. After spending a few minutes looking into this all I can say for certain is nobody but Phil and this ho know the truth, if you think you do you are retarded. Or a kiwi, not that there is a difference. Is it really beyon
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