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  1. ​He stopped because people were sending him fake rage messages, he said it himself. Also, wrestling has no correlation to the topic at hand. STAY ON TOPIC.
  2. ​This is going back to the whole "i have no idea what the fuck you're talking about or what your point is" thing i was saying yesterday. You're just speculating every point.. "no phil would not call you that in real life" how the fuck do you know that LOL...everyone here is using real proof and past thing's he's done for their opinions, you're just making shit up.
  3. ​I can't even recall a time he posted in one of the fun discussion threads. He only seems to respond to negative ones (by deleting them) and ones having to do with his youtube channel or patreon. I'd love to ask Phil some questions regarding his actions, I just will never get a chance too unless I wanna donate to his patreon in the future (which will NEVER happen)
  4. ​That and people get mad at the moderators then because Phil bans someone or locks a thread, and the mods get blamed for it and that's not fair at all. It's happened countless times and I feel bad for them for it.
  5. ​Yeah i agree with that last part, it has to be a certain type of bad game for it to be funny and enjoyable, and to see him insult it and such. But when he insults games like MGS and dark souls, it just makes him appear to be a bit of an asshole. I also believe it's a bit of the games that havent came out's fault. Not alot of good, dsp-style games have came out lately. If a game like Heavy Rain came out, i believe dsp would be more entertaining in that sort of setting. He seems to excel at dramatic games. Perhaps patreon will set him at ease when it comes to gameplay, we will have too see. I will try to remain as open minded as I can be.
  6. ​I just believe that if he had a different mentality, he would produce better content. If i played a shitty game like barbies horse adventure, and i had to record my reactions, id be negative and not talkative, and i'd hate it and so would everyone else. If i recorded my favorite videogame, my commentary on it would be rich and exciting since i enjoy it so much. That's how virtually everyone is. DSP's commentary before it became about the money was exciting and funny, even if he was a bit of a dick, that's fine as long as it's in good taste. Fast forward too now, i struggle to even watch a video from him. His new gta playthrough for example, a lot of it is him just sitting there in silence while nothing happens, and it's not engrossing at all. I understand not being able to go on for hours and hours, but atleast edit the dull parts out of your playthrough like other people do. People ultimately are probably watching DSP, for dsp. if they wanted to see a full game walk through, they'd go watch one from someone whos studied the game. I really believe if he had more fun with games, and stopped treating them like a trivial task he's forced to do, people would notice and enjoy his playthroughs more. Just a thought though.
  7. ​I very much so used to enjoy his content, atleast, enough to watch literally hours upon hours of it. Now adays? Not so much. I tried watching his content and ignoring his other flaws, i tried to watch it simply for the fact of "i wanna watch someone play videogames" and it's a total snorefest for me now. He barely adds anything to his playthroughs and he's always more worried about other shit, like playing the latest games, than he is with actually having fun. That's my one advice for him if it's purely about videogames. Have fun. And he doesn't seem to do that anymore.
  8. ​You mean his decreasing fanbase and ever growing detractors? yeah, people reaaaaally wanna see that. Right.
  9. ​But who the fuck want's to hear someone bitch and whine about a game all day? Seriously, what's the appeal in being that way? You have to make your own content have a positive, fun approach to it. People do it all the time. Northernlion, totalbiscuit, nerdcubed, mathasgames, all these people put their own spins on things, why cant dsp be positive about it and make his own spin? There is very little appeal in people who act horrible towards their fans and game developers. It's a copout to say that dsp does this as his own way to make himself unique, that's just pure nonsense. Also, stop lumping me with the SOK, i'm not involved with them.
  10. ​The mods warned you yesterday about derailing a thread, reported and I hope you get banned this time. Stop derailing.
  11. I believe that negativity would be someone just insulting dsp for no reason at all, and just trying to ruin his life by doxing / swatting him, etc. If you say "fuck dsp he's so stupid i hate him!' that's just negativity and helps in no way. If you give an example of something he's did and then say your problems with it and how it's bad for his credibility, like with the whole patreon thing for example, that's criticism and it's helpful to everyone. Useless insults are just that, useless. Giving real factual info / help is good.
  12. ​Oh yeah, i've used that for awhile, some sketchy/smaller sites wont have https but normal sites will.
  13. PatchMyPc is great, it's kinda buggy if you try to update your programs with it, but it gives you an idea what you should update and you can just google the installers yourself.
  14. ​No you're just derailing the entire thread in hopes of getting it shut down, you whiteknights are all the same.
  15. You don't understand anything then.
  16. ​Everyone already knows he's an narcissist, you're not telling us anything we don't already understand. You need some life experience since you continue to babble on and on when it's obvious people dislike you. Nobodies gonna change our minds about Phil, get over it.
  17. ​Then go away. If you like everyone, and it's obvious you're unliked / unwanted here, just shoo. You're causing problems and you're gonna get this thread locked with your bullshit. Go make your own thread about nonsense that nobody cares about, nobodies asking you to mindlessly defend someone here.
  18. ​He wasn't being bullied though, that's the thing. I believe it started with a few people saying "why would you be fans with him" and he was vile to them first, and they retaliated. If he was being bullied he could of blocked them right away and reported them to twitter, case closed. No need to post a video about it, it's obvious he just wants views and is overally exaggerating.
  19. ​I have no clue who you are, but that seems about right. Now you can stop derailing the thread, otherwise you might get banned.
  20. ​Follow me and find out.
  21. I saw exactly what happened on twitter and that video is absolute trash. It's one sided, he didn't say any of the things he said to my fellow detractors, he just whined about what they responded to him with and posted a clickbait title and you fell for it. You should support people who actually deserve support or learn the full story before posting a misinformed thread. No reason for this to even exist.
  22. ​It seems like he's upset because they are "driving dsp away from his website" or something of the sort. I honestly don't understand it.
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